A Review of the Lumintop EDC05 Flashlight

Since infancy, I have been fascinated by flashlights. I think that anyone who knows me at all knows this about me.

Since my preteen years, I have felt a compulsive need to carry a flashlight on my person, though I would only do this permanently at the age of eighteen, because I was frequently harassed in grade school for my love of flashlights.

So, now, at the age of thirty five (the time this article is being composed), I have been carrying a flashlight on me permanently for almost seventeen years. There have only been a few times in which I went without a flashlight. And during those times I am miserable.

After seeing posts in Facebook groups pertaining to EDC and Flashlight Collection, I had begun to want a flashlight of which I could EDC and only ran on one battery.

And after my disappointment in the NiteCore E4K, I had decided to try and find another single cell flashlight of which I could EDC and could put out a considerable amount of brightness.

After a little research, I came across a Lumintop EDC05 and seemed interested. Therefore, I bought one as a birthday present for myself.

And that flashlight is what this piece will be a review therof.

I purchased the Cool White model because that was the only one available from the eBay dealer.

However, it came bundled with a Lumintop 920 milliamphour 14500 battery that is rechargeable via a Micro USB cable.

This battery literally doubles the light output on High mode when used in the stead of a standard AA battery.

Here are the specifications:

AA Battery:
High Mode 400 Lumens for 1.2 Hours.
Medium Mode 200 Lumens for 2.2 Hours.
Low Mode 60 Lumens for 11 Hours.
Moonlight Mode 2 Lumens for 200 Hours.
Strobe Mode 400 Lumens.
S. O. S. Mode 200 Lumens.
Beacon Mode 50 Lumens.

14500 Battery:
High Mode 800 Lumens for 0.4 Hours.
Medium Mode 320 Lumens for 1.7 Hours.
Low Mode 100 Lumens for 12 Hours.
Moonlight Mode 10 Lumens for 44 Hours.
Strobe Mode 800 Lumens.
S. O. S. Mode 300 Lumens.
Beacon Mode 80 Lumens.

Maximum Beam Intensity is: 4500 Candela.
Maximus Beam Distance is: 135 Meters or 442.9133858 Feet.
Impact Resistance Rating is: 2 Meters or 6.56167979 Feet.
Water Resistance Rating is: IPX-8.
Dimensions are: 87.8 by 20.3 Millimeters or 3.456692913 by 0.799212598 Inches.
Net Weight is: 43.5 Grams or 1.534417345 Ounces.
Power Source is: 1 AA Battery or 1 14500 Battery.

Some prominent features include:
50,000 Hour Cree LED.
Reverse Polarity Protection.
Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body with Type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish on surface.
Toughened unlta-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
Titanium coasted stainless steel clip.

To turn on the flashlight quickly press the button located on the side of the head, it will start off in Moonlight Mode. Quickly press repeatedly to cycle into Low, Medium, High and back into Moonlight Modes. Give a long press to switch off. To turn back on in the last used mode, give another long press.

To access the special modes, while off double press the power button. It will activate in Strobe mode. Single press to cycle into S. O. S., Beacon and back into Strobe mode. Double press to return to the regular modes or long press to switch off.

As you, the reader, can see, these specifications are very generous, especially for a budget type flashlight.

I previously owned the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 and was satisfied, so I decided to give the EDC05 a try.

I am mostly satisfied. It is like a smaller and safer NiteCore E4K.

This flashlight has faithfully served me on several nighttime commutes at my new residence. It is bright enough to adequately illuminate my walking path but not disturb the neighbors.

It is compact enough to place in my pocket and forget about until needed, yet projects out just enough lumens for any given task.

When used with the 14500 battery, which I do, it is double the brightness of my Fenix E20 2.0, yet about half the length.

While it did get activated accidently in my pocket, thankfully it didn’t burn any holes in my pants as my NiteCore E4K did.

I have been EDCing this flashlight for a couple weeks and I really have no complaints, accept that I wish the battery held more current. The glorified specs are due to the battery’s high voltage but their short runtime is due to the battery’s low current. This is my only cause for saying anything negative.

Other than that, I think Lumintop has proven itself to be a decent flashlight company overall and may give Fenix and NiteCore a run for their money one day.

I would be delighted if a flashlight like this could be made Stateside, but then it would probably wind up costing several times more.

There is a squall line due in my region later tonight and into tomorrow morning, so this flashlight might be needed should the current fail.

I know it will be a very useful given its specs and my previous experiences.

All in all, I give it a rating 4.9 out of 5 stars.

I guess this therefore concludes my review of the Lumintop EDC05.

I hope you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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