A Review of the Leatherman Style PS Pocket Tool

By the way, the featured image on this page is not mine, but property of Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

I discovered Leatherman Multi Tools in early 2010 when I had just made 23.

I’ve owned the Kick, the Style CS and the Style PS. Someday soon, I hope to own the Wingman.

This piece will be a review on the Style PS.

I bought my first Leatherman Style PS in February of 2018. I was going through a divorce and staying with a friend while waiting for my apartment to become available. I ordered this wonderful tool on eBay.

I misplaced it somewhere in my friend’s house at some point in April of 2018.

In May of 2018, my apartment became available and I ordered another Leatherman Style PS.

It has been a staple in my EDC gear ever since.

Usually it stays on the right front belt loop of whatever pair of pants I am wearing at the moment. If not there, it is then in my EDC backpack hanging from an internal keychain strap.

Supposedly, this pocket tool is TSA compliant, which means it can legally be carried on aircraft and not get confiscated.

There are no edged weapons (knife implements) featured on this tool, so I guess this is what makes it TSA compliant.

However, I’ve heard many instances where some of these TSA personnel are either douchey, greedy or incompetent and could still potentially confiscate it.

Because of this paranoia and the sentimental value this tool has to me (it has a cameo in story I wrote), I never once took it on a plane with me.

Since it is marketed as TSA compliant, I wonder if it is kosher to bring in government buildings such as hospitals, schools or courthouses?

I’ve never deliberately tried except when it was accidentally on me, but those times I didn’t have to go through a metal detector.

The Leatherman Style PS features eight implements on a gadget that is roughly the size of a sugar wafer.

They are as follows:
1. Spring-action Needlenose Pliers
2. Spring-action Regular Pliers
3. Spring-action Wire Cutters
4. Spring-action Scissors
5. Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
6. Tweezers
7. Nail File
8. Carabiner/Bottle Opener

I have used the Needlenose or Regular Pliers to connect and disconnect my car battery.

I have used to Wire Cutters to prune flowers.

I frequently use the Scissors to cut open the seal on my bottles of Starbucks Frappucino, of which I am a frequent drinker.

I use the Screwdriver, usually to clean my fingernails.

I have yet to need to use the Tweezers

I have sometimes used the Nail File to take corrosion off of electrical contacts.

As stated before I use the Carabiner to clip this awesome little tool to my pants pocket and I frequently use the Bottle Opener to remove the cap from a bottle of soft drink.

I have heard of people in my State (Louisiana) catching a charge for simply possessing a weapon on their person while arguing with someone else even though they didn’t start the argument. I’m ashamed to admit that Louisiana is one of the most if not the most corrupt states in the Union. So, I guess to cover my butt, I try to not carry any kind of object that could be considered a weapon, unless I absolutely need it with me.

This Leatherman Style PS has no real weapons on it, so it should be safe and perfectly legal to carry.

I have no complaints about this pocket tool, except that it requires frequent applications of WD-40, but that is probably because I live in nearly tropical Louisiana.

It fits the bill perfectly, I just wish it could come down a little in price, but American made products inherently cost more than their foreign counterparts.

This could be a perfect gift for a little boy or girl that is too young for a knife and it could be an equally perfect gift for a grownup that frequents weapon restricted areas.

For the record, I give this product a five out of five stars!

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