My Humor Involving Use of the Word “Bae.”

The word “Bae” is a colloquial term of endearment for one’s significant other.

Some say is is an acronym for “before anyone else.”

Others say it is short for “baby” or “babe.”

Whatever the case it is very popular and has been for several years.

And yes I feel that this term reeks of postmodernism, but I also find it quite cute, romantic, and comical. Believe it or not, some of my fellow Millennials find it repulsive, even though we’re the ones who use it the most. Gen Z probably uses it a lot as well. I don’t know about Gen X. I think the Boomers and the Silents get severely annoyed by it and a lot of other things that younger generations do.

Supposedly to the Danes, bae is a term for excrement, but here in America and possibly other parts of the English speaking world, it is overwhelmingly the term for a significant other, so please let’s not have any of those comments about the Danes and their word use. Furthermore, to the Cajun French, “mad” is also a term for excrement. Do you see anyone from Canada or Louisiana correcting anyone else over perceived incorrect use of the word, “mad”? Actually, my Paw Paw did, albeit jokingly though, God rest his soul.

The characters in some of the love stories I write indeed engage in this behavior and refer to each other as bae.

I myself was guilty of this too in my most recent relationship, which unfortunately failed.

Since 2016, though, I have been randomly cracking jokes on social media that reference the word “bae.”

I had gotten some pretty good laughs from posting these, so I decided to make a condensed list of all those bae jokes I thought of.

By the way, they are completely original from my own mind unless someone else thought similar without me knowing.

Without further ado, here are the jokes:

“So what if the City of Baytown, Texas, modified the spelling of its name by changing the Y to an E, but kept the pronunciation the same. Maybe that said city could then also become a resort for lovers? Maybe a citywide ordinance could be passed thereby making public displays of affection mandatory for all couples while within the city limits. I present to you: Baetown, Texas, USA!…All in all, I hope I will be further inspired to come up with even more jokes involving the word, “bae.” After all, I’ve been engaging in this silly behavior since 2016!” (This gem dawned on me during the early morning hours of November 21, 2020.  I promptly shared it on Facebook and Instagram.)

“So, what’s worse? Blowing up bae’s bathroom OR Blowing up bae’s phone? In my defense, I haven’t cracked a joke involving the word bae in quite some time…”(-I have been thinking of this for several weeks prior, but finally shared it on the evening of November 16, 2020.)

“There’s a clothing line known as “Saint John’s Bay.” Now, I’ve read all the books in the Bible that Saint John is credited with writing and he never once mentions that he was married or even betrothed to anyone. Oh wait, never mind, it’s spelled with a Y not an E. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself and I also need to use my glasses more often…”(-I was inspired to come up with this joke in January of 2020 while sorting through some laundry.)

“There is a town in Mississippi near the Interstate 59 Corridor known as “Bay Springs.” Well for any young and healthy guy, something on him definitely springs whenever he sees bae!” (-I never shared that one on social media, because some of my fellow Christian friends would be offended. This joke came to me in May of 2019 while a friend and I were driving through Mississippi on our way back from Dayton Ohio.)

“There is a radio station in Portland, Maine with the call-sign WBAE. What is even more interesting is that the said station plays Adult Contemporary music. I really think that WBAE should play strictly love songs, which mostly are of the AC genre anyway, especially since it is located up in Maine where it’s very cold (good for cuddling.) That way, they could adopt a slogan along the lines of, “Tune into BAE while cuddling with bae!”” (-I was taking a break from my research and just for fun decided to see if there were any broadcasting station with the letters BAE in their callsign. The rest of the joke wrote itself.)

“Red lights are definitely annoying when driving…However, I’ve learned there is a perk about red lights and it is that you can safely give bae a kiss while stopped at a red light!” (-I was driving with my now ex-girlfriend and that is what inspired this particular joke.)

“If you have a bay window with a seat, consider using it to cuddle with bae and watch the sunrise or set (depending on its location in your house.)” (-I was watching barge traffic in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway one Sunday Morning after church, when this joke came to me but also an illustration by Eloise Wilkin also was an inspiring factor.)

“There’s a small town in Louisiana called “Chackbay.” I’ve only been there a few times so I’m not sure if it would be a romantic place to shack up with bae or not…” (-I had just left my now ex-wife and was looking for a place when I was inspired to write this joke.)

“Bay leaves are a very good thing when making red beans and rice…However, it is not a good thing when bae leaves [you] unless your relationship with bae was an abusive or unfaithful one…” (-My marriage was beginning to unravel when I thought of this joke. Also about two years later, a MEME with similar meaning was created and I would be tickled pink if my joke inspired that MEME.)

“There’s a company that makes quality plastic flashlights known as “Bayco.” What if there was a company pronounced the same but changed the “y” to an “e.” The new company could make overnight bags and personal hygiene products for when one wants to sleep over at bae’s place…” (-I had thought of this joke in either 2016 or 2017, but was hesitant to post it on social media because I didn’t want to offend my Christian friends. I initially sent it out a mass text and group messages but eventually posted it to social media.)

“…A Kindergarten teacher has her class at attention and asks each student “What is your favorite activity for your free time?”. One student raises his hand and replies “Netflix and chill with bae!” The whole class laughs and the teacher is kind of ticked off but also wants to laugh as well. In the end, she either sends a note or an email to the child’s parents…” (-I had come up with this joke and posted it to social media in late November of 2016, one evening. My now ex-wife hated the word “bae” but somehow she thought this was funny believe it or not. Then I also said this during a fellowship meal in church one time, actually on my 32nd birthday not realizing the potential sexual meaning behind Netflix and Chill.)

“What if the website eBay replaced the “y” in its name with an “e”? The pronunciation would still be the same, but instead of being an online commerce site, it would be an online dating site!” (-That was my first joke involving the word “bae.” I came up with it in October of 2016.)

Hope you, the reader, laughed at least a little and I sincerely apologize if you didn’t…

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