Radiant Affection-Prelude

Thursday, February 9, 2006, was a cool, dry, and sunny morning at Seven Hills Catholic High School. Mila Gunther was sitting down in her Eighth Grade Mathematics class. The tardy bell was about to ring when, suddenly, Logan Baines walked into the classroom. He was checking out of school for the day, as he was running a high fever. Immediately Mila’s eyes became fixed on him. The teacher, who happened to also teach Logan Advanced Mathematics, was retrieving his assignments.

Mila had been attracted to Logan for some time now. It began around the start of the school year when they first met in the hallways and he opened the door for her while smiling at her. Ever since then, every time she saw him, she would become immensely giddy. She was madly attracted to his deep eyes, perfect lips, thick blonde hair, pale complexion, and skinny build. This time was no different as she was highly excited to be within a few feet of him. As Logan stood near the teacher’s desk; Mila began to smile at him uncontrollably. He noticed her and began to smile back. She was filled with ecstasy that he noticed her. His eyes were glued to her soft plump body, dark brown hair, flawless complexion, numerous freckles, sweet smile, and gentle eyes. Not realizing her leg movements, she accidentally flashed him. Logan saw clearly under her uniform skirt and his eyes locked onto her thick creamy thighs leading up to her turquoise tights that hugged her full shapely bottom. He began to blush brightly. Logan was never known to any woman or girl. The reason being was he did not believe in fornicating with a girl and then leaving her like so many of his peers did. He felt a deep reverence for any decent girl and Mila was no different, so he became nervous and anxious about, yet passionately attracted to what he had just seen. They began to stare at each other, both smiling from ear to ear, fixed in time and space.

The teacher interrupted them and said “Um, Logan, you may go now. I thought you had a fever.”

He left the classroom and Mila winked at him. The tardy bell then rang and Mila pulled out her books. The teacher immediately began her lesson. Mila was overflowing with emotions toward Logan. She tuned out the teacher completely and began to daydream about him. This went on for the rest of the period and into the remainder of the school day. At the end of the day; her mother picked her up and drove her home. The ride was completely silent. As soon as the car was parked; Mila walked up to her room, locked the door, and turned on her music. She sat for hours listening. It provoked deep and powerful emotions from the depths of her soul. She continued to think of Logan. The thoughts about him would not leave her mind. Mila went to bed but could not stop thinking of him. Eventually, she stepped out of bed and logged on to her computer. With headphones, she continued to listen to her music. Suddenly, Mila felt the urge to write. She began working on a love story. Naturally, the characters were based on her and Logan. She kept her character’s name a secret but used Logan’s name, mannerisms, and physical features for his character. Upon finishing, she posted it online under a secret identity. After doing so, she went to bed. It seemed that all of her emotions were released, at least for now.

Friday, February 10, 2006, Mila was standing in the commons area thinking about Logan. She walked all around the campus, looking for him. Finally, she saw him sitting in the library; reading a science magazine. The table he was reading at was near the computers, so Mila logged in on the computer nearest him. She then began to write. Now and then, she would look up from her work and stare at him. Finally, she caught his eye. He put down the magazine and stared at her. She felt victorious and smiled at him brightly. Mila was about to converse with Logan when the bell rang. She sulked and headed off to class. Before she left; she winked at Logan and he blushed. He thought she was absolutely beautiful and began to desire her as well, but never acted on the urges. He revered her deeply and therefore wanted to keep her reputation clean. He also was afraid of the law since he was eighteen and she was only fourteen. Logan wanted to love Mila in every way but was extremely leery of the laws and statutes on the books. He didn’t want to allow himself in any situation where the flesh would overpower the will. He also knew of the potential harassment from everyone he and Mila would face if they did enter a relationship, even one lacking all indecent behavior. Because he revered her so much, he decided not to pursue her, but not to reject her either. So From then on; every time they saw each other, both filled with great infatuation. This went on for the remainder of the school year. Her infatuation soon grew into an obsession. Mila continued to write fantasies about him and her and post them online. Still, she kept her identity a mystery.

Thursday, April 27, 2006, Logan came across these online fantasies that evening. At first, he was in great shock. After a few nights of reading the mysterious stories, he assumed it was some cruel, horrible prank. Never once, did he assume Mila was the author. He thought it was the work of one of the meaner girls in his senior class. To him; Mila was tremendously innocent and therefore wasn’t capable of writing such lust-provoking literature. He felt nothing but pure reverence toward Mila. Still, he was powerfully drawn to her. Logan not only wanted her body, rather, but he also desired a meaningful and lasting relationship. He deeply wanted her love and affections and to give the same to her, but he knew their current ages prohibited such a thing. So, unfortunately, nothing ever became of it.

Saturday, May 20, 2006, was the graduation for the Class of 2006, and Mila made it her business to be there. She sat at the very top of the bleachers and quietly watched. When Logan’s name was called and he was handed his diploma; Mila was filled with sad emotions. She fought back tears; wondering if she would ever see him again. After the ceremony was over; Mila went home and began to write. She forged it on her heart that she and Logan would be together; at least someday.

Summer 2006 Likewise, Logan never forgot Mila. He worked various part-time jobs during the and Mila greatly focused on her writing. Her hopes of being Logan’s one and only someday did not go away. Both remained virgins. It was unknown to them, but The Good Lord was in favor of them being together.

Fall 2006 When the summer was over; Logan went off to school to become a tractor mechanic. He was a model student and learned the trade with great ease.

June 2008 Upon completion of technical schooling Logan went to Eastern Europe to do missionary work. He knew that wheat was grown in abundance there. The locals soon recognized his vast skills and before long, he was in charge of a whole fleet of grain harvesting equipment. While working in Eastern Europe; Logan met a missionary pastor, named Michael Clarkson.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009, was on a cold and dreary evening. Logan had just finished up his work for the day and was heading to Pastor Clarkson’s Bible study. When he arrived; several people were meeting there and Pastor Clarkson was preparing the night’s lesson.

After everyone settled down; he started with a prayer “Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the wonderful people we have here tonight. Thank You for bringing all of us here safely. I ask You to use me that we all may learn and prosper from the lesson You have laid on my heart. I pray that we all will apply what we learn to help us and others give You all the love and glory that You deserve. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we ask these prayers, Amen and thank You, Lord.” He then began to teach. “All right, class, tonight I am going to teach about something that might make me unpopular. I might very well offend some of you, but that is all right. I am still going to teach it because I believe it is my conviction that God wants me to present this lesson to all of you.” He paused then continued “There is a worldwide religious system in existence today and has been in existence for over a thousand years. It has led many souls to destruction. It pretends to be a Christian church even as far as claiming to be the true church and many believe it is. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. This organization is none other than the roman catholic church. Now, before any of you all walk out on me, I beseech you to keep an open mind and just consider what I am about to present. There are many different ideas they hold that go directly against the Word of God. I will call out some of them to you right now:

They have stated time and time again that Mary was and is immaculate. The Bible says otherwise. Romans 3:23 clearly states ‘For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;’ It does not say ‘except Mary.’ Yes, she did a wonderful deed of carrying, giving birth to, and raising our Precious Savior, but she is no purer than anyone else and she has even admitted so in Luke 1:47, ‘And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.’ She acknowledged God as her Savior and therefore knew she was a sinner like any other human being. If she was truly free from sin, then why did she refer to God as her Savior?

The roman catholic church has taught that tradition is equal and sometimes more important than the Word of God. Jesus Christ said otherwise in Mark 7:7-8 ‘Howbeit in vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.’

The Apostle Paul in the New Testament warned of a false religious system coming into existence in 1 Timothy 4:1-3: ‘Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.’ The roman catholic church fits this description perfectly. Many of their doctrines are true compromises with paganism. Their so-called priests are not allowed to marry.” Meats weren’t allowed to be eaten at certain times of the year, right? Let’s not forget about indulgences, where they taught that paying money could forgive sins. Finally what about all of the physical and sexual abuse of children at the hands of priests and nuns, that still sometimes goes on.” There are many more examples that I will give to anyone who wishes to learn more.

Finally; I want all of you to consider Revelation Chapter 17, which is written in symbolism, but a little understanding and wisdom will reveal the truth: ‘And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color.’ Remember, bishops wear purple, and cardinals wear red. ‘And decked with gold and precious stones and pearls.’ The Vatican has accumulated much excessive treasure all around it. There are also so many treasures in each of their churches. The roman catholic church is the richest organization in the world. ‘Having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations.’ “Remember the inquisitions where they murdered and tortured millions of people?” ‘and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.’ Babylon was the beginning of all pagan religions during the time of Nimrod. The roman catholic church is nothing more than a deadly perversion of Christianity mixed with all the false religions of the world.”

Some had walked out of the classroom in anger by this point. Logan, on the other hand, was hanging on to every word that Pastor Clarkson was teaching.

At the end of the class, Logan approached Pastor Clarkson, just before he left and asked “I have gone to catholic school all my life and now see clearly that they are not of God. How do I make it right? I do not want to go to hell.”

Pastor Clarkson patted Logan on the shoulder and closed the door. He began to talk “Yes, Logan, humanity is hell-bound. That is true. God created man so He could have a creature to love Him. Satan foiled that plan, by tempting Adam and Eve. They fell into sin and so have all of their offspring. God’s holiness forces Him to be separate from sin. We are all full of sin and deserve to be eternally separate from God. However, God loves us and does not want that to happen. Still, there must be a payment for the sins of the world. We as fragile and frail unequivocally sinful humans cannot successfully make that payment no matter how good we act. So, to deal with that; He sent His own Son to become one of us, and sacrifice Himself on behalf of all of us. This is why Jesus died for you and me and the rest of the world.” Pastor Clarkson paused and then said “The debt has been paid through the loving Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He was victorious over satan and the sins of the world when He rose from the dead. If you believe that, then you are on the right track because the worst sinner who truly believes and accepts this truth will be saved.”

Logan felt comforted as he heard those words. It was as if a burden had been lifted off of him.

Pastor Clarkson asked, “Do you believe what I am telling you?” Logan nodded and Pastor Clarkson continued “You must fully understand that you cannot save yourself, but Jesus is entirely capable and entirely willing to save you if you just submit and surrender to him?” Logan nodded again. Pastor Clarkson then said, “Pray to Jesus to come into your life and for God the Father to adopt you as his child. He will if you sincerely ask Him to.” Logan silently prayed. Pastor Clarkson asked Logan “What do you believe?”

Logan calmly replied “God loves me. I know I cannot save myself, but God sent His Son Jesus to die for my sins so that I can live with Him forever. He was victorious over my sins and God rose Him from the dead.”

Immediately, Logan was Born Again!

Pastor Clarkson congratulated him and said, “What you must do now is spread what I just told you to everyone else.”

Logan left the classroom a new man and headed to his dwelling. When several catholic priests in the area discovered Pastor Clarkson’s warnings they accused him of teaching hate and had him banished from missionary work. Logan continued working there as his skills were highly valued. All the while Mila was etched onto Logan’s heart. Many local girls tried to catch his eye, but each time one made a pass at him, he thought of Mila’s innocence and beauty. Never did he become known to any of them, because none of them measured up to Mila.

Fall 2009: Meanwhile, Mila had grown fully into a beautiful young lady. Many boys wanted her. However, none of them somehow seemed to measure up to Logan. Many boys asked her out but she politely refused each of them. Rather; her infatuation with Logan flourished. She didn’t go on any dates with anyone. Instead, she continued to write fantasies about her and Logan and post them online under a secret identity. These intimate stories were the outlet for all her immense passions. She revealed her secret to a few, but they all eventually thought of her as delusional. Still, Mila didn’t give up. She fervently believed that she would see Logan again and they would somehow be together.

Thursday, December 24, 2009, Logan decided to return home on Christmas Eve and caught the last flight back to The States, after almost two years in the wheat and mission fields. Upon arrival, he visited with family and friends. As soon as normal business resumed, he applied for a job at a local tractor repair shop. The owner, impressed by his experience and dedication, hired him on the spot. Logan subsequently purchased a condominium in Melody. Every day after work, Logan would visit the local library and read on his laptop. He soon realized that there were still stories about him and a secret girl being posted online. Many of these works, brought back memories of high school. Every time memories of high school came to mind, Mila came to mind. However, Logan never made the connection that Mila was the author. Nothing but reverence and innocence was still what he associated with her. Now that he was back in Melody; he prayed without ceasing for another chance to see her again. Little did he know how soon his prayers would be answered.

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