Two Excerpts from my story “Radiant Affection”

I began writing this around 2012, or so…

There is a book series and later movie series that inspired me to write this. The fact that I began writing this in 2012, probably reveals which book and movie series inspired me to write it.

BUT, there were other inspirational factors as well, mostly things I had observed when I was younger.

Here are the two excerpts without further ado:

April 10, 2003…In a high school classroom:
It was a warm and humid April morning at Seven Hills Catholic High School. Mila Gunther was sitting down in her freshman Algebra 1 class. The tardy bell was about to ring when, suddenly, Logan Baines, a senior, walked into the classroom. He was checking out for the day, as he was running a high fever. Immediately Mila’s eyes became fixed on him. The teacher, who also happened to teach Logan Trigonometry, was retrieving his assignments.

Mila had been attracted to Logan for some time now. Every time she saw him, she would become immensely giddy. She was turned on by his deep eyes, thick blonde hair, pale complexion, and skinny build. This time was no different as she was highly excited to be within a few feet of him. As Logan stood near the teacher’s desk; Mila began to smile at him uncontrollably. He noticed her and began to smile back. She was filled with ecstasy that he actually noticed her. His eyes were glued to her slightly soft body, dark brown hair, flawless complexion, and gentle eyes. Not realizing her leg movements, she accidentally flashed him. Logan saw clearly up her uniform skirt and began to blush.

They began to stare at each other, fixated in time and space.

The teacher interrupted them and said “Um, Logan, you may go now. I thought you had a fever.”

He left the classroom and Mila winked at him. The tardy bell then rang and Mila pulled out her books. The teacher immediately began her lesson. Mila was overflowing with emotions toward Logan. She tuned out the teacher completely and began to daydream about him. This went on for the rest of the period and into the remainder of the school day.

At the end of the day; Mila’s mother picked her up and drove her home. The ride was completely silent.

As soon as the car was parked; Mila walked up to her room, locked the door and turned on her music. She sat for hours listening. It provoked deep and powerful emotions from the depths of her soul. She continued to think of Logan. The thoughts about him would not leave her mind. Mila eventually went to bed but could not stop thinking of him. Eventually, she stepped out of bed and logged on to her computer. With headphones, she continued to listen to her music. Suddenly, Mila felt the urge to write. She began working on a love story. Naturally, the two main characters were based on her and Logan. She kept her character’s name a secret but used Logan’s name, mannerisms and physical features for his character. Upon finishing, she posted it online under a secret identity. After doing so, she went to bed. It seemed that all of her emotions were released, at least for now…


February 9, 2006…At the public library:
Logan had just clocked out of his work. He locked the building, then started up his truck and, as usual, drove to the library. Upon arrival, he retrieved his EDC bag from behind the seat. This bag held his laptop and other personal gadgets. Logan then walked to the second floor and sat down. He connected his laptop through the library’s Ethernet system and began to browse the Internet. He checked his email then looked at Myspace for a while. When he saw there was no new activity; Logan pulled up the weather report. It indicated that the weather would be sunny and dry, but with near-freezing temperatures. For the night it would be clear and dry but with a light freeze. After reading the weather report; Logan pulled up the secret web page. He read all of the stories that had been posted since April of 2003 and was focused on his computer screen. He wondered who would still be writing these since he was almost three years out of high school. He still assumed that this was a prank, so it shocked him that someone would still want to mess with him.

Mila drove to the library to upload a fantasy about her and Logan that she had just completed. Upon finishing with the computer, she walked upstairs to begin her schoolwork. Mila walked through the stairwell doors and entered the room.

Logan noticed that a new story had just been posted to the web page. He was about to read it when, suddenly, the stairwell door opened and in walked a beautiful girl in her uniform skirt. Immediately, he thought of Mila and his eyes were instantly fixated on her. After a few moments of staring, he realized it was indeed Mila. He stood up, adjusted his glasses and watched in awestruck admiration, as she walked in. She noticed him and smiled sweetly. She took a second look at him and realized who he was. It was Logan, but with a more masculine look.

“It’s him!” Mila squealed with excitement. Immediately, she ran up to him, and said, “I know you! You’re Logan Baines.”

As they tightly hugged each other. Logan nervously, but passionately told her, “Oh Mila, I cannot believe you remember me!”

She replied, “Well, you sure are someone who is hard to forget.”

Awkwardly, they stared into each other’s eyes and simply smiled. Mila then said, “I had such strong feelings for you back when you went to school with me and I still do. Oh, if you only you knew.” Mila paused then continued “I think you felt something for me, I always noticed how you would smile and blush.”

Logan’s whole body became flushed, but he finally caught himself, swallowed hard, then humbly stated, “Yes, it is true. I had feelings for you back then. If you want to know the truth, I still have those feelings. They never left me.” He paused and then continued “I would have sought you out back then, but I was afraid of the laws and statutes on the books and I also wanted to save you the humiliating scandal of dating someone three years your senior.”

Mila replied. “I am now eighteen, which means I can legally be your girlfriend and we can do whatever we please.”

Logan swallowed hard once again, then said with total assurance, “I would be honored to have you, but…” He paused, then continued, “It’s just I still see that same sweet and innocent girl from three years ago. I have a deep, overwhelming reverence for you, your beautiful body, your tender heart, and your pure soul. I don’t mean to sound like I am talking down to you and I definitely don’t want to repel you. Please understand and bear with me for being so nervous, it’s only because I think so highly of you!”

Mila replied “Oh Logan! Those are the sweetest words I have ever heard anyone say about me. And the fact that they came out of your mouth, fills my heart even more with ecstasy! If only you knew how much I want you.” She continued, “I just hope you are all right with this!” Quickly she pecked him on the cheek.

Logan blushed and his whole body became warm once again. “Oh Mila, you are just as affectionate and sweet as I imagined. It is indeed, perfectly all right that you kissed me. I would like to give you a kiss as well.”

“If you want to, you may.”

Softly and reverently, Logan kissed her. Their lips mixed and soon became one set.

“This is so wonderful Mila. I never really wanted anyone else, only you. And you were definitely worth the wait!”

The city policeman working a security detail in the library commanded at the top of his lungs, “Knock it off right now.”

Many people stared in shock.

“Sorry,” Logan apologized.

Irritated with the cop, Mila continued, “Why don’t you come over to my house?”

Logan asked even more nervously, “Sure, but what would your parents think?”

“My mom is probably drunk or full of pills and my dad left a year ago.”

“Well, I guess.” Logan paused, then continued “I don’t want you to make you do something you will regret.”

“Trust me, you won’t.”

Logan felt flushed once again, but collected himself and asked Mila, “Well do you have a car or do you want me to drive you to your house?”

She replied, “My dad bought me a car, just before he left my mom. You can follow me home.”

Logan humbly agreed, then said, “Very well Mila, I will follow you home.” He became filled yet again with passion and nervousness. They left the library, not realizing that several of Melody’s elite upper-class were conducting a meeting. They saw and heard the entire conversation between Logan and Mila…

There is much more to this story, but many of it is much too controversial to be on my blog at the moment.

*Can you, the reader, guess which movie and book series inspired this?*

By the way, the date that Mila Gunther became infatuated with Logan Baines (April 10, 2003,) coincides with the date that I decided to become a writer…

And, the date that Mila and Logan meet again and decide to become a couple (February 9, 2006,) coincides around the first time I started taking Geodon for various mental disorders of which I suffer. This miracle drug may not be the best, but the side effects are minimal and it allows me to be just unstable enough to be highly creative. I mean all the best of writers and artists either use recreational drugs or have some sort of a mental disorder or a combination of the two. I don’t use any recreational drugs, but Geodon’s brightening effect and the Dopamine rush I get when drinking certain soft drinks allows me to be highly creative…

Finally, if anyone notices the reference to Mila’s mother being either drunk or full of pills, in the second excerpt, I recycled and expounded upon that reference in my infamous “Grocer and Writer” stories. Actually, on the day I was inspired to write the first piece of those, I was in Metairie, Louisiana and reading this story to myself to kill time…


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