Early 2009 Rapture Dream

In either January or February of 2009 I had a dream involving one of my bosses, a lost Jehovah’s Witness. I had recently gotten back into church and was recovering from a backslidden state.

In the months prior I had been listening to shortwave and learned that The Rapture will happen when the last soul of the church age that is meant to be saved does get saved.

Those were the two factors that inspired this dream.

Without further ado, here is the description:

My boss just came to a saving knowledge of Christ. He has finally given up the Jehovah’s Witness religion.

But wait, what is happening to me?

I am four years old again.

Not only am I four years old again, I see all the children I remember from the church nursery I attended at that age.

I remember all of them too!

I even see the girl whom I had been trying to find for so long, but couldn’t!

She stands next to me and holds my hand.

We are now all lining up on a bus that will take us with Jesus in Heaven.

God most definitely be thanked and praised, I have been raptured, even after all the wrong I have done!

Then I wake up…

The next day at work, I tried giving the Gospel to my boss but he rejected it.

I don’t consider myself a prophet no matter how much of my writing or dreams come to pass, so please don’t take this to seriously, I just happen to have an overactive imagination…

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