If the [Male] Characters on Y&R Everyday Carried Swiss Army Knives

Yes, I am a guy.

Yes, I am 100% straight.

Yes, I like to watch soap operas, especially Y&R.

I am secure enough in my masculinity to admit this.

However, as a guy, I can appreciate certain things on the soap operas that the overwhelming majority of female viewers tend to overlook.

I tend to notice all of the props used by the characters such as cellular/landline phones, guns/knives, laptops/tablets, and especially flashlights.

By the way, I don’t just notice these in the soap operas but, other shows I watch, like MacGyver.

This piece is me trying to decide which Swiss Army Knife should be edced by certain male [adult] characters on Y&R.

It is written to be a little humorous, as don’t think I have ever seen a Swiss Army Knife ever used by anyone on a soap opera.

I apologize if I am missing a character or two, but I am only going off of those that are currently on the show as of Autumn 2017.

All of these knives and tools should be available for purchase at Fenmore’s Department Store!

I would like to thank Victorinox and Wikipedia for assisting me in the research needed to write this.

Okay, here goes:

Noah Newman should definitely have the Victorinox Wine Master, for the simple fact that he owns bars and nightclubs. He is very hands-on with his businesses and doesn’t mind serving customers.

Nicholas Newman should use the Victorinox Handyman. Despite being a rich, spoiled heir to the Newman fortune, he still is a hard worker and seems like a guy who will roll up his sleeves and get many things done.

Jack Abbott would probably use a Victorinox GolfTool. He seems like the type who would love to play 18 holes when not in the office at Jabot or tending to his family.

Paul Williams even though he is a police chief and not a fire chief should carry the Victorinox Rescue Tool. This is because I have seen and heard of cops performing vehicle rescues when the fire department can’t get there quick enough. Paul is a hands-on leader and many times does the work of his deputies himself.

Cane Ashby should use a Victorinox Work Champ XL because he is now the acting CEO of Chancellor Industries and Lord Knows he can afford one. Not to mention he could impress his board members by getting a plethora of tasks done should any given situation arise.

Colin Atkinson should use a Victorinox Explorer, especially when he travels to his native Australia.

Scott Grainger should use a Victorinox SwissTool Spirit XBS in case he ever needs to assist the good guys with any task in their efforts to expose the bad guys, whether it’s covering newsworthy events in a war zone or busting up a sex trafficking ring.

Michael Baldwin should use a Victorinox Classic with Gold Ingot because he is a wealthy attorney who appreciates fine things. It could be a gift from his wife Lauren. Graham Bloodworth and Neil Winters should also probably carry one of these.

Devon Hamilton should have the Victorinox Traveller, it would definitely come in handy for him, especially when touring the world on his private jet.

Kevin Fisher and Billy Abbott should each carry a Victorinox Midnite Manager@Work. Kevin should because simply because he is a computer whiz and Billy should for storing all of the confidential files he illegally downloaded from Jabot’s servers.

Victor Newman, while he could probably buy all of the Swiss Army Knife models ever made several times over should probably edc the Victorinox Swiss Soldier’s Knife 08, since it is a standard issue item for the German Army (the country from which the actor that portrays him was born and raised.) I believe he does indeed wear a Victorinox wristwatch.

What do you think?

Please let me know…

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