A Crisis following an Argument-Confessions of an [un]Happily Married Blogger

So, it’s either the Summer of 2017, I honestly can’t remember which month or day, despite having a razor-sharp memory.

My wife and I are walking into our local big-box discount retailer (whose name needs no introduction) and for some reason or another, we’re angry at each other.

She is talking to me like a child and I am trying to tune her out.

I just agree so she will shut up.

Now and then, I stand up for myself, though.

Finally, she goes to purchase whatever items that she came to purchase.

I, on the other hand, decide to go look at the calculators, something of which I have been fascinated by almost as long as flashlights.

I’m not feeling loved at all and I certainly don’t feel any validation. I think my wife deliberately tries to deprive me of the latter and doesn’t know how to properly show me the former.

So besides my writing, I turn to flashlights and calculators to fill the void.

As I am making my way to the calculator aisle, which is near arts and crafts and office supplies, I see a beautiful young lady walking out of the housewares department.

She looks at me and warmly smiles.

When I say beautiful, she is my kind of beautiful:
Long thick blonde hair.
A sexy plus-sized body.
A flawless complexion.
And of course, she has everything in the right places!

She looks so cute in those Wayfarer eyeglasses. I’m glad that style has made a comeback!

A major part of me wants to smile back and I awkwardly do so.

But another part of me knows that I am a married man, albeit unhappily married and how I must needs honor my marriage or face the wrath of God.

I am already guilty of adultery in the heart and have been many times before, as this series brazenly suggests.

I wonder if this young lady is smiling at me because she just saw how awfully my wife just treated me?

I know this, she reminds me of a character in a story series I had recently begun.

I want this young lady so much, but I know I can’t have her, so maybe I’ll just write about her!

As each day passes, I regret my marriage more and more.

I know it is doomed to fail, but I need a catalyst to provoke me to divorce her.

I also need to know that my housing and financial needs shall be met whenever I do leave my wife.

Obviously, there are good women out there.

So, why does mine have to treat me so shabbily?

I don’t think it’s the fact that we moved too fast, rather I think her personality has changed and her toxic personality brings out some pretty ugly traits in me.

There are other factors as well, but for my safety, I won’t mention them.

At least I have my writing, and even though my wife resents it when I write, scores of others love my content.

Sometimes it is all I have to maintain my sanity.

I go back to the calculator aisle to see if any new ones are being sold.

There are none, so I make my way to the flashlight section in sporting goods.

I don’t have any money for a flashlight today, but just looking at them sends the endorphins pumping through my being and is a temporary remedy to the fact that I am an unhappily married blogger…

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