American VHF Marine Channels

Channel Transmit/Recieve Frequency-Description

01 T/R 156.050-Port Operations and Vessel Traffic Safety New Orleans Area.

05 T/R 156.250-Port Operations and Vessel Traffic Safety New Orleans/Houston Area.

06 T/R 156.300-Intership Safety.

07 T/R 156.350-Commercial.

08 T/R 156.400-Commercial; Intership Only.

09 T/R156.450-Boater Calling; Commerical and Non Commercial.

10 T/R 156.500-Commercial.

11 T/R 156.550-Commercial and Vessel Traffic Safety in selected areas.

12 T/R 156.600-Port Operations and Vessel Traffic Safety in selected areas.

13 T/R 156.650-Inland Intership Navigation Safety. Bridge to Bridge; Ships >20 Meters must monitor this channel in U.S. Waters.

14 T/R 156.700-Port Operations and Vessel Traffic Safety in selected areas.

15 R 156.750-Environmental; Used by Class C EPIRBS.

16 T/R 156.800-International Distress; Coast Guard continuously monitors and any ship required to use a radio must also monitor.

17 T/R 156.850-State and Local Government Maritime Control.

18 T/R 156.900-Commercial.

19 T/R 156.950-Commercial.

20 T 157.000-R161.600-Port Operations. (Duplex)

20A T/R 157.000-Port Operations.

21A T/R 157.050-U.S. Coast Guard only.

22A T/R 157.100- U.S. Coast Guard Liaison and Maritime Safety Information Broadcast.

23A T/R 157.150 -U.S. Coast Guard only.

24 T 157.200-R 161.800-Public Correspondence/Marine Operator. (Duplex)

25 T 157.250-R 161.850-Public Correspondence/Marine Operator. (Duplex)

26 T 157.300-R 161.900-Public Correspondence/Marine Operator. (Duplex)

27 T 157.350-R 161.950-Public Correspondence/Marine Operator. (Duplex)

28 T 157.400-R 162.000-Public Correspondence/Marine Operator. (Duplex)

63A T/R 156.175-Port Operations, Commercial and Vessel Traffic Safety in New Orleans Area.

65A T/R 156.275-Port Operations.

66A T/R 156.325-Port Operations.

67 T/R 156.375-Commercial, Intership only; used in Lower Mississippi River for Bridge to Bridge Communications.

68 T/R 156.425-Non-Commercial.

69 T/R 156.475-Non-Commercial.

70 T/R 156.525 -Digital Selective Calling only. Voice communications not allowed.

71 T/R 156.575-Non-Commercial.

72 T/R 156.625-Non-Commercial . Intership only.

73 T/R 156.675-Port Operations.

74 T/R 156.725-Port Operations.

77 T/R 156.875-Port Operations. Intership only.

78A T/R 156.925-Non-Commercial.

79A T/R 156.975-Commercial. Non Commercial in Great Lakes Area only.

80A T/R 157.025-Commercial. Non Commercial in Great Lakes Area only.

81A T/R 157.075-U.S. Government only.

82A T/R 157.125-U.S. Government only.

83A T/R 157.175-U.S. Coast Guard only.

84 T 157.225-R 161.825-Public Correspondence/Marine Operator. (Duplex)

85 T 157.275-R 161.875-Public Correspondence/Marine Operator. (Duplex)

86 T 157.325-R 161.925-Public Correspondence/Marine Operator. (Duplex)

87 T/R 157.375-Public Correspondence/Marine Operator.

88 T/R 157.425-Commercial. Intership only.

Good frequencies on VHF Marine to program in your scanner are:

If you live on [navigable] waterfront property these will almost always be active. Other places where you will hear traffic on these frequencies are shipyards, ports, draw bridges, bayous, canals and, rivers.

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