Body Shaming: Cruel, Unneccessary and Obsolete

Body Shaming is not only Cruel, but it’s also Unnecessary and Obsolete…

Yes, body shaming still does happen. It is cruel. It is cruel, but even today it still happens. I guess it happens because everyone wants to serve the big conformity machine that tells us what we all should look like. It also implies that anyone with a less than perfect body is for whatever reason lazy and a slob. This piece will explain why that is not exactly true and that I would venture to guess that most who are overweight are that way through little or no fault of their own.

Body shaming is Unnecessary:

The reason being is that body shaming because is unnecessary is that many times the person who is being targeted is overweight through no fault of his or her own. There could be any number of factors that caused this person’s weight gain:

Maybe the person has some sort of medical condition that requires him/her to take prescription medications. More often than not, a side effect of those medications is indeed weight gain. The victim didn’t ask to be this way but maybe needs these medications to function or survive. People who need medications take them for either a physical or mental condition that sometimes incurs harassment in and of itself.

In the case of a child; Maybe he/she comes from a low-income household and cannot afford to eat healthily. Instead, the family purchases foods that offer the most calories per dollar. That child certainly didn’t ask to be born into this world. It’s bad enough that people in lower-income brackets get harassed or at least looked down upon anyway, so when they are overweight as well it makes their existence extra miserable.

Maybe the victim sustained sexual trauma as a child or adolescent. From what I’ve seen, such a painful experience can throw all kinds of hormones and glands out of calibration and indeed cause weight gain. I know there are still some people are very cruel and would pick on someone who has been through such a cruel experience, but it is really low to do such a thing.

And maybe, just maybe, for no other reason, this victim could just have thyroid issues. This is where the person’s ability to burn calories is either non-existent or extremely hindered.

So these are the reasons why it is unnecessary to engage in body shaming and if one still does then he or she is a very cruel person.

Now I’m going to explain why it is obsolete (and should have been a long time ago.)

If any overweight girls or ladies may be reading this, pay close attention. I don’t know whether to call it a perversion or just a mere sexual presence, but there are many decent guys out there who find overweight/obese women and girls to be highly attractive. A lot of these guys are decent, kind-hearted men and boys who will treat any overweight woman or girl with respect, but he’ll most definitely want to love her deeply and show his love to her physically. He will adore her and do his best to make her happy. He will sweep you off your feet if you let him. Please make sure that any sexual contact happens only between consenting adults or only with all parental approval in the case of one or both parties being minors. Girls and ladies if you indeed come across such a man or boy, keep him and appreciate him. Don’t let his excessive affections go to your head and thus you become spoiled. Although, he might indeed try to spoil you more. Whatever you do, don’t take him for granted. And for goodness sake, don’t cheat on him. If you do, he might one day find someone else to love him. He may have flaws, but likely he loves you very much, so don’t give up on him if he does.

Now, I’ve also been told that some ladies and girls find overweight men and boys attractive. Maybe they think that these guys are cute, sexy, smart, sweet, funny or maybe all of the above. I don’t know. But overweight boys and men, if you find such a girl or woman, be sure to keep her and appreciate her as well. Love her and make her feel special. If you indeed become intimate with her, don’t let the confidence go to your head and start sleeping with others, because all you will do is break the heart of someone who might have genuinely loved you. Remember how lonely you were before her? Realize the good she had done for you and be sure to do everything in your power to keep her. Again, I cannot stress it enough, make sure any sexual contact happens between consenting adults or at least with the parents’ explicit approval in the case of one or both parties being a minor.

So yes there are those out who indeed find that overweight/obese people of the opposite sex are powerfully attractive. As a matter of fact, I am one of them! Ever since my early-to-mid-teens, I have felt this way. I wholeheartedly believe that a chubby woman with a pretty face and a soft body is extremely beautiful. In my book, such a woman is one of God’s most beautiful creations! I know other boys and men who believe the very same. For that reason, I would dare say that body-shaming is also obsolete. Of course, there are lovers of all shapes and sizes, but the chubby chaser movement is gaining considerable traction in recent years!

On an added note, I must admit this. Sometimes, being overweight/obese is unhealthy. If you are in love with someone who is overweight/obese and his/her physician orders weight loss, help them in doing so. Because if your love for him/her has grown beyond a physical attraction, you will want them no matter what and you will want that person to live by your side for as many years as possible…

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