A Christian Honeymoon

It was a quiet ceremony, just our pastor as well as a few family members and friends as witnesses, but I am now married to a wonderful young lady.

I know we’ve only been seeing each other for the past six months, but I have never been so compatible with anyone else. And not only that, we are crazy about each other and can’t keep our affections under control. So, as the Apostle Paul suggested, we got married.

We are saving our sexual intimacy for the honeymoon, but the beautiful part is while neither of us is virgins, our pasts are equivalent enough.

Everyone thought we were crazy to marry after only six months, especially because of our status.

In the six months, we have been seeing each other, we never once argued nor have we even been angry with each other.

We now sign the marriage license, thereby making it legal to the earthly authorities.

Initially, I wanted to get married without the government’s involvement. However, my pastor pointed out that while we wouldn’t be living in sexual sin, we would still be lying and cheating both of which are indeed sins.

So, we may lose some of our government assistance, but I know for certain that our God shall provide for whatever need that may arise, both seen and unseen, known and unknown.

We then change into our street clothes. I put on some Navy blue pants, and a plaid work shirt. She dons a baby blue tee shirt and a long denim skirt. We also cover up in jackets, because it is cold and rainy. She still feels the need to dress the way her former church commanded, but I don’t mind at all. If anything, I think it is very sexy and feminine. She somehow likes the fact that I wear long pants year-round, though several times she mentioned how she cannot wait to pull them off of me!

Now we are packing our suitcases with our favorite clothes and headed to an off-grid cabin situated on the shore of a beautiful lake for the next two weeks! Of course, as usual, I also have my backpack and she has her purse. We load everything into her white Dodge Caravan then drive to the North. The trip will take about a day and we plan to take turns behind the wheel.

We commence our trip. It is still cold and rainy, but what do you expect for late November?

We pray for God’s protection as we drive through the squall lines.

She finally drives us out of the squall line and we continue pressing on.

I check the RADAR on my phone, it’s clear.

She’s getting tired, so I take the wheel.

I drive diligently through the night, while she sleeps-even her snoring is cute. Then at sunrise, she wakes up and takes over. I sleep for the next few hours.

Now I am awake again.

It’s mid-morning and we stop at a travel center for food coffee and fuel. I park by the pump, then insert my credit card in the payment terminal and fill her van up. She goes into the store and buys us each a cup of coffee and two cherry cheese Danishes. We park her van near the entrance then sit at a table, say grace then eat our breakfast. She’s so cute as she scarfs down her pastries. We walk to her van and I open the driver’s door for her, then I sit in the passenger seat and take a nap. She gently wakes me up. It’s near lunch time and we’re stopped at a welcome center. We walk to a picnic table with our Igloo Playmate Cooler and eat some turkey sandwiches along with chocolate Moon Pies and drink from our gallon jug of sweet tea.

After eating, we relieve ourselves in the family restroom, then she begins to drive.

A few more hours pass, and, finally, we arrive at our destination.

She drives up to the office and we both check in.

The clerk hands us a key with a numbered tag on it. She drives to our unit.

I step out then open the driver’s door for her.

She deliberately swings her legs out and I can see her peach-colored panty right up her skirt. I stare for just a moment, blushing.

She giggles then grabs me and kisses me.

I get our bags then we walk up the steps and onto the front porch.

“How are we going to cross the threshold? I know I am a big girl and you have a bad back,” She asks.

“What if I open the door for you? That way, you can walk in first, then grab me and pull me in!” I reply.

“Good idea. Will do!”

She then hugs me and plants several kisses on my face. I caress her love handles and she rubs my buttocks.

We are lost in each other’s embrace for just a moment, then she hands me the key.

I unlock the door and open it for her and say, “After you, my lady!”

She grins at me with mischief, swivels her shapely hips, and walks in.

A split second later, she grabs me and pulls me inside with great strength.

After I am inside, she places a “Do Not Disturb” placard on the outside doorknob, then locks us in. I set our bags at the base of the stairs then she grabs me again.

I begin to playfully lift her skirt and she says, “Don’t just lift it, take it off!”

“Oh, honey your wish is my command!”

I then unbutton her skirt and it falls to the floor.

She begins to unbutton and unzip my pants and then aggressively pulls them down.

We begin to walk up the stairs.

She pulls her shirt off and I likewise remove mine.

I admire her thick stomach and begin to kiss it as I say, “My God, you’re beautiful.”

“You’re so sweet. Now it’s time for me to pay you back for how wonderful you make me feel, get ready for me to rock your world!”

We continue walking and are now in front of the bedroom door

I then kneel in front of her and begin to rub her thick creamy thighs.

She moans and giggles with happiness.

“I finally get to have you!” She says beaming.

So I stand up and pull down her panty and she removes my boxer briefs.

Finally, she takes off her flesh-colored brassiere, then pulls me into the bedroom.

With great force, she shifts her sexy hips and ample-sized caboose, bumping me. From the impact, I lose my balance and fall onto the bed. She climbs on top of me.

“I love you so much!” I say as I catch my breath.

“I love you too and I’m only just beginning.”

She holds me down and begins a barrage of kisses on my face until I am overtaken by a tidal wave of love and lust for her.

We change positions then begin to have intercourse, so much love with each other. In due time, I fill her with my seed, as a loving and lustful reaction to her spraying me with her fluids.

Now we collapse into the bedclothes and begin to snuggle.

We exchange many more kisses as I caress and her plump naked body. With tremendous adoration, I behold every pound, curve, inch, and dimple of hers.

She notices the loving gaze in my eyes and says, “You have revived the passions in me that I thought were long dead and I’ve never felt so cherished. I remember after my ex would finish with me he would either fall right asleep or go watch sports.”

“It’s his loss, but more importantly, my gain!” I tell her as I gently cup her supple bare breasts with my hands.

“What was it like with your ex, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“The instant she and I were done having sex it was right back to nagging and yelling. Sometimes she would even hit me.”

“Mine too.”

“Let’s never be like that with each other.”

“We then need to make sure that Christ is forever at our center.”

“You’re right.”

The sky begins to darken and the sunlight coming from our window vastly diminishes.

I see a Radio Shack Weather Cube and a Garrity LED lantern on the nightstand.

“Wow, I’ve never noticed these until just now. And well, you know how I am fascinated by all this. You truly had my undivided attention, baby!”

“Aww. I saw them right as we walked in and was wondering if you would notice. You were focused on me, instead. And I know how much you like that stuff, so I feel pretty flattered.”

“Was the intimacy good?”

“The best!”

“Yes. I have to agree, it was the best for me as well! I promise as long as my flesh is capable that I shall be intimate with you whenever you desire!”

“Aw! God knew what He was doing when He put us together!”

“And I promise to snuggle with you and cherish you both before and after, just to make sure that you know how much I love you!”

“I love you too and my only regret is that we couldn’t have met sooner!”

Suddenly there is an abrupt flash of lightning.

“Do you mind if I turn that Weather Cube on, just to see exactly how bad the weather is?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

I press the Play button on the but hear nothing but a hiss.

“Shucks. Maybe I need to adjust it,” I say.

So I turn the Weather Cube upside down and begin to turn the tuning knob. Seconds later, I hear that familiar computerized voice.

“There we go!” I say, then set it upright on the nightstand.

“You’re so sexy when you fix things. Every time I saw you fix the church computer, I felt tingles in my lady parts, even though I was in church!”

I come back to bed and start caressing her again as the weather radio plays in the background.

“Well, I must admit that I’ve had those stirrings in me ever since I first laid eyes upon you and no matter where we were, they happened. I guess because of your sexy body, your sweet face, that long beautiful hair, and of course the way you dress all drive me wild!”

“Anything besides my looks?”

“Yes. I remember the first time you made biscuits for me and they were so delicious. After we were full, you told me to take the rest home because you said if you would eat them, they’ll go straight to your fanny. I wanted so much to tell you how much I thought your fanny was lovely and no matter how big or small But I was also amazed at how wonderful the biscuits were.”

“I remember that. I was highly turned on by the way you were wolfing down my biscuits. You were so cute and the fact that you were enjoying them made me feel very confident! My ex simply demanded that I cook for him, but never once showed any appreciation for it.”

“It’s not just your looks and your cooking skills that I find sexy. It’s also how you treat me so well, you love me despite every strike against me, and, of course, you cause me to put my best foot forward in all that I do.”

“Aww! I know I say it a lot, but you make me feel so special. Even though we’re going to lose some of our government benefits, it will be worth it if we can be together forever!”

“Do you remember the first time we exchanged those three little words?”

“How could I forget? We said them in unison!”

“I was going home for the evening because my ride had arrived and we were lost in a kiss then our lips unhooked for just a moment and we said it. I instantly pitched a tent, but then quickly grabbed my backpack to hide it and then left. I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea of me.”

“If it makes you feel any better, my lady parts were drenched and dripping that very moment and I was afraid you could smell my fluids.”

“Why were you afraid?”

“Because I didn’t want you to smell the pheromones and lose control then fornicate with me. I feared that God would have punished us and maybe caused us to split up.”

“See, God provided an escape route out of our temptation. We need to always keep Him and His Christ at the center of our lives and marriage, so He will continue to honor and bless us.”

“Even while I was married to my ex, I prayed for a better man. When you came along, I knew you were the answer to that prayer but I was constantly afraid of losing you.”

“Wow. I too prayed for a better woman even while I was previously married. I prayed for years after the divorce. Then you showed up in my life. When I first laid eyes upon you, I knew you were the one. I too was very scared of losing you. But that only caused me to walk the line!”

She smiles, pulls me towards her, lays partially on top of me, and says, “You’re trapped, Mister! And I’m never letting you out. That way, we cannot lose each other!”

I rest happily under her super-sized body and am beginning to feel the powerful combination of love and lust yet again.

“Don’t ever let me go!”

“Believe me, I won’t”

Suddenly we hear the alert tones on the Weather Radio followed by a voice that tells us about a Marine Thunderstorm with a history of waterspouts moving onshore.

“I’m scared.” She says nervously.

“Let’s get dressed and stay in the closet under the stairwell, at least until the weather calms down.”

She nods and grabs the LED lantern.

We pick up our clothing piece by piece and I also grab the Weather Cube.

At the base of the stairs we quickly dress each other, then I grab my backpack and her purse, and we take shelter in the closet.

By the light of the LED lantern, I shield her body with mine as I pray, “Heavenly Father, thank You for putting us together and honoring our relationship. Please protect us not only from this threatening weather but from all threats to our marriage. May we keep You at our center of it all and may You give us the grace to be unequivocally kind, patient, reverent, and faithful to each other for life. Please calm this storm and allow us to enjoy our time together. We make these petitions in Your Son Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.”

“Even when you pray, I’m turned on!”

“If I wasn’t so nervous about the weather, I’d go down on you right here, right now!”

“Don’t worry, we have a lifetime for that!”

We listen to the Weather Cube as the storm rages on. Finally the “all clear” is issued.

It is now late so we walk back upstairs.

I place the Weather Cube on the nightstand and she places the LED lantern next to it.

I give her many more kisses as we climb into bed.

We embrace as I say, “My greatest desire is to hold your beautiful body close to mine every night and wake up to your sweet face every morning for the rest of my life!”

“Then I’ll be tremendously happy to fulfill that desire for you!”

“I love you with all my heart!”

“I love you too!”

She switches the LED lantern off.

It is now totally dark as we fall asleep in each others’ arms, happier than ever before.

This story is indeed beautiful, at least I think so. However, it is a mere representation and reflection of a much Greater Love and yes I know and you, the reader, as well should know that these characters also possess that Love in addition to their love for each other, though more of the carnal side is shown in this piece. It is That Love that will sustain their marriage when the newness has worn off, if they keep their focus on it…

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