Miserable Home Life-Grocer and Writer (Young Lady’s Perspective)

My home life is downright miserable.

I’ve been stuck in this house all day with my alcoholic and pill addict mother.

Thankfully, she crashed on the sofa and has been in a deep sleep all day.

It’s cold in here, but what do you expect for a Midwinter’s Day?

I go into the hallway and raise the thermostat in order to keep warm.

Then I climb into bed, cover up and look at the messaging app on my smartphone.

Suddenly I get a reply message from my boyfriend. I had texted him earlier today.

It reads, “I love you too, baby and I count the hours when we are apart.”

Seconds later, I get another message, which reads, “I’ll come get you as soon as my work is done, but I don’t know when that will be.”

My heart is swollen with ecstasy! I get to visit him tonight!

I know it will be late tonight when I see him, so I will try to get some sleep now.

I tune in the Soundscapes Music Choice channel from my parents’ cable service and listen as I begin to fall asleep.

Just as I am getting comfortable, there is a banging on my door.

My mother is shouting on the other side, “You stole my Xanax and my Smirnoff, didn’t you?”

I try to ignore her, because this is a totally false accusation.

The beating on the door gets heavier and harder.

“I want my pills and booze right now!” My mother exclaims.

Now I am irritated, so I reply, shouting back, “I don’t have them and I don’t want them because I don’t want to turn out like you.”

“Shut your mouth, little girl or I will beat you!”

I lock my door and push my night table against it.

“Open this door right now and give me what you took.”

“For the last time, I don’t have it. Go back to sleep!”

My mother is now banging the door harder than ever. My night table appears to be dancing and the door frame tries to absorb the abuse. I realize that I need to call my dad to intervene before something breaks.

“Hello, princess. What’s the matter?”

“Daddy, Momma is on a rampage and she thinks I stole her pills and Vodka.”

“Oh, I cannot stand that wretched woman as of lately.”

“What should I do?”

“I bought her a new bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Tell her it is in the utility room on the other side of the chest freezer.”

“Okay, you know she wants her pills too, though.”

“Tell her there is a new bottle of Xanax that she got filled the other day under the sofa in the den.”

“Okay, I hope she takes them and sleeps until tomorrow morning.”

“You and me both. Is there anything else?”

“Yes, put some money in my checking account so I can make some more groceries.”

“Sure thing, princess. Now I have to prepare for my meeting.”

My mom beats harder on the door while shouting and cursing.

I strain my hears to hear my dad’s voice, as I tell him, “There’s something I need to talk to you about, but I want to tell you in person. When will you be off again?”

“Try for Christmas Day.”

“All right, that is in four days and it is all very good news.”

“I could sure use some good news, but I have to go now, princess.”

“Okay, bye, Daddy.”


My mom is now tearing up the house looking for something to alter her consciosness.

Quickly, I tell her “Daddy says your Smirnoff is on the other side of the chest freezer and your Xanax is under the sofa in the den.”

I watch her retrieve her pills and alcohol, take them and go on a binge eating episode until she crashes on the sofa.

She is now dead asleep.

Hours pass and my stomach is growling.

I look through the pantry and find a can of Del Monte` Cling Peaches in Heavy Syrup.

I eat the entire contents of the can and drink the syrup.

Then I drink two glasses of milk.

Afterwards, I go back to my room and get under the covers.

More hours pass but then I hear my boyfriend’s old Toyota pulling into the driveway.

I step outside, then we embrace and kiss under the glow of a street-lamp.

“Let’s go to your house,” I tell him.

My home life might be downright miserable, but the love my boyfriend gives me is worth it and so much more…

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