17th Century Love-Written June 2003

I was not yet a Christian when I initially wrote this story in the Summer of 2003. This may seem like an attack on Puritans, which it somewhat is. I wasn’t attacking them for their faith in Christ, however, but rather for their extremely uptight, narrow-minded and boring lifestyle. It just seemed so unromantic to me at the time. Actually, it still does to this day, but I have a better understanding and appreciation of them.

This story takes place in 17th century New England. As most of you know already, society in this part of the world at this time was extremely strict…My couple in this story is young and in love and eventually on the run from the short tempered Puritan people. Their names are Everett Carlton, a twenty-one-year-old sailor, and Kimberly Brooks a seventeen-year-old maiden.
Everett Carlton had just gotten off the ship and arrived at the docks. He walked into town and made it to the center of the town square. Hungry and thirsty he was looking for a tavern. He was now in the center of town and not paying attention to where he was walking. Suddenly, he bumped into a young lady. "Pardon me, Miss," Everett said bashfully. She looked at him, then smiled as she said, "You're pardoned." They stared at each other awkwardly, then smiled. "Do you know any place I could get some meat and rum? I just got off the boat and I'm not familiar with this town." The young lady smiled and said "There aren't any taverns here, but there is the market. You could buy some rum and meat there." Everett said "Thanks. My name is Everett Carlton, by the way. I am a sailor and I just got in from the West Indies." "I'm Kimberly Brooks," The young lady said blissfully. She then asked, "Are you going to be in town for awhile?" "I'm staying here just for the night then my ship leaves tomorrow unless of course, the constable puts me in those stocks." "What could someone like you do to warrant such a thing?" "Oh, I don't know. Just being myself, I guess. I don't attend church like I should and I get a little loud when drinking too much rum." "Well, you seem like a kind person and I know you don't deserve to go into the stocks. After you buy your food and drink, I know a place you can stay where you can get as loud as you want and no one will hear you. I go to very often, actually." "Where is this place?" Everett inquired. "It is a secret strip of shoreline that no one knows about except me, I run there and hide whenever my father gets angry with me." "After I get my food and drink, let's go there." "I was on my way there anyway because I just got beaten for not sewing the tablecloth completely." "Your father seems like a real prize," Everett said sarcastically. "He's awful but I have nowhere to go and he doesn't let me talk to any man. He would be furious if he saw me with you right now, actually." They walked into the market together where Everett purchased some rum, bread, and sausages. After he paid the market clerk, they walked to the secret place, arriving just as the sun began to set. They sat down on the sands, ate their food and drank a little rum, as Kimberly asked Everett, "Isn't this place great?" "'Tis." "Come here whenever you need to hide from someone." "Thank you for showing me. That is very kind of you." Awkwardly, Everett rested his head in Kimberly's lap and smiled at each other. Suddenly, they heard the shouts of an angry middle-aged man, Mr. Sanford Brooks, Kimberly's father, "Kimberly get home right now! Get home right now or there will be a beating waiting for you." She began to tremble. "Don't go!" Everett said, "I'll protect you from your tyrant of a father." Kimberly asked with great concern, "Are you sure? I mean he has a very brutal temper." She then showed him a bruise he gave her from a previous beating. Everett said, "Yes I'm sure, there is no reason a sweet and beautiful girl like you deserves that sort of ill treatment." "You're so brave, and you're so kind! Where have you been all my life?" With that, she kissed him. Everett kissed her in return with intense passion. They began to lovingly caress each other in the sunset of the evening. It was now total darkness and they continued to hide, falling asleep in each others' arms. It was now dawn and they were wakened up by the talking and shouting of several men, "She's got to be around here somewhere-I've been hunting for her all night." "We've got to get out of here!" Kimberly said urgently. "We can go to the ship I'm stationed on-that is if you'd be willing to run away with me. It leaves in a few hours anyway." Kimberly said, "You treat me so kindly, unlike my father, so yes, I'll run away with you." "Well we have to make our move now, the ship leaves soon." Kimberly nodded then, hand in hand, they hurriedly stepped out of their hiding place and began to run for the docks, but were caught. "Get away from my daughter!" Mr. Brooks angrily exclaimed. Everett just held her even more tightly. "I'm warning you!" Mr. Brooks said drawing a flint-lock pistol. In total distress, Kimberly pleaded and begged, "Father no dont hurt him-I love him." "Dont you dare tell me what to do, you good for nothing, little witch!" Mr. Brooks walked up closer to them and held the pistol to Everett's face. "Unless you want me to blow your head off your shoulders, you keep away from my daughter from now on." Quickly and bravely, Everett kicked it out of his hand, then shouted, "Let's get out of here while we still can, Kimberly." Both started running for the ship. Mr. Brooks picked up his gun and fired at them. The projectile barely grazed Everett' left leg. Kimberly shouted, "Please dont die, Everett! Can you make it?" He looked at his leg and said, "Yes I think I will, it's just a little scratch. I've been through worse on the high seas." They kept running and finally made it to the ship and then went below deck. Kimberly tore off a piece of her slip and wrapped it around his wound. As she tended to Everett, he told her, "Just so you know, Kimberly, I love you too!" Passionately they rubbed each others' faces and shared a kiss. The rest of the crew was readying the ship for departure as a wind was blowing towards the ocean. They quickly began to set sail as the town constable was preparing the harbor's cannon. He aimed it at the ship but it did not fire because the powder was miraculously wet. The ship began to make it out of the harbor and soon a course was plotted for the West Indies. Everett and Kimberly were wed on an island in the West Indies and purchased a home there, meanwhile, the New England town was washed out to sea by a hurricane that drowned Mr. Brooks and the town constable...

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