#4…A Teen Couple Separated Reunited then Killed in a Car Accident

I initially wrote this in May of 2003 but edited it many times over. The grammar and wording still need work, but as always please be patient and try not to nit-pick. I tried to capture the raw emotion I was feeling back then but I’m not sure I have done that well. It might not always be a good thing to trade emotion for better wording. My sixteen-year-old self would definitely agree. I guess we all fall prey to the big conformity machine somehow, though some more than others. However, this story still hits close to home in many ways for me. There are some choices my characters in this story make that I wouldn’t advise doing ever, but my mindset was different in 2003 than it is now.

Let me first say that most people working in law enforcement are decent and honest individuals who want to make their communities safer. While I do agree that the less-than-ethical ones need to be weeded out, every human being that ever lived has at one point in his or her life been less-than-ethical. But this story isn’t even about corrupt law enforcement, it just briefly mentions the subject. With that being said, kids and teens everywhere, if you have a neighbor that is abusing you, tell your parents, teachers or another trusted adult. Have them contact law enforcement for you so you will be taken seriously. Don’t ever confront or antagonize abusive people, but rather let the law handle it. Only resort to violence with an abusive person if you feel your life or body is in immediate danger. On another topic: Pre-marital sex is never a good idea (unless the couple plans to immediately get married.) Underage sex is never a good idea either (unless with the parents’ blessing, preferably with marriage included.) Even if you fail to adhere to this advice, at least realize that true love should ALWAYS be a prerequisite for sex, no matter what! While I will admit that my two main characters did, in fact, have true love for each other, they were still very reckless. Now that I have preached this, please enjoy the story…

Between late May and late July of 2003…
This story starts off with a sixteen-year-old boy named Marshall Elks. He and his mom are preparing to have visitors at their house. They were a woman, Miss Rayne, who went to school with Marshall’s mom and her daughter Elizabeth Rayne who was about seventeen. Marshall and Elizabeth were close friends as young children, though they were quite shy of each other. Unfortunately, they became separated some twelve years ago. Now that you have the background to the story, (look at me I broke the fourth wall) I will bring you into plot already in progress.

“Marshall, you remember Elizabeth Rayne, right?”

“Of course I do. I think about her every day.”

“How would you feel if I told you that she was coming visit us?”

“I would be overjoyed!”

“Well, she and her mother will be here in about two hours.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Nope. Serious as a heart attack.”

“Then I’ll get ready.”

“Good idea, Marshall.”

With that, he went into the bathroom where he scrubbed his body and hair, then shaved. Afterwards, he brushed his teeth and rinsed his mouth.

Marshall wanted to appear as neat as possible for Elizabeth, as he had feelings for her those years ago. In actuality, those feelings had never left him, but instead multiplied and strengthened. His only hope was that somehow, even after these twelve long years, Elizabeth would feel the same way.

He paced the floors nervously, awaiting Elizabeth’s arrival. Finally, he heard the minivan pulling up and saw Elizabeth stepping out of it with her mom. Marshall watched them through the transom as they walked to the door, then rang the bell. Immediately he opened the door and beheld Elizabeth face to face.

He choked up and blushed but then regained his composure as he spoke to her, “I’ve been wanting so badly to see you again for such a long time.”

Elizabeth smiled from ear to ear and giggled, then embraced him.

Marshall continued, “Do you even remember me?”

Elizabeth hugged him tighter, then looked into his eyes as she said, “I’ve thought about you every single day since we last saw each other. I’ve missed you so much. If only you knew.”

Marshall smiled, and said, “I am elated that we have this chance to meet again!”
He hugged her once more and then they came inside.

The two mothers began talking.

Ms. Elks asked Ms. Rayne, “So what brings you back out here?”

“I got behind on my rent and we were eventually evicted. So we loaded up my van with what we could take and headed back east. I called you on my cell phone but I didn’t want to say we were homeless over the phone.”

“Don’t worry you can stay here as long as you like. I don’t think Marshall would mind.”

“I don’t think Elizabeth would mind either, look how gaga they are over each other.”

“We’re both single parents and I hope they don’t make the same mistakes as us.”

“I think if they did, they would stick with each other, they’re so much in love. If you would have seen their faces.”

“I didn’t need to; you should have seen how excited Marshall was when I told him Elizabeth was coming.”


After a long drive and a tiring day, Ms. Rayne and her daughter Elizabeth unpacked their few items and settled in at the Elks’ house.

They each took a sofa in the living room and Marshall went lay down in his bed. He tried to sleep, but couldn’t. He was much too excited that the girl he had feelings for so long was finally under the same roof as him. He grabbed his Energizer Find Me flashlight, walked out of his room and saw Elizabeth laying down on the sofa, staring at the ceiling. The yellowish-white glow from Marshall’s flashlight frightened her briefly, but then she smiled from ear to ear when she realized it was him.

“Would it be all right if you came to my room?” Marshall asked with a slight nervousness.

Elizabeth brightly beamed and nodded, then hand in hand they walked to his room.

They sat on his bed, awkwardly, but then Marshall spoke, “Elizabeth, you’re just as sweet as I remember and even more beautiful now that you’re a young lady. I’ve been in love ever since we met as children, I just didn’t realize it until after you left. I want you so much right now and my only hope is that we’ll never be away from each other again.”

Elizabeth held Marshall’s hands and pulled his head into her breasts as she spoke, “I too had feelings for you back then. I thought we would always be near each other and grow up together. I was crushed when I had to move far away. But, now, we have a chance to be together again. I cannot promise that we’ll never be away from each other again, but I definitely want to make tonight worth it.”

Their lips met, guided by the glow of Marshall’s flashlight.

Marshall nervously asked, “Do you mean what I think you mean when you asked ‘to make tonight worth it’?”

Elizabeth giggled gently and nodded her head.

Passionately they then removed each others’ clothes and became intimate. It was the first time for both of them. Afterwards, they talked into the night. At sunrise, Elizabeth returned to the sofa without either mothers’ detection.

The next day, Ms. Elks woke Marshall up and said, “Ms. Rayne and I are going shopping. I want you to take Elizabeth to the park and show her a good time.”

He nodded.

Elizabeth was already up and she winked at Marshall.

The two mothers left the house. Marshall and Elizabeth went back and became intimate once again.

After they experienced the beauty and wonder of release once more, Elizabeth said, “We should really go to the park, just so our moms don’t begin to wonder what we’re actually doing.”

“You’re right. We can take my old Buick Regal to the park.”

They walked out of the house and began to lean against Marshall’s car and lovingly caress each other until they were confronted by Marshall’s bullying neighbor, Boyd Bachmann.

“Stop that *word I no longer use in my writing* right now!” He shouted at them.

“Just ignore him,” Marshall whispered in Elizabeth’s ear.

She nodded and they continued to engage in their passionate affections.

Boyd came back with a long broomstick and shouted, “If you don’t knock it off right now, I’m going to take this stick and beat both of your *word I no longer use in my writing*!”

“This is none of your business, Boyd, go home!” Marshall shouted.

“Boyd replied, “Marshall, I beat your *word I no longer use in my writing* when you were a little boy and I’m not afraid to do it again.”

“I’ll call the cops if you touch him,” Elizabeth said.

“I know the sheriff; his men won’t touch me. Furthermore, I’ll tell any deputies that come here what you and Marshall were doing in that house.”

Marshall gave *half the peace sign* to Boyd.

“Did you just flip me off you little *word I no longer use in my writing*?”

Marshall said, “Yes I did flip you off.”

Boyd then struck Marshall across his back with the broomstick.

“That’ll make y’all stop. Y’all think that y’all can act like dogs in heat, but it’s not going to happen while I’m around. And I’m going to beat both of your *word I no longer use in my writing* again if y’all talk back.”

“Well *word I no longer use in my writing* you, Boyd,” Marshall said.

Boyd punched Marshall in the face, knocking him to the cement, then struck him several times with his broomstick.

“Now, I’m going call the cops on both of you,” Boyd said, then walked back to his house.

Elizabeth said in distress, “Come, on Marshall, let’s get out of here.”

“Can you drive us, Elizabeth? I’m hurt.” Marshall asked.

She nodded and they stepped into Marshall’s Buick and started it.

They drove off but then Marshall saw Boyd’s truck in passenger side mirror. He began to tremble.

Elizabeth saw his distressed appearance and asked, “What’s the matter?

“That good for nothing Boyd Bachmann is following us.”

“Should I tap your brakes?” Elizabeth asked.

Marshall nodded and Elizabeth tapped his brakes.

Boyd flashed a revolver at them.

Elizabeth saw and sped off. Boyd followed just as fast. There came a change in the weather and it began to storm. Elizabeth slowed down because of the wet road. Boyd continued following them.

“Maybe we can lose him if we get on the freeway?” Marshall said.

“That’s what I’ll do then,” Elizabeth replied.

They approached the on-ramp and began to make the semi-circle. Boyd followed.

They began to switch lanes, but Boyd continued to pursue them. Suddenly Marshall’s Regal struck a Propane truck. There was a huge fireball which overtook the car.

They were both killed in the fire, but they were in love so much it did not matter. Now they are together for all eternity. The fire was like absolute zero compared to the warmth of [the passionate] love they shared.

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