My Standards for a Future Partner or Spouse

I’m actually writing this on the evening of my 33rd Birthday.

However, I came up with most of these standards while I was trapped in a faulty marriage. That marriage came apart in January of 2018 and the divorce was granted in October of 2018.

I did have another, albeit mostly innocent, relationship after that marriage, but she called it quits on me a year and almost four months later. By the way, she exceeded my standards by far, so I quickly fell for her and was devastated when she quit on me.

My first and biggest standard is that she has no children. I have no children either, so I feel that is what I deserve. Furthermore, since both of us would have no children, we can totally focus on each other! I am open to having children someday, but I want it to be with only one woman!

My next standard is that she be a Born Again Christian of any denomination or independent/fragmented church. If not a Christian, she would need to be at least tolerant, friendly and understanding of my Christian faith. I would be thrilled beyond any and all imagination if she converted to Christianity by hearing or viewing The Gospel from me and more importantly seeing me live it out! This should be my number one standard, but I know Christianity is sadly not always popular among my fellow Millennials in Western Society.

Another very important standard is that she be at least overweight or even obese (be it clinically or morbidly.) Yes, I am exclusively attracted to plus-sized and even super-sized women. This is even truer if she has a pretty face! I believe the medical term is called lipophilia. I catch enough flak about it, from my family and my friends also get annoyed about this as well, but it is a major part of who I am. There is something about me that causes the endorphins to surge throughout my being when I see a bigger lady. And not only that, I feel immensely giddy! I don’t have those reactions whenever I see skinny or muscular women, no matter how pretty their faces are. I won’t be rude to skinny or muscular women, I’m just not attracted to them. This dates back to when I was in Eighth Grade and a lot of plus-sized girls were so good to me. I had crushes on many of them but didn’t make it known nor did I ask them out because I was afraid of what others would think of me. At the age of sixteen, things changed though I didn’t publicly make my size preference known until between the ages of seventeen and nineteen. There was a time I acted like I was God’s gift to plus-sized women, but now whenever I see one I feel as if I am a lowly pauper in the presence of a mighty queen! The ironic part is that I can talk to a skinny or muscular woman and be totally cool calm and collected. However, if I am talking to a plus-sized or super sized woman, I become awfully bashful and nervously cute because of the giddiness I feel. Almost all of the love stories I have recently written in some way shape or form entail a plus-sized lady who is absolutely adored, loved, cherished and revered by her man!

Yet, another standard I have pertains to age. I have gotten stricter on this standard because I realize that a partner or spouse must need to have at least some things in common with me. Therefore she has to have been born between January 1, 1980, and December 31, 1995. I wouldn’t have anything in common with those who are older or younger. My standard on this used to be someone born between January 1, 1978, and September 10, 1996, but I soon realized I needed to revise that. Usually, those that are older than me and up to three years younger than me don’t pay much attention to me anyway, because they all want older men than me.

It would be perfectly fine for her to take medication under a physician’s care or even drink alcohol, but using any tobacco, vape, marijuana or any illegal drugs is a total deal-breaker for me.

This next standard is painfully awkward, but unfortunately, I do need to say it, especially in this day and age: I cannot and will not demand that she is a virgin, because I’m obviously not and that would be pure hypocrisy on my part. However, I would still date or marry a virgin, if she indeed wanted me, simply because they have shown interest in me in the past and they have treated me well. For the record, I would treat her with a great deal of reverence. I cannot and will not count rape or molestation against a future partner and would still date or marry someone who has been a victim of such egregious crimes provided she gets the help she needs and doesn’t take her anger out on me. I promise I would treat her too with a lot of reverence and gentleness. Ideally, though, I would want to date and ultimately marry someone who has a past that is the equivalent of mine, of which I would also treat her with reverence and not only that, there would be a mutual understanding between us! However, I will not date or marry a whore, that is someone who has willful and consensual sex with multiple partners, especially for money or favors but even just for fun. I frankly do not care how awesome she is in bed, because I have my health and my dignity at stake. Furthermore, as wrong as this may seem I would feel no reverence towards a whore or even a former whore and I want to date and marry someone whom I feel reverence towards!

I don’t want to date someone who is married or even in a relationship! Unless, of course, the relationship she is in was very abusive or unfaithful and she wants out for good. However, I will date someone that is in the process of a divorce or has a finalized divorce. I too am a divorcee! And of course, I would also date someone who is totally single!

… …

The following are totally negotiable standards:

I do not like sports. In fact, I hate most sports. I don’t want to be with a woman who is into sports and watches them for hours or day on end and shuts me out while doing so! I suffered through that enough in that faulty marriage I was in and I don’t want to repeat it again. Ideally, it would be so awesome if I could find a woman who hates sports as much as I do, but that might be asking a lot.

Technically I am disabled. Therefore I would rather be with a woman who is also disabled, if at all possible. She could be either mentally (within reason) or physically disabled (also within reason), as long as she has a good heart, I could fall for her! I find we could better relate better to each other and would also have a solid understanding of each other. However, I would date or even marry a woman who is able and employed, though, and I would be totally supportive of her career in any way I can be.

Politically, I can best describe myself as a Moderate. I know am sometimes quite Liberal but other times I am very Conservative. Ultimately, I vote with my conscience and that is ever molded and shaped by The Bible and the Conviction of The Holy Ghost. I would want to marry someone who is like me politically but I get that finding such a woman will be durn near impossible! So as long as she isn’t extremely one side or the other, I think she and I would be okay.

As far as personality goes, I would want some with the following attributes: sweet, compassionate, understanding, a little feisty, affectionate, genuine, cuddly, slightly goofy, and, finally, is a lady in public but is also very kinky behind closed doors…

Are these too unreasonable for me? I think not! If they are indeed unreasonable, I’d rather be single! However, if I find someone who meets or exceeds these standards I will quickly and helpless fall for her and I ask for her forgiveness and her patience with me if that happens, but she must know that she would be treated like a queen!

If you, the reader, took the time and read through this and think you meet these standards, Contact Me, you may just find a great deal of happiness, reverence, and fidelity in your life as a result!


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