Radiant Affection-Logan Proposed to Mila

Friday, February 5, 2010, was biting cold and dark as they woke up shivering in each others’ arms to the beeping of Logan’s watch alarm. It was 6 AM.

Mila moaned and stretched.

Logan kissed her forehead and said, “Time to wake up beautiful.”

Mila smiled and giggled slightly saying, “Wow, I thought it was only a dream.”

Logan replied, “No this is reality and tremendously better than anything dreams can provide! If I have my way, I shall wake up to your beautiful face every morning until the end of time!”

Mila kissed him and said, “Well I am happy it is real because it is better than any dream.”

Logan blushed, then nodded.

They each took a turn in the bathroom.

Afterward, Mila retrieved her school clothes then bathed and dressed.

She then walked out of the bathroom and teasingly lifted her uniform skirt at Logan.

He embraced her and they began to exchange kisses, each one more passionate than the last.

Mila asked Logan, “Are you hungry?”

“A little,” Logan replied.

“Well have some muffins with me.”

“That sounds wonderful.”

Happily, they ate banana nut muffins and drank skim milk in the dining room while Mila’s Mom was still passed out cold.

For a spell, they simply held hands and stated at each other with smiles and admiration.

Mila then spoke with sadness, “I’m going to be late for school, but it would be worth it for you though!”

Logan replied, “Now Mila, your schooling is important, make sure you keep your grades up and finish it.”

She kissed him and said with a playful pout, “All right Mister Baines.”

Logan held Mila until she saw his watch, and became slightly distressed over the time displayed.

She said with a sad face, “It’s time to go now.” Logan held her close to him as she rested her face in his chest and spoke with sadness and affection, “I am going to miss you today, Logan.”

“Well just remember, I love you, Mila.”

She smiled then replied, “I love you too and I can’t wait to see you this afternoon!”

Passionately they kissed each other goodbye and left. Logan drove to his condominium and got ready for work and Mila drove to school.

After arriving on the campus and parking her car, Mila walked into school happier than ever. She had the most beautiful smile on her face and the giddiness she felt could be sensed by all whom she passed. She sat down alone, in the library, working on her current fantasy. She wrote with passion until the morning bell rang. Slowly, she headed to class, with Logan on her heart. It was her math class, so she knew she needed to try and pay attention.

Suddenly, the school president called Mila’s teacher over the intercom, “Please send Mila Gunther to my office.”

The teacher replied, “She’s on her way,” Then motioned for Mila to leave the classroom.

Mila walked down to the office, wondering what she could have possibly done to warrant her being called down.

She opened the door to the president’s office and he spoke with graveness, “Mila, I have a serious problem with you.” He paused and then said with a fit of confrontational anger, “You want to tell me why you were carrying on in a lewd manner while in uniform?” Mila began to shake. The president continued, “You have tarnished this school’s reputation and we have it on video from the library security camera.”

Mila shook more as she replied, “All I did was kiss him. There are so many others who get away with doing much worse than me.”

The president then replied with even more anger, “It’s the fact that you had attention called yourself by also talking out loud and kissing Logan Baines while in uniform, then having that policeman correct you. There were several civic leaders and local business owners present for a meeting. This disgusting incident is now the impression that everyone in the community will have of a student at our school. You’ve seriously misrepresented us.” The president continued “I am giving you two Saturday schools because of this. Consider yourself lucky, because I could have easily expelled you.” He paused then continued “However, I want you to break up with Logan Baines. If not, you will, indeed, be expelled.”

Mila began to cry as she said, “I cannot break up with him-we love each other deeply and we’ve been in love for over four years.”

Koresh replied, “I don’t care, so save it for your counselor.”

Mila asked, “Why do you want me to leave him?”

Koresh replied, “Among other reasons; it is part of your punishment for carrying on like a whore and making our school look bad,” He paused, then angrily said, “Now get back to class, and don’t you dare step out of line!”

Mila sulked as she walked back into the classroom. She was by no means going to break up with Logan, with whom she had been in love for so long. However, she knew that if anyone found out that they were still together she would be expelled and unable to graduate. The remainder of the day went by painfully slowly. As soon as school let out, Mila called Logan and explained the situation to him.

Logan replied, “That gosh durn Keith Koresh has gone too far this time. I thought after I graduated he would no longer have power over me.” He paused, then asked her “Well I hope you still want us to be together.”

Mila said, “Yes, of course, but we will have to keep it covert. I am not about to give up on you and me, after all, we share.”

Logan then told her over the phone, “I will text you my address. Keith Koresh knows where you live, but doesn’t know where I live.”

Mila asked Logan with happiness, “Do you mean you want me to stay with you?”

Logan replied, “I am not trying to pressure you into doing it. I only want you to stay with me if you want to stay with me.”

Mila giggled and said, “Of course I would. It’s as if all of my stories are coming true!”

Logan then said, “I get off of work at half-past four. Meet me at my place at five.”

Mila then replied with happiness, “It’s a date, well more than a date.”

Logan said, “Now I have to finish up my work, but I love you so much, Mila!”

Mila felt warmth throughout her body as she said, “I love you too, Logan.”

Mila arrived home and bathed. Afterward, she put on a dress skirt and stockings, along with a warm shirt and a coat. She then read Logan’s address that was sent to her phone and then called him.

Quickly, she said, “Should I bring some changes of clothes and other items with me?”

Logan asked, “Do you still want to stay with me?”

“Yes, of course,” Mila replied.

“Then you answered your question!” Logan answered with happiness.

Mila answered with strong affection, “Wait when I get to your place!”

They hung up and Mila packed her clothes and other things. Logan worked in the shop for some time after. Soon, it was half-past four. Logan calibrated all his instruments and cleaned his tools. After that, he clocked out and started up his truck. Upon arrival, he showered and then dressed himself up. He put on a white dress shirt and navy blue slacks. He sat at the door waiting for Mila to come. Suddenly, he heard a knock. Immediately he opened the door and beheld Mila. He opened his arms and hugged her, then lifted her and spun her around. Passionately Mila kissed him.

Logan then asked her, “Hey since we’re both dressed up, how about I take you out for dinner. After all; it is Friday night.”

Mila replied, “Well we can’t go out in Melody, because I don’t want any of my teachers to see me and then report us to Keith Koresh.”

“Then we can go shop then eat out in Blues City, there are several malls out there.”

“You would take me shopping?”

“Of course, I just got paid.”

Mila threw her arms around him and kissed him as she “You treat me so well, Logan.”

Logan answered, “That means the world to me hearing you say that.” He paused and said, “Then again, you mean the world to me.”

Mila smiled from ear to ear and then she rubbed her nose against his and said “It’s cold outside; you might want to bring your coat.”

Logan agreed and took it out of his closet. He then retrieved his truck key and asked Mila “So, are you ready to go.”

Mila smiled brightly and said, “Let’s go.”

Logan kissed the top of her head then walked out of the door and into his truck. He backed out of his parking spot, then headed east.

There was a biting coldness in the air, so Logan turned his truck heater on and said, “I am so sorry about the cold, it always takes a while for my truck to get warm.”

Mila moved closer to him as she said, “That’s all right, I could always have you keep me warm.”

Both were happy for a Friday night in Blues City.

As they drove onto the main highway that left Melody; Mila took out her MP3 player and plugged it into Logan’s truck stereo. She then said, “These are some of the songs I would listen to when I wrote those stories about us.”

Immediately Logan’s truck became an atmosphere of love, passion, and sensuality.

Logan spoke, “If I wasn’t driving on a high-speed expressway right now, I would kiss you.”

Mila crawled next to Logan then cuddled beside him and said, “I can kiss you though. She pecked him several times on the cheek.

Logan smiled and said, “I love you, Mila.”

She rubbed his chest then said, “And I love you, too, Logan.” She then leaned beside him as they drove through the dark.

After driving for some time, they entered the city and came up to the mall. Logan drove into the parking garage and parked his truck. He then opened the passenger door for Mila then lifted her out. He held her up and spun her around, then locked both doors. There was a brisk chill in the night air, so hurriedly they walked in.

Logan said “I bought plenty of my work tools at the Sears in this mall. In doing so, I discovered some awesome eating places. I also know of a nice gift shop. What do you want to do; eat or look around?”

Mila replied, “Let’s eat.”

Logan nodded and they walked to the food court. There was an Italian nook; that served pasta, salads, and bread. They also served wine. They ordered and were handed their food.

Mila asked Logan “Since you’re over 21; could you order us a bottle of wine?”

Logan smiled from ear to ear, blushed, and then agreed.

Mila began to drink the wine and soon had a smile of mischief on her face. She was also feeling very affectionate from getting quite tipsy.

Logan kissed her and she kept laughing and holding on to him. He was very turned on, but knew the night was young and asked her, “Why don’t we get some dessert? It will take away the effect of the wine. Then I can take you shopping some more. Next to the Italian nook, there was a French Coffee stand.

Logan said to her, “You need to eat something else.”

She smiled and said, “What about some of those French doughnuts?”

Logan nodded, and then he told the server, “Give us two beignets, two spiced oatmeal cookies as well, and two cups of cafe au lait.”

They rang up, Logan paid and their food was handed to them.

Logan said looking at her, “Good Lord Mila, you are so beautiful.”

She smiled, leaned over, and kissed him. Logan ran his hand through her long brown hair and held her close to his chest. Mila kissed Logan quickly once more and they began to eat. After eating dessert; they went shopping. They walked to Bed Bath and Beyond and entered.

Logan said to Mila, “I would like to get you something, anything.” She looked around and then said, pointing to an electric massager, “You can get me this and massage me all of my body when I am hurting; especially when I am on my period.”

Mila then giggled, and Logan blushed.

He kissed her and then said, “Very well, I will get it for you.” With that, they walked to the cash register and paid.

After they walked out; Logan said “Now, there is something, a surprise, I want you to have. Please wait here on this bench. I have to go on the second level to get it and I will give it to you later tonight.” Logan paused then said, “I am sorry I have to make you wait, but I think you will like the surprise.”

Mila smiled at him nodded and they kissed.

Logan then walked up to the jewelry store and looked at the rings. He looked carefully and then he saw a ring that had a yellow gold band with a center cut diamond surround by several smaller diamonds. He decided to purchase it on credit. After he was approved and the paperwork was finished, Logan placed the ring in its box and into his pocket. He walked out of the store and headed back to Mila.

When arriving, he came up from behind her and covered her eyes, and said, “Guess who?”

Mila replied, “Is it, you Logan?”

He kissed her head removed his hands and faced her. She giggled and kissed him back.

Afterward, Logan said, “Why don’t we find a store that would sell dark sunglasses, so you would not be recognizable when you are in public with me.”

Mila giggled and said, “That sounds like a wonderful idea to me.” She paused then asked, “What about something to cover my head as well?”

Logan replied, “That’s a good idea too.”

They searched for a clothing store. After plenty of walking around, they found one at last and entered. Mila and Logan looked around, thoroughly. Finally, they saw a pair of sunglasses and a scarf then checked out.

Logan said, “I want to buy you one more item, but you might think it is somewhat nerdy.”

“What is it?” Mila asked.

Logan pulled a small black metal flashlight out of his pocket and said, “I want to get you one of these. I carry it everywhere I go because you never know when the electricity might fail. The electricity in Eastern Europe was very intermittent, especially in the winter.”

Mila smiled and said, “I don’t care if it might be nerdy because it is a gift from you.”

Logan asked, “If I buy you one; will you keep it in your purse?”

“Of course I will!” Mila replied.

“Well then let’s go get you one.” They walked into the Sears store and found the display of flashlights.

Logan asked, “Should I get you a pink model since you’re a lady?”

Mila giggled and nodded, then kissed him.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Logan said and then purchased the flashlight.

Mila smiled and smacked Logan’s backside with affection.

As they walked out of the store she placed all items in one shopping bag and Logan looked at his watch.

With a look of shock on his face; he said “I think we should go home now before it gets too cold.”

Mila nodded and they left the mall.

As they were walking to Logan’s truck, there was a freezing wind blowing through. After much shivering, they finally made it and walked in. Logan fired up his truck and they headed home.

The ride was a cold but peaceful one. Mila was snuggled next to Logan as they traveled the expressway across the trembling prairie.

While riding, Logan told Mila, “I cannot wait to give you your surprise.”

She then asked, “When will that be?”

Logan answered, “When we are cuddling in my bed tonight.”

Mila smiled from ear to ear. Logan noticed his truck was running low on fuel. He knew there were about 14 miles to Melody didn’t want to get stranded in the bitter cold. There was a truck stop in Checker, so Logan took the exit and pulled up to a pump. Mila was sleeping as he parked.

Logan tapped Mila’s shoulder and said “Get down with me; I am going buy some fuel.” He paused then continued “I don’t want you to get abducted.”

Mila nervously agreed, so they entered the store. Logan purchased some fuel, then walked out and filled up his truck. After the truck was full, they headed back to Logan’s condo.

Logan said to Mila, “I hope your surprise makes you feel even more happy and special.”

Mila replied, “I cannot wait.”

Logan said, “Now close your eyes and lay down on the bed!”

He picked up his coat and reached into the pocket. He pulled out the presentation box with the ring in it. Logan turned out the light and opened his curtains. It made the mood just perfect in the glow of the moon and street lights.

He then lay down next to her wrapping his arms and legs around her and said, “Okay, now open your eyes!”

The diamonds sparkled as Mila asked, “What is this?”

Gently, Logan told her, “Take a guess!”

Tears filled her eyes as she asked, “Do you want me to marry you?”

Logan nodded as he kissed her.

She hugged him with all of her strength and then said, “Yes of course I will marry you. This is all of my stories come true!”

Logan then said seriously, “It’s no use holding back, we’re both in love with each other, right?”

With bliss, Mila nodded and kissed him.

Both were filled with great happiness as they cuddled together and soon fell asleep in each others’ arms.

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