April 11, 2004-The Ones that got Away

It is a bright and sunny Easter Sunday and I received some cash as presents.

I also recently obtained my driver’s license last December.

So, I take my Dad’s car, a 1998 Ford Taurus and drive to the Wal*Mart a few towns to the northwest of me.

I know what I want to buy, some two-way radios that come with a charging base.

I’m walking around the store, and there I see her.

She is a beautiful and pleasantly plump young lady.

She is wearing a white shirt and baby blue shorts.

She reminds me of the girl I was in love with during my early childhood, just as a teenager.

What if that is her?

I am so overcome by her beauty and I feel very giddy in her presence.

However, I don’t know what to say to her, without being weird.

I wish I had the chance to talk to her, but I don’t think I will.

So, I just admire her.

I watch her for a little while, then I go to the electronics section to make my purchase.

Then, my stupid self, I leave the store, not trying to look for her again.

I drive back to my parents’ house with the stereo on full blast.

To my knowledge, I haven’t seen her again since.

What if she was indeed the girl from my early childhood and I blew my one chance at being able to meet her again?

I don’t know and I guess I never will know, but that thought keeps me up at night sometimes to this very day.

A few months later, I suffer a mental breakdown for something unrelated…

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