PR Flange Based Flashlight Bulb Data

Standard Bulbs:
PR2=2 “D” Cells. 2.38 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard 2D Flashlights)
PR3=3 “D” Cells. 3.57 Volt 0.3 Amp (Standard 3D Flashlights)
PR4=2 “AA”/2 “C” Cells. 2.33 Volt 0.27 Amp (Standard 2AA/2C Flashlights)
PR6=2 “D” Cells. 2.47 Volt 0.30 Amp (Military Angle-Head 2D Flashlights)
PR7=3 “D” Cells. 3.7 Volt 0.3 Amp
PR12=5 “D” Cells 5.95 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard 5D Flashlights)
PR13=1 6V “908” Cell/4 “D” Cells. 4.75 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard 6V Lanterns/4 “D” Flashlights)
PR15=1 6V “918” Cell. 4.82 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard Screw Top Lanterns)
PR18=6 “D” Cells. 7.2 Volt 0.55 Amp (Standard 6D Flashlights)
PR20=7 “D” Cells. 8.63 Volt 0.5 Amp (Standard 7D Flashlights)
PR35=4 “AA” Cells. 4.6 Volt 0.35 Amp (Two Way Flashlights)

Need Voltage and Current Draw data for the following:
Krypton Upgrades:
2 “D”=KPR102.
3 “D”=KPR103.
1 908 6V/4 “D”=KPR113.
2 “AA/C”=KPR104.
5 “D”=KPR112.
6 “D”=KPR118.
4 “AA”=KPR135.
Xenon Upgrades:
2 “D”=XPR102.
3 “D”=XPR103.
1 908 6V/4 “D”=XPR113.
5 “D”=XPR112.
6 “D”=XPR118.

…Need Halogen PR Bulb data…

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