Christmas in July-July 3, 2019

Here’s another Christmas in July picture. After looking at it, I could write a story about how the same couple from the previous post walked to church for the Christmas Eve service. They arrived early and are now standing beneath the glow of the Street lamp, lost in each others’ embrace. They begin to share multiple kisses, each one with exceeding passion until several of the older church members begin to verbally chastize saying how they are setting a bad example for the children and youth in the church. Soon afterwards they go in and sit in a pew, holding hands the entire time. A young man, who is also a member of that church greets them and tells them how they make a very cute couple and how it is beautiful that they publicly love and cherish each other and the older members tend to be uptight about certain things but then he urgently tells the young couple how they need to get married…

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