Comprehensive Louisiana Railroad Frequencies

I Class 1 Lines:
Huey Pierce Long Bridge to Iowa Junction=US Highway 90 160.29

Canadian National:
Hammond to Baton Rouge via Livingston=US Highway 190 160.92

New Orleans to Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge Subdivision=LA Highway 30, 73, 44, 48 (East Bank River Road) 160.92

New Orleans to McComb MS: Hammond Subdivision=LA Highway 3139 (Earhart Expressway) and US Highway 51 161.19

New Orleans to Gulfport MS via Rigolets=US Highway 90 Dispatch 161.52 Road 161.37

Kansas City Southern:
Alexandria to Shreveport=US Highway 71 160.26

Baton Rouge Area to Alexandria=LA Highway 1 160.26

Lake Charles to Shreveport=US Highway 171 160.305

New Orleans to Baton Rouge: New Orleans Subdivision=US Highway 61 (Airline Highway) 160.26

Shreveport to Meridian MS: Meridian Speedway=US Highway 80 161.01

Norfolk Southern:
Back Belt Line: Metairie 160.23

New Orleans to Birmingham via Slidell=US Highway 11 160.95

Chalmette 160.62

Union Pacific:
Avondale to Livonia: Livonia Subdivision=LA Highway 18 then LA Highway 1 (West Bank River Road) 160.515

Addis, LA to Port Allen, LA: Avoyelles Subdivision=LA Highway 1 160.41

Iowa Junction to Houston via Lake Charles and Beaumount: Lafayette Subdivision=US Highway 90 160.365

Livonia to Alexandria: Alexandria Subdivision=US Highway 71 160.41

Alexandria to Monroe: Monroe Subdivision=US Highway 165 160.41

Alexandria to Shreveport: Reisor Subdivision=LA Highway 1 160.47

Lake Charles (Iowa Junction) to Alexandria: Lake Charles Subdivision=US Highway 165 160.515

Livonia to DeQuincy via Opelousas: Beaumount Subdivision=US Highway 190 160.47

Houston to Shreveport: Lufkin Subdivision=Texas/Louisiana State Line 160.32

Livonia to Port Allen, LA: Anchorage Subdivision=US Highway 190 160.515

Avondale, LA to Gouldsboro Yard, LA: Gouldsboro Subdivision=LA Highway 18 160.41

II Common Carriers:
Acadiana Railway:

Louisiana and Delta:
Branchlines off the BNSF Lafayette Subdivision=161.445

Louisiana Southern:
160.785 Road Channel Gibsland, LA to Pineville, LA

160.845 Dispatch Channel Gibsland, LA to Pineville, LA

New Orleans Public Belt:
160.32 Road Channel

New Orleans and Gulf Coast=LA Highway 23 (West Bank River Road):

Ouchita Railroad:
161.295 Channel 1 from El Dorado, AR to Lillie, LA
161.175 Channel 2 from El Dorado, AR to Lillie, LA

Timber Rock Railroad:
160.785 Road Channel from Kirbyville, TX to DeRidder, LA

160.845 Switching and Operations

III Stations and Yards:
New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal: 160.44

New Orleans Station Services: 160.215

Avondale Yard: 160.71 MHz and 161.43

Lafayette North Yard: 160.65

Lafayette South Yard: 160.71

Canadian National Yards:
Baton Rouge Yard Near Mississippi River *NEED FREQUENCY*

Destrahan Yard Near Interstate Highway 310 and LA Highway 48 160.92

Geismar Yard Between New Orleans and Baton Rouge on LA Highway 44 *NEED FREQUENCY*

Mays Yard Near LA Highway 3139 (Earhart Expressway):
161.1 North End
161.13 South End
160.59 Car Department

Gentilly Yard 160.38 and 160.875
PBX New Orleans Output 161.265 Input 160.39

Kansas City Southern Yards:
Baton Rouge Near Interstate Highway 110 *NEED FREQUENCY*
Shreveport Terminal 161.25
Shreveport Deramus Yard:
161.565 Diesel Shop and Maintenance of Way
161.055 Switching Repeater
160.44 Switching
160.74 Car Department Repeater
West Near US Highway 61 in Metairie: *NEED FREQUENCY*

New Orleans Public Belt:
Tchoupitoulas *NEED FREQUENCY*
Jourdan Terminal *NEED FREQUENCY*

Norfolk Southern:
Oliver Yard New Orleans:
160.365 Car Department
160.53 Primary Channel
161.49 Secondary Channel

Union Pacific:
Addis Yard Across Mississippi River from Baton Rouge 160.47
Alexandria Yard: 161.07
Avondale Yard: Between US Highway 90 and LA Highway 18 160.47
Edgerly Plastic Yard: Near US Highway 90 Between Vinton and Lake Charles 160.845
Lake Charles Yard: US Highway 90 and US Highway 171 160.71
Livonia Yard: Near Near US Highway 190 and LA Highway 77:
161.265 MHz Trimmer
161.115 MHz Crest
160.41 MHz Car Department
Shreveport Reisor Yard: 160.47

IV Police:
AKTRAK New Orleans: 160.335
Union Pacific: 161.205 (nationwide)

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