Radiant Affection-Mila becomes Born Again

Saturday, February 6, 2010, was cold, damp, and bleak as Mila yawned and stretched. Upon looking at her hand she saw the ring. Logan was already up and getting his day clothes on as she wrapped her arms around his waist, from behind. She rubbed Logan’s belly and chest while he was still shirtless.

She then said, “Let me watch you get dressed.”

Logan already had his slacks on. He told Mila with a smile. “Pick out which shirt you want me to wear.”

She replied “One of your white T-shirts that are just like the one I am wearing.”

Logan told her “Get one out of my drawer and put it on me.”

Mila replied, “Well, I am only putting one on you because I don’t want you to freeze.” She then dressed Logan as she giggled.

Logan asked her “What are you going to wear?”

Mila replied, giggling. “Well, I have Saturday School today and next Saturday. I want to wear your T-shirt and sleeping pants. I would feel so naughty if I did that.”

Logan smiled and kissed her.

Mila asked, “Do you have any breakfast?”

He replied “I have some navel oranges, grown locally. They are especially sweet since they are grown in cold weather. I also have oatmeal with maple syrup.”

Mila smiled as she said “Sure that sounds perfect. I don’t want to gain weight again, though, so I’ll just eat the oranges.”

Logan replied, “It wouldn’t matter to me if you gained weight or not, I would still love and revere you.”

Mila replied, “I know I was right to create all of those fantasies about us. You are so sweet to tell me that.”

Logan answered, “Well, I am in love with your heart, not just your body.”

Mila kissed him then they ate. Over the course of breakfast, she said, “Don’t be offended, but I won’t wear my ring to Saturday School. I just don’t want to get it dirty.”

Logan replied “That’s perfectly fine, Mila. I am glad you care that much about what I give you.”

Mila giggled and said, “I will be wearing it this Monday morning, I promise you that.”

Logan simply smiled.

There was a silence for a moment then Mila said, pouting, “I am going to be sad being apart from you today. You won’t be able to drive me to Saturday school because Keith Koresh will be there. If he sees me with you, he will expel me.”

Logan asked, “Is Saturday School still from 8 to 12?”

Mila replied, “It sure is.”

There was a silence as they sat across the table and held hands, smiling.

The silence was broken when Mila said with a smiling face. “I wish you could at least take me there and pick me up.” She then asked, “What are you going to do while I am gone?”

Logan replied, “I will probably just read on my laptop.” He paused, and then continued, “Speaking of that, do you think you could copy your stories to my laptop from your flash drive?”

Mila smiled and then replied, “Sure.”

Logan then said, “I would love to read all of the stories you wrote about us.”

Mila’s eyes twinkled as she asked, “You really would?”

Logan replied, “Of course; I am longing to see all that your wonderful heart and your brilliant mind have created.”

Mila hugged him tightly and then said “Get your laptop ready. I will gladly give you all that I have written.”

Logan went to the bedroom and removed the laptop from his EDC bag. He turned it on, as Mila removed her flash drive from around her neck. After the computer finished booting, Mila plugged her flash drive into the laptop and copied the files. Logan and Mila were both reading one of her stories when the clock computer indicated 7:40 AM.

Nervously, Mila said, “I have to go now, but I will be back as soon as possible.” She kissed him and walked out the door. There was raw dampness in the air as Logan watched Mila walk to her car. Quickly, he handed her his jacket, which he had purchased in Eastern Europe. They kissed once more and Mila drove off.

Logan walked over to his laptop and began to read Mila’s work. Her stories drew strong emotions from him. His longing for Mila was greatly multiplied. Some of her work brought tears to his eyes. He sat there, continuing to read. Everything else seemed distant from him. All he could concentrate on were Mila’s stories. There were many adventures that he and Mila went through. There were many intimate moments they shared. There were stories where Logan rescued Mila from her cruel, tormenting peers then humiliated them. He knew at once what to do: He was going to live out each one of these fantasies with Mila. Some of them would be easy to do in the present. But; Logan knew some fantasies would have to wait until Mila graduated. After that day, however, Keith Koresh would be powerless over her.

Mila was at Saturday School in the meantime, and she was being forced to work outside in the cold. Keith Koresh was overseeing all of the punishment work. Mila, though picking up trash around the school grounds, was feeling very naughty. She was wearing Logan’s clothes right in front of that hateful school president, who was none the wiser. It was cold, about 37 Fahrenheit. Mila was suffering from that malicious weather. Her body was quaking. Her teeth were chattering. Her ears and nose were like ice. Ashley Janus, one of Mila’s cruel classmates, was also at Saturday School for chewing gum. She had constantly made fun of Mila in the past out of pure jealously and hatred. Ashley was skinny but an eyesore to look at while Mila was always beautiful, even when she was overweight. One could assume that was the motive behind Ashley’s vicious hatred for Mila. Ashley had heard of what transpired in the library that previous Thursday. The thought of it filled her with raging jealousy.

Ashley confronted Mila, saying, “Why are you wearing men’s pants? I bet they belong to Logan Baines!”

Mila quickly fabricated a lie, saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I bought these at GoodWill.”

Ashley shouted, “Mila Gunther shops at GoodWill!”

All the other captive students laughed mockingly.

Koresh came up to Ashely and Mila and asked with anger, “What’s going on here?”

Ashley maliciously said, “I think Mila is wearing Logan Baines’ pants.”

Koresh walked up to Mila and asked angrily, “Is this true.”

Mila lied once again saying, “No, I bought these at GoodWill so I wouldn’t ruin my good clothes doing all this dirty work.”

Koresh said with anger, “Watch the attitude, Miss Gunther. You acted like trash, so now you will pick up trash.”

Mila sulked.

Koresh continued, “Both of you get back to cleaning up and Miss Gunther, I’ve got my eye on you.”

He walked off and Mila continued to pick up trash. When the school grounds were clean, all of the captive students were sent into the locker rooms to sweep, mop, clean the toilets and take out the trash. Thankfully, all Mila had to do was sweep the floor. By this time it was 11 am. Koresh escorted everyone into the library and told them to study until Noon. Naturally, instead of studying, Mila continued to work on her fantasies about her and Logan. Kieth Koresh was none the wiser.

Finally, Saturday School had finished up. Mila got in her car and was very aware of Keith Koresh. She knew that he would be watching her every move. He entered his car. Mila began driving to Logan’s condo when she noticed that Keith Korseh was following behind her.

She called Logan and said, “Keith Koresh is following me to your place, he will catch me with you.”

Logan said softly, “Calm down. Don’t go to my place just yet. Drive to the police station and park there. If he gets out, and I doubt he will let the first cop you see know that he is stalking you. I know he is so obsessed with making his school look spotless. It sure would be interesting if the press finds out about a catholic school president that is stalking a female student.”

Mila replied, “That’s a great idea. Okay, now I’ll call you back and let you know what happened.”

Logan said, “Okay, I love you, Mila. Please be careful.”

“I love you too, and I will, Logan,” Mila replied and ended the call.

She stared at Koresh through her rearview mirror. He stared back. Mila drove turned away from the boulevard leading to Logan’s condo and straight to the police station. The school president was following her still. Finally, she made it there and entered the parking lot. Keith Koresh drove off like a coward.

Mila breathed a sigh of relief and called Logan saying, “Your plan worked, he drove off.”

Logan laughed heartily, then said, “I wish I could have seen that.” He paused then said “Now, you come here and relax. You have been a good girl and a naughty one too. When you get home, I will cuddle with you!”

Mila, now aware of her surroundings, drove to Logan’s condominium and parked in the parking garage. She stepped out of her car and knocked on his door. Immediately, he answered. Mila walked in and Logan closed the door.

He began to pet her and said, “Oh Mila, you are like ice. Come in and let me wrap you in a blanket then hold you before you get sick. First, please get out of those dirty wet clothes.”

Mila moaned then said, “And what do you expect me to wear?” Logan handed her a long-sleeved turtle-necked shirt and his sweat pants.

Mila said, “Oh Logan, I feel so warm but so nasty in these.”

He replied to her, “Listen to me Mila, it doesn’t matter to me how you look or what you are dressed in. I love you.” He paused then continued “Of course, I would much prefer you to look modest. You look modest in my clothes, so you are doing right.”

Mila went change then walked up to Logan briskly and threw her arms around him. “Shall we go to cuddle?” Mila asked.

“Let’s go!” Logan replied.

With that, she pulled Logan to his room.

After they walked in; Mila began to pull off Logan’s tee shirt when he said, “Mila, I can’t.”

She pouted and replied in distress, “Why not? What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong?”

Logan replied, “No, you didn’t. I love you Mila, but I am a child of God and this is wrong.”

She asked, “But what about us getting married and being together forever?”

Logan held her close to his chest and said “Yes, I still want you forever. And, yes, I still want you to marry me. I just want our love to be right in the eyes of the Lord.”

“Why does that matter?” Mila asked.

Logan replied, “Remember how I said I am a child of God?” Mila nodded. Logan continued “That means I have eternal life. I want you to have eternal life too.” Mila smiled and kissed him. Logan continued “My heart will stop one day and my body will become cold, but my soul will be alive forever. I want the same for you, but it is strictly between you and God.”

Mila smiled but didn’t understand. There was an awkward silence then she asked “I would be infinitely joyous if we could spend eternity together. How may I have eternal life as well? ”

Logan replied “You must put God first in your life. You shouldn’t want eternal life so you can be with me, but rather with God.” He paused and then continued “Please understand me, I will be yours for as long as we live, no matter what your choice is.” He paused again and said, “But if you turn God down, I will still pray for you.”

Mila hugged Logan with great strength and said “I love you so much.”

He replied, “And I love you too, sweetheart, but God loves you more.”

She kissed him and said, “Just keep me close and don’t let go.”

“Never will!” Logan replied.

She then asked, “At least, could we still cuddle with each other?”

“I guess, Mila.” Logan said, then continued “We are getting married anyway, so I suppose it will be all right.”

“Awesome!” She said.

With that, they laid down and soon fell asleep.

Mila began to toss and turn in the course of her sleep.

Eventually, her movements woke Logan up. “What’s the matter, Mila?” He asked.

She replied, shaking “All the years in school I was taught that the alternative to going to Heaven and having eternal life is going to hell. Is that true?”

Logan lovingly held her and gently said, “Yes, it is true. We are all wretched sinners and deserve nothing but going to hell.”

Mila began to shake even more. She asked “Well, how do I not go there? I know I am a sinner. What am I to do?”

Logan kissed her and said, “God loves us. He loves us so much that he doesn’t want anyone to go to hell.”

Mila’s eyes opened up with hope.

Logan continued “God cannot tolerate sin and He must be forever separate from it. There must be a sacrifice for sin to make it right with Him. A human being must die to make it right, but not just die, die without sin. Every human being that ever existed has sinned at one point or another, so no one can die without sin. Therefore, the only way to pay for those sins is to burn in hell forever.”

Mila became distressed again and started to shake.

Logan continued “God doesn’t want that to happen, so He paid that sacrifice for us. His Son, Jesus Christ, came down from Heaven as one of us and lived among us for a while. He lived a perfect life, never once sinning. He went to the cross and died the perfect death. He didn’t die of the physical injuries on His body, but rather when God, His Father, placed the sins of everyone ever committed on Him. He went through hell for us, because He loves us that much.” Logan paused, then said, “Someone once said that Jesus paid a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay.”

Mila smiled and asked, “So there is hope?”

Logan replied “Of course there is hope. Praise God for what He did.”

Mila asked, “What must I do?”

Logan replied, asking “This is possibly the situation you are in: He paused then continued “You are bound for hell, but God will save you if you surrender to Jesus Christ and His ultimate Sacrifice ask Him to save you. He doesn’t have to save you, but He definitely will. Do you believe anything I am saying?”

Mila nodded “Yes, it scares me but then it comforts me as well!”

Logan smiled and said “Then you must realize that you will never be good enough to save yourself, but Jesus was good for you. You must ask Jesus to come into your life and God The Father to adopt you as His child. Speak to Him from your heart. He will hear you!”

Mila closed her eyes and prayed silently. Mila felt as if a huge weight was lifted off of her. She said, “I am experiencing peace now.” She then looked at Logan and said, with confidence, “I was born to be a child of God!”

Logan was filled with happiness, looked up towards Heaven, and said with tears of praise in his eyes “Thank you Jesus for saving her!”

Mila then hugged Logan also with tears in her eyes. She too looked up to Heaven and smiled at God, thanking Him with all of her heart. Suddenly Mila said, “We need to be married as soon as we can!” She paused and continued “I want to get it right and I know we must marry. I would marry you right now if I could!”

Logan kissed her repeatedly and said “Oh I love you so much, Mila! The desire for us to marry is you are being convicted by the Holy Ghost.”

Mila and Logan went lay down in his bed and gently held on to each other until lunch.

After feeling the pangs of hunger, Logan decided to order Chinese for them. He called and asked for a plate of General Tso Chicken, Lo Mein noodles, hot pork, and tapioca pudding for dessert. A half-hour passed then the delivery man knocked at Logan’s door.

Logan paid him, tipped him then brought the food inside.

Afterward, they sat at Logan’s dining table and ate.

“Is it a good idea to say grace?” Mila asked, then continued, “We usually did in my family on special occasions, but I think we should say grace for every meal.”

“Good idea, Mila.” Logan replied then bowed his head and prayed, “Heavenly Father, we thank you for this food and everything else you have provided for us. Please forgive us of our sins and bless our relationship. Please allow us to get married and please prevent Mila from being disciplined in any way for being with me. Be with us both now and forever, in Jesus’ Precious Name we pray, Amen.”

Mila smiled at Logan and then they began to eat.

After they finished lunch, Mila said “I love you so much Logan and I want to be intimate with you so much, but I don’t want to offend God either.”

“I know Mila, I have those desires for you as well. We should pray for an escape route from the temptation.”

“You’re right.”

Both silently prayed.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Mila was startled and went hide in the bedroom.

Logan followed her and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mila replied, “I don’t want anyone to see me in your place and word gets back to Kieth Koresh, that’s all.”

“You’re right, Mila. I understand.”

Logan answered it and beheld a young busty, Southern young woman.

“Can I help you, Miss?”, Logan asked.

“My boyfriend and I are moving into the unit above yours and I was wondering if we could borrow a few things until we get all of our stuff moved in.”

“What do you need?”

“A few dishes and tools to hang pictures and assemble some of the furniture.”

“Sure, I can get those things for you.”

The young woman stepped in but Logan blocked her saying, “Sorry, Miss, please don’t take any offense, but I don’t want you entering my property unless your boyfriend is present with you. I’m in a relationship with a young lady whom I deeply love and revere and I don’t want to be in a situation where one would even think I was cheating on her.”

“Okay. I understand I’ll go get him and we’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The young woman walked off then went upstairs.

Mila came out from her hiding spot and said, “I heard the whole conversation; that was very noble of you Logan.”

Logan replied “Well you mean everything to me, Mila. I cannot picture myself with anyone else. Therefore, I walk the chalk line for you!”

They began to kiss each other with affection until Logan’s doorbell rang again.

Mila went back into hiding.

Logan answered the door again. It was the young woman and this time, her middle-aged boyfriend as well.

Mila listened from the bedroom.

Logan introduced himself, saying “Hi, I’m Logan Baines.”

The middle-aged man replied, “Walter Gunther.”

Mila heard the conversation from the bedroom and had a panic attack. This was none other than her estranged dad who was going to be living on the floor above them with a younger woman.

The young woman then said, “I’m Fannie Jane Giddens.”

“It’s nice to meet both of you, now what exactly did you need?”

Walter said, “A couple of screwdrivers and a hammer, I’m going to be hanging nails and assembling some furniture.”

Fannie Jane added in, “And some dishes.”

“I’m sorry if I seemed rude to your girlfriend, Mister Gunther, but I have a girlfriend myself whom I tremendously love and revere and I refuse to be alone with anyone else of the opposite sex. That’s why I made her come back with you.”

“Oh, no, that’s not a problem. Just as long as you don’t preach to me about having a younger woman and all of that.”

“As long as you love each other, I guess. I’m twenty-two and my girlfriend is eighteen, so I can somewhat relate.”


Logan went to his kitchen drawer and retrieved the tools. He handed them to Walter and then asked Fannie Jane, “Exactly what dishes do you need?”

“Two drinking glasses, two plates, and a frying pan, that is if you got them.”

“I do,” Logan replied.

“Good, because I want to make some Southern Fried Chicken.”

Logan handed her the dishes.

Walter said, “She makes the best fried chicken I ever tasted. You can come over and eat some with us at dinner time.”

“Bring your girlfriend too.” Fannie Jane added in.

“Sure, I guess,” Logan said with considerable reluctance.

The couple then left Logan’s unit.

Logan closed the door and locked it.

Mila came out of hiding with tears in her eyes and an angry look on her face.

“What’s the matter, baby?” He asked.

“That man who just came in is my dad and now he is with another woman.”

“I’m so sorry, Mila.”

“God this is awful. My dad bought me a car then he left my mom a year ago. I knew he was cheating on her, but I didn’t picture her to be so young.”

“If your dad could afford to send you to private school, buy you a brand new car, divorce your mom and buy a condo, and then have a young girlfriend, he must have money. What does he do?”

“He’s an attorney.”

“Oh, now it makes sense.”

“My parents struggled to send me to private school.”

“What do they do?”

“My mom is a librarian at the queen of heaven elementary school and my dad is a history professor at the community college. They sent me to private school because they felt it was safer than a public school.”

“Do they get along?”

“Not perfectly, but I guess they’ve managed to stay together.”

“Do they ever fight?”

“Probably just as much as any other couple.”

“I know this is a little off the subject, but I don’t want to eat dinner with my dad and his new playmate and I don’t want you going either.”

“That’s fine, actually more than fine. It’s a great relief to me. I didn’t want to go anyway. That woman makes me very uncomfortable, she’s just so nasty, God please forgive me.”

“But, what should we do for dinner?”

“I can go to The West-Side Grocer and buy something to cook for us. I wish you could come with me, but I don’t want you to get in trouble at school.”

“I guess. What did you want to buy and cook?”

“What would you like?”

“Something not too fattening. I was chubby until my junior year, but then I lost weight. I’m sure you remember me. I’m now afraid that since I’m in a stable relationship, that I’ll gain it all back.”

“You were indeed chubby years ago, but I thought you were beautiful back then and I still think you’re beautiful now. And no matter how big or small you get, I’ll want you because I see your inner beauty as well as your outer. I love you, Mila.”

“Oh, I love you too, Logan. If only making love to you didn’t offend God so much. I want you so much right now!”

“I want you just as much, Mila. Since you’re so concerned about your weight, I’ll try to cook healthy for you. How about I make some seared chicken breasts and steamed green beans.”

“That would be perfect. If only we were married, though.”

Logan kissed her forehead then told her, “I think me making groceries is the escape route for now, but I’ll be back and I’ll make us dinner.”

“Do I have to answer the door if someone knocks?”

“No. Don’t worry about it.”

“Be careful out there, Logan. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Logan walked out of the door to his truck and started it. He then pulled out of the parking garage and then drove to The Westside Grocer and parked.

He walked to the produce section and saw fresh green beans, so he placed some in a plastic bag and weighed them on the scale until he had a pound. Then he went to the meat department and selected a package of boneless and skinless chicken breasts. Finally, he went to the juice aisle and selected a bottle of sparkling Concord grape juice. Afterward, he proceeded to an open checkout lane and placed his items on the conveyor belt. Quickly the cashier rang up his items and he paid.

As Logan was about to leave the store, he saw Kieth Koresh was placing beer and whiskey on the conveyor belt in the lane next to his. Quickly he grabbed his smartphone and took a picture of him purchasing the alcoholic beverages. Logan knew that this picture could be used against that hateful school president. He then sent the picture to Mila’s phone.

Suddenly, Kieth Koresh confronted him, “Logan Baines, what do you think you are doing?”

“I think I should ask you the same question.”

“I’m a grown adult and I can drink alcohol if I so choose. I need to drink after dealing with some of the students I have to deal with.”

“But what would your students think if they saw you purchasing alcohol, yet you suspend or expel them for doing the same? They would see a total hypocrite. They would lose the little bit of respect they have for you. I now have pictures of it as proof.”

“How dare you!”

“Well, let’s just say it’s payback for interfering with Mila and me.”

“You are messing with forces more powerful than you think, so I suggest you quit now.”

“And you are sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and you stalk your students.”

“I have a job to do and that job is to make my school appear respectable to the community.”

Logan was now angered and said, “Okay mister catholic school president, I’m going to quote Jesus Christ, Someone Whom you claim to follow: ‘For you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.’ That is in the Bible, Matthew Chapter 23 verse 27, and it perfectly describes what you and your school are truly like!”

The two female cashiers on duty covered their mouths and giggled.

Kieth Koresh said “Keep this subversive behavior up and you will be dreadfully sorry. I can be your worst nightmare.”

“I don’t think so; I graduated already.”

“But I have connections who can make your life a living hell.”

“Are you threatening me? Because I can go to the police.”

“They’ll just laugh at you. Now I suggest you stop this subversive behavior or it will get very ugly for you.”

Kieth Koresh then left the store.

Logan was speechless.

He was about to leave when the two cashiers approached him. They were twins named Amber and Alexis Stewart.

Amber said to him, “I think it is brave what you are doing.”

Alexis added, “We were expelled by him last year for getting drunk at a party. It’s all because someone took our pictures taken while we were plastered.”

Logan replied, “He’s trying to make my girlfriend break up with me, simply because she kissed me in the public library and it was caught on camera while she was in uniform. It breaks my heart because I love her with all that I am and I have been in love with her for a long time. I was a senior and she was an eighth-grader when we first met, but now she is a senior and she is the only girl I ever wanted.”

“Ohh. That’s so sweet,” Amber said with a smile.

“I think you and her are meant to be, no matter what that douche bag tries to do,” Alexis added in.

“Thanks. That’s very encouraging.”

“If something does happen to you, we can testify about the threat he made. We both saw it,” Amber said.

“So yes, go ahead and post that picture. Show it to as many people as you can. We’ll back you up and say he threatened you anyway,” Alexis continued.

“Make it go viral,” Amber finally said.

“Will do. Now I have to go home and make dinner.” Logan said.

Amber said, “Have a nice evening.”

Alexis ended with, “Thank you for shopping with us.”

Logan walked to his truck and started it up. He drove back to his condominium, parked in the garage, and began walking to his unit.

Fannie Jane saw him and said, “Dinner is almost ready, so you and your girlfriend can come over.”

Logan replied, “I’m sorry, but my girlfriend wanted to eat something healthier, so I’m cooking her dinner tonight.”

“All right, maybe another time then.”

Logan nodded, half-heartedly, then walked into his unit. Mila greeted him with a kiss.

“Want to help me prepare dinner?” Logan asked Mila.

“Sure,” She replied.

“We have to snap the green beans. I can teach you how, it’s really easy though.”

“I know how already because I did it with my grandparents many times.”

They both began snapping the tips of the green bean hulls and placing them in the garbage bin.

Afterward, Logan placed the snapped green beans in a bowl with butter and then in the microwave.

As the green beans were cooking, Logan asked Mila, “What spices would you like on the chicken?”

“What do you have?”

Logan turned his lazy susan around and showed Mila all the spices as he said, “These are all I have.”

Mila grabbed the poultry seasoning and said, “I guess this goes on chicken, right?”

“Yes and I think we need some Olive Oil and black pepper as well.”

Mila and Logan rubbed the seasonings on the chicken, then placed it in the pan.

Logan lit his gas range and put the pan of chicken breasts over the lit burner.

He periodically turned the breasts over until they appeared done.

He went to the basket on his counter which held all of his kitchen gadgets and retrieved his thermometer.

Carefully, he placed the probe into the center of each piece of chicken and patiently waited for the needle to reach 165 Fahrenheit. When he saw that the needle made it, he turned the range off and let the chicken breasts cool.

Logan then poured himself and Mila each a glass of sparkling grape juice. Afterward, he placed each chicken breast and some steamed green beans on a plate for them, then said grace, “Heavenly Father, we love You and we thank you for this wonderful food. We especially thank You for saving us and blessing us. We ask that you bless our relationship, allow us to get married, keep us together for life and protect us from all who wish to harm us, especially Kieth Koresh. Please use this food to nourish our bodies for your service and glory. We make these prayers in Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen!”

They began eating smiling at each other from ear to ear.

Mila then asked, giggling, “I got that picture you sent. What was that all about?”

“I saw your school president purchasing beer and whiskey at The Westside Grocer, so I just had to take a picture of it.”

“He’s such a hypocrite, so you did right.”

“Unfortunately, he caught me doing so and confronted me about it.”

Mila began to shake.

“Did I do wrong?” Logan asked.

“No. You didn’t. I’m just afraid he will look for more reasons to expel me now.”

“If he does, post that picture on your webpage that you write your fantasies on.”

“My parents would be furious and they would probably take my car from me.”

“Since we’re getting married, I’ll buy you a car if that happens.”

“Thank you, Logan! You’re making me want to commit that sin with you even more!”

“Believe me, I want to as well. But I don’t ever want to lose you!”

“I don’t ever want to lose you either!”

Mila and Logan finished the last of their dinner then placed their dishes in the dishwasher.

They walked to the living room and sat together on the sofa.

“I read all of your stories, Mila. They are the most beautiful stories I have ever read!”

Mila blushed then said, “Wow! I feel elated! You’re the inspiration for all of them and you think they’re beautiful! I’ve accomplished exactly what I wanted by writing them!”

“You should pursue a career in writing.”

“But most writers don’t make that much and only a few of them achieve fortune and fame.”

“Well, how about I pay your way and you focus on being creative!”

“You would do that for me?”

“Of course, we’re getting married, right?!”

Mila nodded.

Logan continued, “Just from now on, don’t glamorize fornication or any other sins in any stories you write from now on.”

“I won’t.”

“So, what would you like to do?”

“Maybe we could watch a movie together?”

“I don’t have cable or any DVDs.”

“Then let’s watch YouTube on your laptop.”

“Would it be all right if we watched Pastor Clarkson?”

“Who’s that?”

“He’s the preacher who led me to Christ back while I was working in Eastern Europe.”

“Yes. We could watch him.”

“I know the perfect message from him. It’s about why the roman catholic church is not of God. This should explain why people like Kieth Koresh are the way they are.”

“Let’s watch it then. This should be good.”

Logan pulled up the browser on his laptop then went to YouTube. He then pulled the video on which Pastor Clarkson taught, exposing the wickedness and false doctrine within the roman catholic church. The video was about two hours long. Logan and Mila watched very intently.

After the video concluded, Logan and Mila were tired from all that happened. They walked to Logan’s bedroom and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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