Their First Date-Grocer and Writer (Young Lady’s Perspective)

My boyfriend and I have been together a week and a day. Religiously, we text each other.

I have never felt so happy before and I only hope it continues.

I’m laying down in bed and very hungry. My mom frequently gets drunk or high, then goes on a binge eating rampage leaving me with little food. She did that last night while my dad was working late.

All I had to eat last night were some pieces of toast bread with strawberry preserves and the last few drops of milk.

I haven’t had breakfast and the hunger pangs are overwhelming.

I’ll try to sleep them off.

So, I go to my room and cover up.

I’m just settling in when my phone rings.

It’s my boyfriend calling. He usually only texts me, so it must be important.

By the way, if anyone else would have called, I would be very irritated.

But, it’s him and I’m very prejudiced in favor of him.

So, I answer, “Hey you!”

He replies, “Hey. How would you like to go shopping and eat out with me on the river?”

Oh, my! This has just made my day. I’ve had feelings since for him ever since I first saw him in the park a week and a day ago, but now I think I’m in love! I just don’t know if I want to tell him just yet.

“That would be wonderful. I’d love to.”

“How soon can you get ready?”

“Well, I’m in my night clothes right now, but give me about forty-five minutes.”

“Awesome. I need to get ready as well.”

“I can’t wait to see you.”

“I’m going to throw my arms around you.”

“And what else?”

“Well, I’d kiss you, too, that is if only you wanted me to. I feel such a reverence for you and don’t want to overstep my bounds.”

“Of course I’d want you to kiss me. In fact, you better kiss me!”

“Then yes, I will kiss you with immense passions.”

“No one else wanted to kiss me.”

“What fools they were. They have no idea what a wonderful and beautiful person they rejected.”

I don’t just think I’m in love with him; I know I’m in love with him now.

So, I tell him, “I love you!”

“Baby, did you say something?”

The cell signal must have cut out.

So, I’ll say it again, “I, told you before and I’ll tell you again, I love you!”

My God, I hope he doesn’t reject me.

I then ask him, “Do you love me as well?”

Finally, he replies, “Yes. I definitely do. It’s just I’ve been too afraid of scaring you off by telling you.”

Oh, my! He loves me too! My heart is filled with jubilation!

I then tell him, “You don’t scare me at all. I trust you! Now let me get ready so we can go out together.”

“Okay. I’ll get ready too. You know what, baby?”


“I love you!”

“I love you too!”

We both then hang up and I begin to get ready.

First, I text him, “I know you need to conserve your minutes, so I’ll text you when I want you to pick me up.”

I take a hot bath and scrub body and hair so I’ll be fresh.

Then I turn the bathroom heater on and let the warm air dry me off.

I also blow dry my hair.

Finally, I am completely dry.

I then get dressed.

Carefully I select my clothes. I want to wear something that is cute but modest.

There, I think this outfit will do nicely.

I slip into it, then put on a sweater.

I am ready and it is a few minutes until the hour of Noon.

So, I text my boyfriend, “I’m ready now, so please come get me. I love you so much!”

Seconds later, he replies, “I’m coming right now and I love you too!”

I go stand on the driveway and eagerly await his arrival.

Finally, that old Toyota pulls up.

He steps out. I’m so happy to see him again.

We embrace, then stare into each others’ eyes. Passionately we kiss.

I am filled with pleasure and excitement.

He pets my hair and I rub his buttocks.

We smile lovingly at each other, then I tell him, “Let’s get out of here before my mom wakes up and confronts us.”

“Good idea baby.”

So we walk to his car. He opens the passenger door for me, to which I kiss him before stepping in.

He then sits down in the driver seat and we leave my subdivision.

As he is driving, my boyfriend tells me, “I have to go to my job and pick up my check first, then cash it.”

“That’s fine. Just as long as we can be together.”

I then lean against him and we ride to the Business District.

He parks his car in the parking garage of The Downtown Grocer, then steps out. He opens the passenger door for me and we walk into the store hand in hand.

I hold myself close to him with my head close to his shoulder and my hand in his back pocket.

Suddenly an angry man confronts us and yells, “If you want to continue working here, you will stop the lewd behavior this instant. It disgusts me and the customers.”

How could someone be so hateful? I see why my boyfriend hates this job.

Humbly, he replies, “Yes sir,” Then we let go.

He then walks to the service counter then picks up his check. The cashier reminds him of a five dollar cashing fee.

My boyfriend consents to cash it anyway.

After he is handed the money, I whisper, “It’s horrible how they treat you here.”

“I know, but where else could I work?”

We then walk back to the parking garage and he unlocks the car, then opens the passenger door for me. I step in, then he sits in the driver’s seat and we leave.

“Let’s try and forget about this miserable place and focus on each other. I know I want to.”

“Good idea,” I tell him then rest my head on his shoulder.

We drive through the city streets then finally make it to the river.

We walk into the shopping area and my boyfriend says, “I dare anyone to tell me not to hold you out here!”

I kiss him and we walk together.

We come upon a coffee shop.

“Are you hungry?” He asks me.

“Yes, I’m starving. My mom went on an eating binge yesterday and ate almost all the food in the house.”

“Well let me feed you then.”

I sweetly kiss him, then we enter the shop.

He orders us each a cup of hot cafe’ au lait and a big plate of beignets, then pays the cashier.

I scarf down my food. He watches me and smiles. He even admires me even though I must eat like a pig. I can’t help it though, because I am so hungry.

After we are finished with breakfast we continue to walk, holding hands.

As we are walking in the bleak weather, he tells me, “There is something about this city at this time of year that inspires me to write.”

I reply, “You write beautiful stories, I’ve never read anything like them.”

He then tells me, “You know, you are like someone straight from one of my stories. It is as if you came into existence just from what I dreamed and penned. Hopefully, you will always be mine and give me even more inspiration.”

I grab him with all my strength, steal a kiss then say, “Not just hopefully, but most surely I’ll always be yours. You are so perfect for me!”

He passionately kisses me in return while everyone on the walkway watches.

The people smile at us, for the most part at least.

We walk together for a few hours until we are hungry again.

There is a fish and chips shop right in front of where we are standing and he asks me, “Would you like to eat here?”

“I would love to, but I’m already so fat and I’m just going to get fatter.”

“It wouldn’t matter to me, I would love you no matter how big became. Yes, I am madly attracted to your body, don’t get me wrong, but I’m also deeply in love with your soul! Besides, with your mom eating all the food in the house you need some nourishment, so let’s get you a hearty meal.”

I tightly embrace him, then shout so everyone can hear, “Oh, I love you so much!”

“And I love you just as much!”

He walks in and orders us a large platter of deep fried cod fillets and deep fried potatoes along with coleslaw, hushpuppies, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. Then he orders us each a large cup of Pepsi.

After he pays the cashier, we are served and we sit down to eat.

We happily eat. I’m very glad he gave me a decent meal.

Soon the platter is empty and we continue on our walk.

There is a cruise ship passing on the river and sounding its horn.

I pull out my smartphone then take a selfie of us with the ship in the background.

“Baby, please Bluetooth this to my phone so I can have it as the background.”

“Sure. And I’ll make it my background as well.”

I then transfer a copy of the picture to his phone.

We continue walking until we come upon a gift shop.

He buys me a Casio Baby-G wristwatch.

He then places it on my wrist and says, “I wish I could buy you something more elegant than a Casio Baby G, but this is all I can afford.”

I smile, then say, “I know you want to get nice things for me, but you don’t have to. Just give me your time and your affections.”

“Baby, I will give you all the time I can, but I just want you to have things to have and think of me.” I pause then show her my watch and say, “I wear a Casio G-Shock too. It’s so I can keep track of time while I work.”

We continue to walk up and down the walkway.

“At least we’re burning all those calories from breakfast and lunch,” I say.

He nods but then says, “Yes, it’s a good idea to exercise, but I love you just the way you are. I longingly imagine how wonderful it would feel to hold you at night.”

We both blush, afterward then share another kiss.

The sun begins to set on the river. A flock of birds takes off in flight. The street musicians are playing their harmonies and melodies. My boyfriend and I get lost in each others’ eyes as we caress one another.

The moon is now up in the sky.

I then tell him. “I have to get back home before my parents realize I’m gone, but I am going to miss you so much.”

“I’ll miss you too, but we can do something again on my next day off.”

“When will that be?”

“This Sunday.”

We kiss once more, then leave the river.

After we get to his car, he opens the passenger door for me then gets in on his side. We head to my subdivision where he drops me off then watches me go inside.

Afterward, I go to bed and sleep, dreaming many dreams about him, until my mom wakes me up.

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