Phone Call, Stressful Shift and Discovering YouTube (a.D. MMVI)

I’m supposed to work the evening shift tonight and I am relaxing on my parents’ carport until then. Suddenly my cell phone rings. It’s her calling.

Quickly I answer it “Hello.”


We begin converse for a while.

I’m trying to work up the nerve to ask her whom she is in love with, as stated on her profile.

I’m listening to her talk about how she loves to sing and dance and wants to be a Broadway actress. I wonder if she is out of my league? All I do is wait on customers and run a very basic cash register. However, I do plan on acquiring a technical trade. Ultimately I want to be a writer and maybe that is what she sees in me. However, I’ve taken no real steps in trying to become a writer other than writing a few short love stories and sharing them with a few peers. By peers, I don’t mean fellow amateur writers, but other teens. I do know that my stories seem to have a definite effect on the reader, including this girl I’m talking to now. I’m going on and on in my mind as I’m listening to her talk.

At one point she offers to play the piano for me.

I encourage to do so.

She plays “Fur Elise.” She plays it very well. I’m impressed. All I can do musically is download ringtones and MIDI files.

There is now a silence.

Okay, now I’m going to ask her “Hey, I have a question.”

“What is that?”

“Your profile status says you are in love. Who is the lucky guy?”

“Oh, I don’t know. My love life is complicated.”

I leave it at that and we continue conversing about other things. We talk until I have to get ready for work. The conversation consists mostly of music, movies, books and their respective creators that we like.

Finally, we hang up and I get ready for work.

Soon I am ready and I drive to the restaurant.

I sit at a table and read the news on the WAP browser on my phone until my shift begins. There is a spoiled child who tries to take the phone out of my hand, but I lift it out of her reach.

Not long after my shift begins.

I work diligently, receiving compliments from some customers and yet insults from others. It’s now almost closing time and the bathrooms have been cleaned.

A customer who is loaded on drugs and very belligerent comes in demanding to use the bathroom.

I try to explain to him that it is closed.

He threatens to go all over the floor.

I pull my stun gun from my pocket and think to myself “Wait, he’ll go all over the floor and himself, but not voluntarily.” I then threaten to call the cops.

This only angers him more.

I then shout “I mean it, either you leave now or I will call them.”

The girl working the sift with me is frustrated with my actions. She, however, is street-smart and I am not, I must admit. We get into arguments quite a bit, but we work well together. She has a boyfriend and I am totally not attracted to her anyway.

Other customers hold him back and he eventually leaves.

We shut down for the night not long after and clean up. We then arm the security system and leave.

I go home and check Yahoo and Myspace.

Not long after I get on, she sends me a message.

It contains a link to a video on site called YouTube. I’ve never heard of this site before, but it seems cool.

The video contains Josh Groban and Celine Dion singing “The Prayer” at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

I’ve heard of Josh Groban before by a fellow classmate but this is the first time I hear him sing. He’s sure talented. I wish I could sing, but I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. I’ve heard Celine Dion many times before. I remember us talking about her earlier today on the phone how her husband is much older than her, but they seem to be in love.

She sends another video. It’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” By Elton John. I watch it.

Why is she sending me these? I’m so filled with mixed signals.

She sends one more video. It’s “At the New Beginning” from the movie Anastasia. Is she trying to come on to me? I’m too nervous to ask.

This girl just sent me three videos to love songs, but she says her love life is complicated. There are even more mixed signals filling my head and heart.

We continue to converse until we are tired.

Soon I go to sleep. I assume that she does too.

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