…In Case You’re Interested in Me….

If you’ve come across this page, it’s either because you were forwarded from a dating profile of mine or you have been reading my blog extensively. Either way, you might be interested, so here is a little about me:

“I am merely a Tod in search of my Vixey.”-That’s the tagline on some of my dating profiles and it is a reference to “The Fox and the Hound” for those who didn’t get it…

First and foremost, I am a Christian and have been since the age of seventeen (July 2004.) I am but a poor wretched sinner who is born again, a child of The Most High King and therefore saved only by the gift of grace imparted to me through the loving, sufficient and selfless sacrificial death and victorious resurrection of my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and, let me be totally clear, absolutely no merit of my own! When I look at that Cross and realize what Jesus Christ did in order to save me, I want to fall prostrate before Him and simply cry out, “Holy! Holy! Holy! Worthy is The Lamb Who was slain!” That is what I wish to spend my eternity doing! I attend church at least once a week and usually more than that!

Even though I am a Christian I am a huge fan of The Twilight Saga. The main reason I am is that I can relate to Edward Cullen on so many levels. In fact, I’ve frequently been described as an old soul. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the fact that people my age look much younger than their counterparts of previous generations. I am heavily dependent on just about all modern technologies. And I benefit from access to information more than ever before. However, I vehemently resent that my honesty and my chivalry are grossly undervalued if even valued at all. Sometimes they are even resented in this day and age. Remember how Edward Cullen acted towards Bella Swan (especially in his reverence towards her)? That’s exactly how I would feel towards any young lady that would give me the honor of being hers! Being this way, though, is very detrimental in today’s dating world, unfortunately. Not too many generations ago, it was noble and admirable! On top of that, I used to look like Edward Cullen, before I gained weight, but that was also before Twilight was even a thing.

Politically, I am a Moderate. I believe in safety nets for those who need them. I believe everyone deserves access to affordable healthcare. And I believe something ought to be done about the unbearably high cost of housing. Also, I believe that private schools whose rules try to govern the off-campus behavior of their students are in direct violation of several constitutional rights and ought to lose all federal funding as well as their non-profit status. However, I also strongly believe in religious liberties. I also believe in limited government at least most of the time. And I fervently believe in gun rights. I firmly believe that everyone who works ought to be able to afford and enjoy a decent and comfortable lifestyle, therefore I think policymakers need to find a way to make our currency more valuable instead of raising the minimum wage which only drives up the cost of living across the board.  Finally, I don’t believe businesses should abuse or oppress their workers but at the same time, labor unions should not oppress or abuse their employers either.  This unique combination of both Liberal and Conservative obviously makes me a Moderate. However, I vote with my conscience, which is ever molded and framed by The Bible and The Conviction of The Holy Ghost.

Second, to being a Christian, I’m also an independent thinker, even though it landed me in constant trouble as a schoolboy.

I strive to be very ethical and also, a man of integrity.

I have a place of my own, live by myself, I have a steady source of income, no children and my own vehicle. In other words: I don’t need you to be my driver, my babysitter, my landlady or my ATM! I would be thrilled, however, if you would be my bae, well if you’re right for me that is…Yes, I used the term, bae No, I’m not trashy or tacky, I promise, I just like that term because of the Post Modernism associated with it. That is all. Post Modernism has done a considerable amount of influence on and inspiration for my writing, so there!

Family, friends and even some former love interests describe me as kind, sincere, honest, sweet, funny, handsome, cute, reliable and punctual…You decide if that’s true or not and get to know me!

Just to be clear: I am a divorcee but it was a clean break and totally final. My ex-wife and I went our separate ways and we owe each other nothing, financially or otherwise. We maybe speak to each other a few times a year. Professionals familiar with the situation (two doctors and three ministers) have put me overwhelmingly in the right. That faulty marriage taught me to have standards! More on that in a bit.

I can be either an introvert or an extrovert, it all depends on the type of people present. I’m not snobbish by any means but I am careful and I trust my instincts (as well as statistics.) Therefore, if my gut speaks well of them, I open up, fellowship and share with them. Likewise, if my gut speaks ill of them I shut down, ignore them and keep to myself.

I may not be the most educated person, but I am definitely cultured and well-read.

Writing is my favorite activity (obviously) and I’ve been doing it since April 10, 2003. My favorite genre to write is love stories. I also write articles and essays on topics of which I am well versed. I want to eventually make a career out of blogging and writing, but that is just a dream as of now. I like to write a short love story then have a detailed analytical discussion about it. Actually, that would be a perfect first date for me, so do check out the fiction page. I try to write like a Modern or Post Modern version of Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens all rolled into one. When I write a story, not only am I trying to entertain and make the reader feel wonderful emotions, but I am also attempting to teach what I highly value!

In addition to writing, I taught myself how to repair computers and now can breathe new life into an old computer that most others thought was ruined forever. However, I’m very unconventional in my methods of doing so. Because of my computer repair hobby and my desire to just be prepared in general; I’m definitely into EDC or every day carry. Therefore, I always carry a flashlight and a multi-tool on me. I frequently also carry a calculator and a weather radio. I [almost] always wear a watch that is synchronized monthly with the U.S. Government’s Official Time. I also like anything that involves being on or near the water. Finally, I think trains and all things pertaining to them are really cool. You may or may not like my hobbies. However, they are totally wholesome, virtually legal and they keep me out of trouble. If you don’t like my hobbies, I won’t force them on you by any means, but when I am engaging in them would be a time for me to do my thing and you do your thing which is vital for any healthy relationship!

One quirk of mine is that I wear slacks, britches or trousers year-round (even in this Louisiana heat.) Don’t try to change me, because I would feel extremely weird if I couldn’t wear long pants and I haven’t worn shorts in almost a decade.

In some ways, I am very disciplined and I carry myself with militant precision. In other ways, I’m quite laid back.

Because of my schooling and God-graced talent, I am able to fix things around the house, especially anything electrical.

Listening to music is good for my heart and soul, and I like all kinds of music, so I spend many nights driving around jamming with the car stereo on full blast. My favorite musical artist as a teenager was The Dave Matthews Band. In my early adult years, I listened to Country music but it got stupid around 2013. All Country music prior to 2013 is pure gold in my book though! I started listening to bands like Fun., Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, of Monsters and Men, etc around 2012-2013. The only three current singers I like are Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, and Meghan Trainor. My favorite singer-songwriter of the three is George Ezra. Look him up, he’s pretty good! Petan.

Speaking of driving, I have a very keen sense of direction and since 2001, my peers have often referred to me as a human G.P.S. I inherited this trait from my Dad and I memorized the road maps he collected. However, I’m humble enough to ask for directions when I need to.

Since I live alone, I can cook a few dishes and not to be boastful or anything, but I can fry chicken almost exactly like Colonel Sanders (he was the founder of KFC for all you younger ladies who may not know of him.) Unfortunately, I am surrounded by people who much prefer Al Copeland’s (the founder of Popeye’s) method.

Believe it or not, I have quite a funny side and actually, I am always making friends and family laugh. If I act funny with you, it means I am very comfortable with you!

People tell me I look younger than my actual age. I was born in early January of 1987, so do the math to find out my current age and you decide if I look my age or not.
I am indeed disabled, following a mental breakdown I had experienced at the age of seventeen. I have worked in the past, but there are currently too many limitations on my work performance and opportunity. Being disabled gives me the time to pursue some of my passions in addition to having all of my medical and most of my financial needs met. My disability has definitely humbled me and has made me a better person overall. For the record, it does not interfere at all with my ability to love someone, especially someone right for me! So, I do have some strikes against me, but all through no fault of my own. I try to play the hand I was dealt with the best of my ability and let me just say that if you don’t want me during my darkest nights, then you don’t deserve me during my brightest days! However, if you stand by me in the valleys, in my eyes you will be higher than the highest of mountains and of course, be treated as such!

I’m exclusively attracted to plus sized and super sized women.

Want to know more, just ask. I promise to be as truthful and honest with you as possible, no matter the cost…

I am most certainly NOT interested in casual hookups, one night stands, friends with benefits, nor do I want to exchange naked pictures. I’m not looking for easy sex. Rather, I want to love and be loved! True, committed love preferably within wedlock is the prerequisite for intimacy in my book. However, I am very much aware that we are fallen beings in an equally fallen world. If ever our fleshly desires overpower my moral convictions, just know that I will be that much more committed to you (and only you)! There may be reasons, financial or otherwise for us to not get legally married, but I definitely would want to still make a clear and definite marriage commitment before God, friends, family and loved ones without getting the government involved if that’s what we would indeed need to do. Legal and binding or not, I will take our marriage commitment seriously and hold it with extreme and fervent reverence! To me, it will be a sacred covenant between me, you and our God! I was legally married before but those legal obligations did not make me any more committed, because she didn’t treat me right. My former marriage became a heavy burden because of the legal bindings and I am ever so thankful that it is now dissolved. I don’t want to play games nor do I appreciate people playing games with me. I am a gentleman and I promise to treat you like a lady! I do have very certain standards but if you meet or exceed them, I could fall very quickly and hard for you! Please forgive me if I do…

If you’re still interested there are more than enough ways to drop me a line on the Contact Me Page


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