A Husband Comforts His Wife on Her Fortieth Birthday

This came to me in a vision I had in 2017:

She sits on a chair at the vanity in front of our king sized bed staring sadly at herself in the mirror. Today is her birthday and we are hosting a dinner party for her in the dining room.

I notice the sadness in her face, then ask, “Darling, what’s wrong?”

“I’m forty now. I’m getting old.” She replies.

“Well if it makes you feel better I’m forty-five and soon to be forty-six. Age is just a number anyway.” I pause, then continue, “Besides, to me, you’re just as lovely as the day I met you, over fifteen years ago.”

“I’ve aged though.”

“I don’t notice any aging whatsoever. You have a heavenly smile that instanly takes my sadness away. You have those two soulful eyes that I love to get myself lost in. Your breasts are like something out of the divine realm. I love to play with your soft hair. I love to touch your smooth skin. And darling, if only you knew the bliss I experience when I hold you at night.”

She sweetly kisses me.

I rub her shoulders, then say, “Just wait until the guests are gone and we’re all alone tonight, I’m going to make you feel like a blushing bride on her honeymoon.”

“Why wait until then? Take me now!” She says with passion.

I reach into my pocket and pull out a jeweled necklace.

I hand it to her and then say, “But I want you to wear this and show it off to all our guests. I’ve been planning to give it to you for a long time.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“It’s no where near as beautiful as you,” I tell her and kiss her forehead, then her lips.

“Thank’s for cheering me up.”

“Thank you for taking me for who I am. And not only that, thank you putting up with me all these years. I’m so grateful to have you!”

We sweetly rub noses then she smiles at me.

She then takes me by the hand and we leave the bedroom to greet the guests. I walk out with my head held up high so ecstatic to have her in my life.

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