Our First Time-Teenage Fantasies

She drives me back to her mother’s house.

The ride is silent but very blissful.

We are constantly holding hands and smiling brightly at each other.

Finally, she pulls in her mom’s driveway.

I step out of her car with my bag and flashlight.

We walk to the front door and enter.

She locks and deadbolts it behind us.

We walk to her room, then she locks the door.

We sit in the cushioned window seat and look up at the stars.

She cradles my head in her lap and sings to me as she plays with my curly hair.

Sheepishly, I admit to her, “I’ve never been this far before.”

“Don’t worry, neither have I really, despite what your family thinks.”

“Then if we did do anything and it’s totally up to you, it would be very special for us.”

“I would love to and you seem so perfect for me.” She says playfully pulling her skirt over my face.

I feel so happy in this position, not to mention filled with love and lust, but I know there is more to come. I only pray that I give her the utmost bliss tonight.

She stands up, lifts her skirt again near my face and, then, I too stand up.

We begin to passionately kiss.

Now we are removing each others’ clothing and climbing into her bed.

A part of me is very nervous but an equal part of me is overflowing with love and passion towards her.

“I hope you’re not grossed out by my fat.”

I kiss her soft belly and say, “I love you and everything about you and to me, you are more beautiful than I could imagine.”

“I love you too and I want you no matter what happens after tonight.”

“As much as I can help it we will be together forever and if my parents press charges, I’ll threaten to kill myself, because I cannot picture life without you.”

We hold and kiss each other with passion escalating by the second.

Now we are deflowering each other, so much in love.

I wish this moment would never end.

We become synchronized in our lovemaking and climax within seconds of each other.

Afterwards, we cuddle in her bed falling asleep until the early morning hours.

Then we sit in the window seat and watch the sunrise…

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