My First Story: A Teen Couple Killed in a School Shooting-Written April 10, 2003

This is a remake of the very first love story I wrote (which was back in April of 2003.) It is about two teens in love, who die together [in a school shooting.] Like the rest of the stories I wrote during that time, the grammar is a total nightmare and the word choice is poor. However, the raw emotions have spoken and continue to speak louder than those picky little errors. But while I was able to get away with bad grammar and poor word choice as a teen (at least with my teen peers), all of my peers are adult twenty and mostly thirty-somethings, and I want to be taken more seriously. Like the rest of the stories I have revived from those days, I will be attempting to use better grammar, but also more details than before. This story is what started it all (aside from dreams and medication or lack thereof which had fueled the creativity in the months prior to April 2003.) Not to brag or blow my own horn, but a day or two after I wrote this, there was indeed a school shooting in my own state (Louisiana.) In fact, there might have been even another one also in my state. I remember a couple of classmates realizing this with a little shock and even some laughter. I only wonder what could have happened if more people would have realized this. The reason why more people didn’t is that the web page this was posted on had no proof of my identity. I wanted to remain anonymous at the time not only for fear of ridicule from cruel peers but also academic and legal implications that could potentially arise…

As it is indicated in this story, I do not condone school shootings. I really don’t condone violence at all with the exception of using it as a means to prevent harm to life or property. Back then I believed it to be a beautiful thing for two lovers to die in each others’ arms (I still believe that to a degree.) However, young people shouldn’t have to die, especially like this. I was simply trying to provoke the emotions of others, even back then. While I cannot remain 100% true to the original writing, there will be some elements that were in the original for old times’ sake. Please forgive me if it sounds wrong.

Here we go:

Kris Sawyer was a timid sixteen-year-old boy who pretty much kept to himself. The reason was that he was at this sub-par school and didn’t get along with the rest of the students.

Erin Lang was a very sweet and caring seventeen-year-old girl who was kind-hearted to just about everyone she ever talked to. There were, however, some people she avoided.

One day Kris was walking out of the bathroom and he bumped Terrence Albert, the school bully.

Terrence shouted at him “Watch where you’re going you stupid *language I choose not to use in my writing anymore*.”

Kris bravely replied with “Leave me alone, you good for nothing *more language I choose not to use in my writing anymore*.”

Terrence then struck Kris in the head, sending him to the ground, then stepped on his *another word for male parts*.

Kris came to and saw Erin rushing up to him, as she asked, “Are you all right?”

He replied, “I think I’ll be.”

Erin helped Kris up and asked him, “What’s your name?”

He told her, “Kris Sawyer…And yours is?”

She answered him, “Erin Lang.”

They talked for a little while, then she asked him, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Kris replied, “No, do you have a boyfriend?”

And Erin answered, “No, but you seem like a really nice guy, plus I think you’re very cute.”

Kris replied with “Wow, I think you are the sweetest person on God’s green earth and think you are so beautiful. Could we be a couple?”

Erin replied “Oh, cool! I would love to.”

She then wrapped her arms around Kris and kissed him.

They stood up together looking into each others’ eyes with passion and their lips met.

Moments later, Terrence Albert walked up and struck Erin on her *backside.*

With anger, Kris shouted to Terrence “What is wrong with you, you filthy *still more language I choose not to use in my writing anymore*? Don’t you ever touch her again!”

Terrence said to Kris with evil laughter “What are you going to do about it weakling?” Then hit him in the head again, this time with his gym bag.

Kris fell to the ground. In grief, Erin hugged him and rubbed his face gently, and said, “Are you all right?   Please, Kris, speak to me!”

“I’m really dizzy and everything is a blur. Get me help.” Kris replied.

Erin began sobbing.

Terrence returned to the scene.

Erin shouted with anger Look what you did to my boyfriend, you trashy *even more foul language that I choose not to use in my writing anymore*.”

Arrogantly, Terrence replied “That boy is a little weakling. And you don’t tell me what to do or I’ll smack you.”

Erin, though, slapped Terrence across the face, to which he punched her in the head knocking her out, then ran off.

Somehow though Kris woke up and saw Erin hurt. He helped her up. As they were standing there, Terrence came once again with several gang members.

One of them shouted “Y’all been messing with my boy Terrence. Y’all are going to pay for it.”

Though in total distress, Kris and Erin held each other tightly.

Several gang members pulled out guns and began to fire, massacring the young couple.

As Kris and Erin both lie there, dead on the floor they both had smiles on their faces. They may have been killed but their love goes on.

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