PR Flange Based Flashlight Bulb Data

Standard Bulbs:
PR2=2 “D” Cells. 2.38 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard 2D Flashlights)
PR3=3 “D” Cells. 3.57 Volt 0.3 Amp (Standard 3D Flashlights)
PR4=2 “AA”/2 “C” Cells. 2.33 Volt 0.27 Amp (Standard 2AA/2C Flashlights)
PR6=2 “D” Cells. 2.47 Volt 0.30 Amp (Military Angle-Head 2D Flashlights)
PR7=3 “D” Cells. 3.7 Volt 0.3 Amp
PR12=5 “D” Cells 5.95 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard 5D Flashlights)
PR13=1 6V “908” Cell/4 “D” Cells. 4.75 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard 6V Lanterns/4 “D” Flashlights)
PR15=1 6V “918” Cell. 4.82 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard Screw Top Lanterns)
PR18=6 “D” Cells. 7.2 Volt 0.55 Amp (Standard 6D Flashlights)
PR20=7 “D” Cells. 8.63 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard 7D Flashlights)
PR35=4 “AA” Cells. 4.6 Volt 0.35 Amp (Two Way Flashlights)

Need Voltage and Current Draw data for the following:
Krypton Upgrades:
2 “D”=KPR102.
3 “D”=KPR103.
1 908 6V/4 “D”=KPR113.
2 “AA/C”=KPR104.
5 “D”=KPR112.
6 “D”=KPR118.
4 “AA”=KPR135.
Xenon Upgrades:
2 “D”=XPR102.
3 “D”=XPR103.
1 908 6V/4 “D”=XPR113.
5 “D”=XPR112.
6 “D”=XPR118.

…Need Halogen PR Bulb data…

If, you, the reader, know the numbers for PR based Halogen bulbs and other PR bulbs that may not be listed here, then feel free to Contact Me .

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