Another Excerpt from “The Textfile”

After Anna sat down, she looked around the whole room, then happened to glance at the bar. She noticed a young man sitting there eating peanuts and sucking on a bottle of Budweiser. He was dressed in long khaki pants and a white T-shirt, stained with many oil and grease spots. He had dirty blonde hair, covered by a brown newsboy hat and she could see that he also had a thick beard.

Anna felt an attraction to him somehow and wondered how she could get his attention. She pondered, then the idea came to her. She pretended to sneeze a cute little sneeze. The young man currently had the end of the beer bottle to his mouth and was taking a long sip. Finally, he put it down.

She made her attempt and let out a cute little, “Choo!”

The young man looked away from the bar and beheld her, then said, “God bless you.”

“Awe, thanks!” Anna said with a giggle.

The young man was about to sip on his Budweiser again, but he looked at her a second time. He saw she had beautiful pale skin, strawberry blonde hair, bright hazel eyes. He also noticed the long skirt and blouse she was wearing that covered almost all of her skin. He stared. He kept staring at her. She smiled. He smiled back, then blushed and looked away.

Anna pretended to sneeze again and let out a “K-Choo!”

The young man turned around again and said, “God save you!”

Anna then said, “Thanks. It must be all the dust from these peanuts shells that are stirring up my allergies.”

“You have such a cute sneeze,” He said, then looked at her booth and asked, “Is this seat taken?”

“No, I guess not,” Anna said.

“Then may I come and sit with you?” The young man asked.

“Sure, that would be nice,” Anna replied, smiling from ear to ear.

The young man took his beer and came to her table, then said, “I’ve never seen you in here before and I come here every day after work to kill a few beers.”

“This is my first time here,” Anna said, slightly nervous

“Well, I hope it’s not your last. I’m Grayson Thomas, by the way.”

“Anna Ryan.”

“Wow, I didn’t know there were any Ryans in Melody.”

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