Pilot-Grocer and Writer (Young Lady’s Perspective)

My life was once depressing that is very true. I am an honor student turned high school dropout. The reason why I am no longer in school is that my mom is always drunk or high. There is no bus service to the private school I was attending. I would endure hellish torment if I began attending the public school in my district because I am very much overweight. The reason why I say my life was once depressing, is because, despite all of this, it is no longer depressing. Last Thanksgiving I met an awesome young man in the park and he loves me immensely despite my weight and my status as a high school dropout. I know he is five years my senior, but he loves me more than I ever dare dreamed when every other person of the opposite sex rejected and mocked me. I am seventeen and soon to be eighteen, which at least makes me legal in this state. He gives me the affection and attention that I have been desiring all my life and now I cannot picture life without him.

Right now I am actually waiting for him to get off of work and spend some time with me. He works as a grocer but his dream is to be a writer. I think he writes the most beautiful love stories.

So, I send him a text and it reads, “Come get me when you’re done with work, baby. I love you!”

Hours pass. He must be so miserable at his job. He’s not supposed to use his phone while working.

Finally, I get a reply, “I am coming right now and I love you too!”

I’m so overjoyed. He’s coming to see me. I stand in the dining room waiting for that old Toyota to pull up.

At last, it is coming down the driveway. My mom is overly sedated and my dad is working, so I go out to greet him without any confrontation from my parents.

He steps out of the car, then we embrace and kiss.

Afterward, we get in his car and head to his house in the working poor section of the city.

We arrive and parks his car against the curb, the opens his hurricane fence for me.

His neighbors are sitting on their porch, lighting up joints as we walk across his yard. We both can smell the putrid smoke.

My boyfriend makes a face of irritation and rolls his eyes.

I am very nervous and he notices, so we both make a beeline for his porch and front door.

We enter his house and he locks the door.

He offers me a cold can of Best Choice Creme Soda and we sit on the sofa drinking it.

After we are finished, he kisses my forehead. I feel so loved when he does that.

“Could you read your stories to me?” I ask him.

“All right, baby,” He replies.

We walk to his rickety old desk with the equally old computer. He gives me his swivel chair and sits in one of his kitchen chairs. That is so sweet and thoughtful of him.

We sit together and he reads those beautiful stories to me. I stare at him, hanging on to every word.

I begin to lovingly kiss him multiple times and say, “I want you so much right now!”

He passionately kisses me and replies, “I’m all yours, baby, both now and forever!”

We immediately walk to his bedroom and become intimate. For hours we passionately make love.

As we cuddle into the night, I ask him, “Do you have tomorrow off?”

“Yes,” He tells me.

“Then let me stay with you; at least for tonight,” I ask him while I stare lovingly at him.

“Sure, I guess,” He tells me, following with a long kiss.

“I love you so much!” I tell him as I wrap my arms and legs around him.

He then tells me with joy “I love you too, baby and if it were up to me you would stay with me until the end of time!”

“I will when I turn eighteen!” I reply, then kiss him.

This is proof that my life isn’t depressing anymore…

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