I am [Once Again] in Love with a Plus Sized Young Lady!

It’s no secret, I am once again in love with a plus-sized young lady.

She reciprocates these feelings to me and this makes me happier than I have ever been.

I’m sure a lot of you out there are already aware of this, but I’ll gladly proclaim it all the more!

Between the time it took for me to leave my ex-wife and meet this wonderful young lady, I had “talked to” several other plus-sized young ladies, hoping to win their affections. However, just about all of them ghosted me and the others put me in the “friend zone.” Many times, they had ghosted me after finding out that I was attracted to them because of their size.

Those were very painful experiences.

It was the same issue with my ex-wife, who is also a plus sized woman. Yes, I was attracted to her physically, but she hated her body and was violently angered because of my attraction to plus-sized women. The only reason why I stopped being attracted to her was because of the constant mistreatment, nagging, abuse and neglect at her hands.

I truly believe that one cannot control what he or she is attracted to.

I have been attracted to plus-sized females since my early to mid teen years.

I’m proud of my attraction and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

However, society mandates that women and girls should be thin and I believe with all of my heart that this mandate is just plum foolish and cruel.

All this does is teach women and girls who do not fit the societal standard for body size to hate themselves-and that does incalculable amounts of damage.

Plus sized women are beautiful! Society is ugly! The hell with society!

I’ve learned from all of this that many plus sized women are very sensitive about their bodies and will get angry at even a well-meaning and clean hearted man, just for adoring their bodies.

It was totally different, however, with my girlfriend.

We were just talking at this point, but I was almost having an anxiety attack about her possibly ghosting me once she found out how I was attracted to her plus-sized body.

We were exchanging text messages one evening and I had made up my mind that I would confess this to her before we got any more serious.

So, I carefully texted her, “There’s something I need to tell you and please try to be understanding.”

She replied, “Ok.”

So, wearing my heart on my sleeve, I wrote, “I’m attracted to plus-sized women. It’s one of the reasons why I am attracted to you, but definitely not the only reason. I think you are beautiful inside and out and you are so sweet. I hope you still want me now that you know this.” Then, I sent another text, “I would want you no matter what size you are.”

Minutes passed. I thought she was going to ghost me.

So, I then sent another message, “Please say something.”

To which she replied, “That[‘s] ok big women need somebody to love.”

Then, a few minutes later, she asked me out!

Of course, I had agreed and we have been a couple ever since!

Months later we were talking about this conversation we had and I had asked her why it took so long for her to reply, to which she explained that she went tell her mother.

Sometime after that, we were discussing this conversation again and she said she wasn’t that interested in me until I told her that I was attracted to her because of her size. I told her that she had my heart from that moment.

We mutually exchanged those three little words some two months and twenty days after she asked me out!

We also admitted to each other that we had felt that way for some time prior to telling each other those three words!

Yes, I think her plus-sized body is beautiful, in fact, the most beautiful I have ever seen!

I am overcome with admiration when we are together and she bends down and all of her curves are revealed through her clothes!

By the way, no matter what she wears, I think it makes her look sexy!

Yes, I think she is the sexiest woman ever, but I also tremendously revere her!

I love and revere her more for her sweet and pure heart, her faith in Christ and how she treats me better than I ever dared hope. Honestly, I could love her if she lost every pound curve and inch or if she gained ten times the weight!

I frequently tell her how I love her and I don’t ever want to lose her, to which she replies how she loves me too and I won’t [ever lose her]!

Many times when we are cuddling she grabs me tells me how she’s never letting me go, to which I tell her how I am so glad to be trapped in her heart and usually I tell her to lock me in there and throw away the key!

She knows I am attracted to her because of her size and she is totally okay with it.

There was a time in her life where she felt awful about her body.

From what she told me, many of her high school peers were so cruel to her about her weight.

I know I am four years her senior and that we went to different high schools, but I wish somehow I could have known her back then because I would have loved her and adored her, just like I do now. She could have proved all of her peers wrong, when they would witness me adoring her, honoring her and cherishing her.

I cherish every single moment spent with her!

I make it my business to treat her like a lady and a queen! Because she is indeed my lady and my Pretty Cajun Queen.

And just for the record, there are plenty of other ways she makes me want to strive to better myself without her even asking me to do so!

After I left my ex-wife, I honestly didn’t want to marry again.

However, my girlfriend has changed this attitude in me and I could definitely see myself marrying her.

In fact, one of my most fervent prayers, my heart’s strongest desire and my sincerest hope is that we do exchange those marital vows when the time is right and not only that, but God allows us to keep and cherish each other for life. I equally pray, desire and hope that God equips and allow us to always treat each other with kindness, love, reverence, and respect!

She is precious to me! I love her! And I don’t ever want to lose her!

In many of the stories I write, a frequent theme is that everyone deserves to be loved and now I feel as if I am living out these stories!

By the way, when I read those stories to her, she smiles from ear to ear and stares at me intently and with great focus…

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