To All the Plus-Sized Women Out There

NOTE: Most of this was originally written on February 21, 2018.

The updates were added a little over a year later.

Without further ado, please enjoy this piece and if you are one of the people it is addressed to, please know that it was meant to honor and empower you.

To all the plus sized women out there:

I think all of you are God’s most beautiful creations!

However, this world is a cold, wretched, hateful and downright cruel place. There are a lot of people who will harass, mock and reject you for no other reason than your body type. I get that many of you have beautiful hearts and souls, but nonetheless, there are still those who will be cruel to you. It’s not your fault, it’s because society is ugly, not you. Again, in my humble but honest opinion, you are the most beautiful of all God’s creatures.

More importantly, though, for as many that are cruel to you, there are probably just as many men who will love you, cherish you and adore you, not only because of your body type, but because many of you have beautiful hearts and souls, despite all of the hell that you go through. I know this because I am one of those people that are madly attracted to plus-sized women. I know there are many other men like me out there, though they may not be as public about their attractions and desires as I am. They are afraid what others think of them if they find out about these attractions, again it’s because society is ugly.

…About me…

I was recently single at the time of writing this, coming off of an eleven-year relationship which included a little over eight years of marriage. It was to a plus a sized woman, whom for many years I truly loved and adored. Unfortunately, we didn’t work out. We both had faults, but her more than me. I won’t go into details about it publicly, though. I will include this one detail though: I was very much attracted to her body type and she hated her body type, which caused lots of friction. In fact, when I first saw her, the first thing I noticed was her body to which I was madly attracted.

UPDATE: I am now in a very happy relationship with a beautiful, plus sized young lady. I was initially attracted to her body but now I can say with total confidence that I am in love with her heart and soul! I will say though that when I confessed to her that I was attracted to her body, she wasn’t angered nor did she reject me. In fact a few minutes later, she asked me out! I was overjoyed and definitely accepted! I will write a more detailed piece about this in the upcoming days. Here it is…

I know I have flaws. I am very far from perfect or normal, but I think this has made me a more understanding person. You see, I myself am a little overweight, but haven’t always been. There were times when I was underweight (even then, I was still attracted to plus-sized women.) I also suffer from schizophrenia, and other mental conditions which are well controlled with my medication and therapy but hinder me from living what most consider a normal life. I wasn’t always like this, I used to be skinny and there was a time, before age seventeen where I had some of the symptoms still, but they weren’t as full-blown. Ever since the age of fifteen, I have been madly attracted to plus-sized members of the opposite sex, but I kept quiet about it. I first admitted this to others at age sixteen, but only to people whom I trusted. From ages seventeen to eighteen, I started telling more people. By the age of nineteen, I was completely public about it. Over the years, some people gave me kudos and some people think I am perverted. For those that give me kudos, thank you, your kind words mean plenty. For those that think I am perverted, I’ll say there are much worse body types to be attracted to.

Whenever I see a plus sized woman, though, it’s as if fireworks go off in my mind and then all logic goes out the door. I find that body type to be so beautiful. The soft belly, the thick legs, the ample sized buttocks and breasts along with a pretty face will make me smile from ear to ear and feel such giddiness in my heart. I remember them for years to come too. When I see a skinny or toned and muscular woman, my mind and body don’t have that reaction. In fact, I barely notice her, unless she was a really nice person, then maybe I would remember her.

…Enough about me…

My message, I guess, to all the plus sized women out there is that you don’t have to settle for less. I know all too well, unfortunately, that many of you go with men who either cheat on you or abuse you in some way shape or form and you stay with these men because you think you cannot do better. But, the truth is, you can do so much better and there are a lot of men out there who will treat you wonderfully and love you immensely for both your heart as well as your body. A lot of these men are very much better than I am in fact. When you find one of these men, please appreciate him and reciprocate his affections or his love for you could very well grow cold.

I know what happens though, when many of you find a man like this, you go straight into panic mode or you callously brush off his kind words and affections. Why do you get extremely nervous or callous when someone is so good to you? Please answer me, I’ll wait.

I know some of you get upset and withdraw because some of these men are indeed clingy, but these men are clingy only because they want you so badly and they value you enough to spend as much time with you as possible. As long as they don’t harm you in any way, please be grateful that they are willing to devote so much to you. Would you rather be absolutely lonely or worse in a truly abusive relationship? Please answer me, I’ll wait.

It may seem like I am talking down to you at this point, but I guess I am frustrated because of all the hurt I experienced, not only from my ex but other plus-sized women who were not so nice to me, despite all of my affections. But I am not [intentionally] talking down to you. If anything, I am trying to empower you and let you know that you are immensely worthy to be loved.

I have witnessed relationships that some plus sized women have with their boyfriends or husbands where they are indeed loved, cherished and adored very much. It makes me exceedingly joyful to witness such a thing and my true wish for all of you is to find love like that and please don’t settle for anything less. You deserve the very best, despite what society tries to dictate about body types. When you do find a man like that, appreciate him and be good to him as well. He is only human, he is not God, which means he can stop loving you if you don’t treat him right, even though at some point he adores the ground you walk on. Also, because he is only human, this means that he is not perfect, he will have faults at some point or another.

As for me, I just hope I myself can find a plus sized woman with a kind heart whom I can shower with love and affection to and who will reciprocate that love and affection to me. Maybe somehow we could make a life together…UPDATE: I finally have found someone like that and I am recklessly attracted to her. I also love and revere her immensely! One of my most fervent prayers, my heart’s greatest desire and my sincerest hope is that she and I love and keep each other forever and always treat each other with kindness, love, reverence and respect!


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