The Day After (a.D. MMVI)

The next day I log onto the computer half asleep from the Klonopin I took the night before. I take this medication under a doctor’s care. It helps me deal with my paranoia and anxiety. I log into Yahoo. I’m still in a daze and in the gradual process of waking up for the day.

Not long after, a message appears. “Hi.” It’s from her, the girl who friend requested me Myspace last night. I showed her something I shouldn’t have and I’ve got to make this right.

So I reply “I am very sorry I sent that to you. Please delete it.”

“I will, but it is a beautiful story, just a little explicit for my eyes.”

“Thanks for the compliment, I just don’t want to get in trouble.”

“I know.” She pauses, then types another message, “The first story you sent me did indeed remind me of The Notebook.”

“Why? Is it because of Grayson’s thick beard, like Noah’s?”

“Yes, ha-ha.”

“Bingo.” I think she can read my mind.

“And because of Anna’s strict parent’s disapproval of Grayson, like Alley’s parents’ towards Noah.” The parental disapproval in my story and The Notebook is now making me think of if I ever have to meet this girl’s parents. What if they disapprove of me? She isn’t eighteen yet, so they could potentially have lots of power over both of us.

I feel as if I have the need to further make the situation right, so I send, “I know I showed you something that I shouldn’t have, but I hope I can get you to trust me.”

“Don’t worry about it. I trust you. I do have a busy day today, but I want to keep in touch.” Oh my God, she wants to keep this going, whatever this is.

“I’ve got a few errands to run myself since I’m off today,” I tell her.

“Okay, bye.”


I log off the computer and begin my day’s plans with a mixture of relief, anxiety and a little bit of affection felt towards this young lady. I shop for things I want and need in Target, where I see a former classmate. I buy a new phone as a supplement to my old one. The new one has unlimited Internet for cheap and is more rugged, but my old one has more minutes. My coworkers all have similar types of the phone I am purchasing and they seem to be glued to theirs. That’s because of the unlimited Internet feature for less than ten dollars a month. I will now have information and entertainment during the slow times of my shifts.

I come home and set it up. AIM and Yahoo are available on this new phone, so now I might be able to keep in touch with this girl anywhere there is cell coverage.

After the phone is set up, I put it on charge and I write for a little while. I edit some of the stories I wrote over the years as I plan to show them to her.

I look at her profile, he relationship status says “In love.”

Is she with someone else or could she be in love with me? Nah, she’s probably in love with someone else. I’m far away and can’t offer her much.

I’ll ask her next time we talk.

I have work in the morning, so I head off to bed…

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