An Excerpt from “The Textfile”

…I want to see if anyone can guess which movies inspired me to write this scene…
…a classmate of Anna’s showed up and began to make trouble.
Tauntingly, the girl walked up to Grayson’s truck and said [to Anna], “Look at little miss Charlene Church, she finally has a boyfriend.” She paused and then continued, “I think I’m going to tell your parents about him, I bet they won’t like it.”
Grayson whispered to Anna, “Do you know this nasty thing that walked up here?”
Anna replied, “That’s Andrea Graves. Many guys think she is hot. She’s always so mean to me.”
“I don’t like her at all and I wish she was gone.”
The girl began to fondle her breasts through her tank top and finger her genitals through her biker shorts in front of Grayson and Anna.
Grayson began to lose his temper and said, “Why don’t you get lost?”
“Don’t be so rude, you know I could do so many things with you that I bet Anna Ryan would never ever do.”
Even angrier, Grayson continued, “You, are a nasty little skank. Furthermore, I love Anna with all my heart and I would never cheat on her.”
“There must be something wrong with you.”
“Yes, I guess I have a low tolerance for hateful and fake people.”
“I’m not that bad once you get to know me.”
“I don’t want to get to know you. Now kindly leave.”
“Maybe I don’t want to. It’s a free country after all.”
“That doesn’t give you the right to harass me or Anna.”
The girl then dropped her sunglasses, then turned her backside towards Grayson and bent over to pick them up.
Grayson shouted, “I don’t want to see your nasty, stinky, venereal disease-ridden body parts, so please quickly pick those sunglasses up and go elsewhere.”
“I was hoping you’d like the view, but maybe you need your eyes and head examined.”
“Not in your wildest dream, I don’t want you. I only want Anna, period! And if you don’t leave us alone, I’ll call the cops on you.”
“My family knows the police chief, the cops won’t do me anything.”
Anna was now extremely irritated and then said, “Don’t I have to deal with you enough at school? Why don’t you go screw some jock or something.”
“Maybe I want your man?”
“You can’t have him.”
“How are you going to back that claim to him up? I mean I could easily kick your butt if I wanted to.”
Grayson was completely fed up at this point and pulled his shotgun out of the storage box in his truck bed, pumped it, pointed it at Andrea, then said, “If you lay one finger on Anna, you will have many new holes in your body for all the boys to play with. That is if you indeed survive.”
“Okay, I’m going. You don’t have to be such a douche bag.”
Anna told her, “He’s not a douche bag, he just loves me. You aren’t loved, you’re just screwed.”
“This isn’t over. Your man cannot protect you when you’re at school.”
Grayson said, “God will protect her though, and by the way, that’s Someone Whom you should consider allowing in your life because you obviously need Him, whether you admit it or not.”
“There is no God!” Andrea shouted, then finally left.
Grayson picked his gun up and locked it in the storage box.
He then looked at Anna soberly and said, “I’m sorry you had to see me act that way, but I couldn’t allow her to harm you.”
Anna replied as she rubbed the hairs on Grayson’s chest, “You don’t have to apologize for anything. You just chose me over whom many think is the hottest girl in the whole school. I feel on top of the world.”
“You’re so much more beautiful than her, both inside and out.”
“Grayson, you’re definitely making me want to commit that sin with you, more than ever.”
“Don’t be. You just turn me on so much.”
…Now that you have read, please comment below which movies you think inspired me to write this…

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