A Review of the AAA Mini Maglite LED

If anyone has read this blog for any amount of time, they will know that I am highly fascinated by flashlights and have been this way since infancy.

I discovered Maglite flashlights at some point in 1998.

My first Maglite was a 4 D Krypton model which my dad gave me in October of 1998.

I bought my first Mini Maglite in December of 2005.

I bought my first LED Mini Maglite in the Summer of 2007.

I bought my first high-powered Maglite in September of 2012, a Mini Maglite Pro.

In October of 2013, I bought my first AAA Mini Maglite LED and have owned several versions of them since.

The first one was a Blue 84 Lumen model, that I ended up giving to a now ex in law in July of 2014.
The next was a Black 87 Lumen model which I bought in June of 2014. Fun fact, this was the flashlight I had in my pocket when evacuating my apartment due to a nearby tornado in late April of 2015. It was that moment when I decided that I should EDC a Weather Radio. I ended up selling it in October of 2018 and now wish I wouldn’t have.
The next one was a Black 111 Lumen model which I purchased at a rural Ace Hardware in April of 2018. I purposely chose that model and that location in honor of my “Grocer and Writer” stories. I still have it and still sometimes carry it. For those unfamiliar with the series, there is a scene where Garth Cooper and his girlfriend, Samantha Abbott, are shopping at the hardware store in his rural hometown and she purchases one for him. He tells her his plans to pay her back, to which she says that he can do so all night long. Several people begin to point and stare, then as they are leaving, Garth’s mother calls him up and demands to know why he and Samantha were acting lewd in the hardware store. It is revealed that some small town busybodies called Garth’s mother and complained about his and Samantha’s behavior.
I purchased a Warm White Spectrum version in August of 2018, which I had until July of 2021. Itl was moslty disappointed by the short run time, but loved the color rendition.
Another one I purchased in December of 2018, came bundled with a Gerber US1 Pocket Knife and was sold at Wal*Mart. I had won a Wal*Mart gift card at a church White Elephant Christmas game. I still have it, though it is picked up.
Finally, and this one shouldn’t count, in October of 2021, I purchased the Green Spectrum model, which I EDC. One day, I might write a review on it, because I thoroughly enjoy it.

Most of those aforementioned flashlights are what this piece will be a review thereof.

I had been a big fan on the original AAA Mini Maglite mostly for sentimental reasons due to the fact that it was initially put on the market in 1987, the same year that I was born.

So, I was really happy when I had discovered that Maglite had released an LED version.

It is huge improvement over the incandescent version, except for not being EMP resistant, at least, to my knowlege.

However, it is many times brighter and equally many times more efficient.

The most recent version, if I remember correctly, packs more of a brightness punch than its bigger AA conterpart. It is also more compact and lightweight.

In most of these, except for the 84 Lumen version and the Spectrum versions, it gives off a Neutral White light color, which is useful for a plethora of tasks.

I think it would be the perfect flashlight for any number of domestic and industrial settings, especially if one wants a flashlight that is both affordable and American made! Not only is it very suitable in most domestic and industrial settings, it also makes a decent budget friendly EDC flashlight and I indeed haved EDCed it quite a bit over the last almost nine years at the time of writing this piece. Dare I say, that it may even have a few light tactical applications!

My one complaint about this and most other Mini Maglites [and Solitaire/Marquis] in general is the location of the lanyard hole. I have mentioned this before, but I am well aware of how Mag Instrument can be very set in their ways. But this design flaw is a fatal one!

Another complaint about this model is the pocket clip. Not only does it scratch off the anodizing, but it isn’t very secure to begin with.

Those issues are very small potatoes, considering how this product is American made, yet is more affordable than most of the foreign made equivalents. Most American made goods come at very lofty prices. And not only that, it is bright, efficient and sturdy.

Another good quality is that every unit is serialized, which allows for identification, assuming the end user registerred it to him/herself. This can be helpful not only in terms of warranty coverage but also in the case of theft.

This is the perfect EDC flashlight for carrying when one wants something that is simple and appears non threatening.

For the more skilled combatants, this flashlight could be ideal for taking out an enemy’s eye or at least digging into an enemy’s pressure point while in a weapons restricted area!

And, of course, as with all other Mini Maglites, there is the option for Candle Mode which could prove useful for giving a wider area of light, such as during a power failure.

I could picture someone reading a book or writing a love letter by the light of this flashlight. I know, it sounds partially like a post apoclyptic scenario, but the very thought crosses my mind frequently.

All in all, despite the two flaws of which I pointed out, I still give this product a 5 out of 5 stars.

Maybe I am still a little prejudiced in favor of Maglite products, but that is a prejudice that goes back over twenty years!

I guess this therefore concludes my review of the AAA Mini Maglite LED.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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