Christmas in July-July 1, 2020

Well today is July 1st which means I will be celebrating Christmas in July in my own way, as I’ve done since 2018. I do not own this picture and I give all credit to whomever credit is due. In this picture I imagine a young man from bygone times with a lengthy past but much bigger heart taking a middle aged couple on a carriage ride. He and their daughter had been corresponding for the past month and this evening he is asking their permission to court her. They agree citing how he makes her happier than they have ever seen while so many other men rejected and mocked her and they further cite how she in turn causes him to be a very good man. They ride up and down the block further discussing the proposition, then he stops at their house. He then delivers the wonderful news to the young lady to which they share a passionate embrace and a sweet kiss. They all then have a toast, then the young man travels back to his modest dwelling, dreaming many dreams about her…

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