Synopsis of “Scanner Drama”

I began working on this story on the evening of January 31, 2004, into the morning of February 1, 2004. I had modified the plot quite a few times over the years and it still needs work. Generally, it rotates around a high school/teen drama or soap opera during the first decade of the New Millennium. This was the first story I had written in 2004 and was longer than those I had previously done.

It begins with eighteen-year-old high school senior and part time warehouse worker Grant West waking up for school on a stormy Friday morning. His parents left for the weekend to go vacation in the mountains. Grant West is a technology guru and somewhat of a fighter. This is because his dad works for port security and taught him these things. He drives a military surplus Jeep and carries several gadgets everywhere he legally can. Many people find him to be a little off and thus avoid him.

He makes it to school just moments before the first bell. His first class is Trigonometry, then his second is a Job Skills class. The third class is P.E. Because of the stormy weather going on that day, the students taking P.E. were told to sit in the gym and study. During that class, Grant notices Adrianna Parker passing by and his heart skips a beat. She is a beautiful aspiring writer and free spirit of seventeen going on eighteen but didn’t like most of the people at the school. They both finally sit down in the bleachers and looks at her composition books. Grant’s eyes fixate on her. She eventually notices and offers for him to come sit by her. She goes on to tell Grant that, while many people think he is strange and potentially violent, she thinks he could be someone that would rescue a damsel in distress, just like in the stories she writes. She then reads to him. She gets to a sensual part in her story and both begin to blush. They look at each other, then their lips begin to meet until a teacher commands them to separate. Adrianna suggests they meet up later. The bell soon rings afterward.

It is now recess and Grant walks through the commons area with his expensive gym shoes in hand. Four bullies, Lance Johnson, Benson Porter, Joe Price and Bruce Gray, surround him and take the shoes.

Grant takes out Bruce Gray by kicking him in the in-step then the groin and gets the shoes back, but is over powered when Joe Price grabs him and slams him to the cement. Lance Johnson then stomps on Grant’s crotch and the others kick him from all sides. They take the shoes and leave. Adrianna sees Grant lying there and she rushes up to him. She rests his head in her lap and he looks up at her. She asks ‘who did this to you?” He replies the names of the boys. He then blushes. She asks him if he had plans after school and he said he planned on doing inventory at his job. Disappointed, Adrianna says how she hoped they could have done something together. Grant wants to know if she is asking him out. She tells him indeed she is. Grant explains how his boss would understand and he agrees to go out with her. They then kiss and exchange phone numbers.

The bell rings and they go back to class. The next two periods drag on but then there is lunch. Grant and Adrianna meet up in the quadrangle but then walked to a secluded area of the campus for privacy. They discuss their plans to meet up for the afternoon. Grant offers to drive her to the park in his Jeep where they could wait out the rain that would be moving out. He says that she could read to him some more during that time. Adrianna says how she can’t wait until then. They then hugged each other affectionately, not knowing that the four boys were eavesdropping. Bruce tattled on them for public displays of affection and being in a forbidden area of the campus. They were caught and both were issued a Saturday school. The bell soon rang shortly afterward and they headed back to class.

After the last class of the day, Grant and Adrianna headed to his Jeep and drove to the park in the pouring rain. As they got into the entrance of the park, Grant notices that there is a pickup truck following close behind them. He suspects that they are being stalked and tells Adrianna to lock herself in and that he is going to try and neutralize the situation. Soon he realizes that it was the four boys.

They step out of the truck, Benson walks over to Grant’s side and pulls him out. Grant plays along the then grabs a 5 D sized Maglite from under his driver seat and whacks Benson on the head with it, knocking him out. Bruce flees the scene. Grant then sees Lance trying to invade Adrianna’s side so he gets back in the Jeep then guns the engine crashing into a tree. Lance is ejected through the windshield. Joe is now super angry and tries to pull Grant from the wreckage when Grant strikes him in the throat with his 5 D sized Maglite.

The bullies have now been dealt with, but Grant knows the cops will probably be coming. He also knows that his transportation is shot.

So he tells Adrianna, ‘I don’t want you to go down with me, Adrianna. Please get out of here while you still can.’

She replies, ‘No, I will stand by you. You are a noble hero and you saved us.’

Still realizing the need to get out, Grant retrieves his flashlight and portable scanner, from his Jeep then removed the vehicle plate off of it. He then says ‘I can hide in the culvert outside of the park. Bruce fled the scene and won’t know where I am. The other three are dead.’

Grant then also says, ‘You need to get out of here Adriana. Is your house far from the park?’

She tells him that her friend’s house isn’t.

Grant replies, to go there and see if she can take you to yours.

Whilst kissing and hugging him passionately Adrianna says, ‘All right Grant. If we don’t see each other again, know that I love you!’

Grant then crawls into the culvert and Adriana leaves.

Not long after, Adriana made it to her friend’s house and then called Grant, saying, ‘My friend is driving me to my house and I will get the family car and pick you up. I will then get you to safety.’

Grant replied, ‘Thank you so much Adriana, and, just so you know; I love you too.’

After minutes seeming like hours, Adriana came in her family car and picked Grant up. He stepped in the car just a the lightning flashed.

Grant lies down in the backseat and Adriana asks, ‘Where to Mister?’

Grant replied ‘I took the plate off my vehicle, so I don’t think they will be able to figure out it’s mine. Therefore, we can go to my house, you know just in case they see your [family cars plate.]’ With that, they rush to Grant’s house and arrived just as the rain had begun to fall it’s hardest.

Adrianna asks with concern, ‘What will they do when they find it it’s your car?’

Grant then points to his scanner, probably a Radio Shack Pro 95, and says ‘That’s where this wonderful device comes in.’ He then turns it on.

He hears the City of Melody 911 dispatcher calling Melody EMS for a fight in the park with several males injured. Hears the Melody PD is also en route. Finally, he hears on the scanner that one of the PD units crashed into an overpass column and burst into flames.

Grant passes the remark that as messed up as it sounds they may have been bought some time.

They step into the chilly house in soaking wet clothes. Adrianna throws her arms around him, as he was cold and wet. Grant was overcome by the feeling of Adriana’s gentle arms wrapped around his wet skin. He kisses her wildly. They fall onto the sofa and snuggle together. Adriana lay there with Grant up against her.

Then the scanner starts talking, ‘Dispatch, it turns out that a subject named Grant West was the assailant. I believe he is the son of Mark West in port security. I am on my way to search his house. He is probably hiding out there.’

‘Affirmative Jack. I’ll also notify the chief.’

Meanwhile back at home Grant is in distress over what he had just heard over the radio. He tells Adriana that they have to get out of here now and asks if she is ready to leave?”

Adrianna replies, ‘Yes let’s do this thing baby!’ and laughs a little.

At the same time, the dispatcher direct connected to Chief Harold on the Nextel, and told him of the events.

Immediately Chief Harold direct connected to Mark West, ‘Mark are you there?’

Mark was sitting down in the cabin with his wife Elaine fixing her hair when he heard Chief Harold calling in.

He answered back on his Nextel ‘I’m here Chief. What’s up?’

Chief Harold replied ‘I am so sorry to disturb your vacation, but your son has become a wanted criminal.’

Mark replied ‘Oh God, what could he have done?’

Harold replied ‘He was in a fight with four other male subjects at the park and has fatally injured three of them We have an APB out on him at the moment, but we think he is hiding out at your house. I am so sorry Mark.’

Mark replied ‘I’ll be there as soon as I can.’

Elaine walked out the bathroom and saw the look of distress on her husband’s face.

‘What’s the matter?’ She asked.

Mark replied ‘We have to get home immediately. Grant is in trouble with the law. I’ll explain to you in the car.’

Grant goes into his room and grabs his Gerber Multi-Tool, along with his scanner and flashlight, and a backpack with changes of clothes explaining to Adrianna that he didn’t want to get caught with these items at school, but doesn’t think they’ll be in school for a while.

Ever so quietly they crept out of the house silently shutting the door behind them. Quietly they walked down the steps of the porch, then to Adriana’s family car. Adriana drove Grant to her house and they walked into her bedroom. They stayed in there until right before her parents came home.

She also packs a backpack but Grant says ‘I know how I can get away from the police. I will sneak out of the country but I will have to leave you here. I want to spare you this drama.’

Adriana begins to sobbing and says ‘No, I want to come with you. I don’t care about any of this drama.’ She paused and then asked Grant ‘How will you be able to get out of the country?’

Grant replies ‘That’s easy. All I have to do is get on a supply boat that is headed towards Archangel Island. There is one that is leaving tomorrow morning in fact.’

Adriana asks, ‘How do you know it will let you on?’

Grant answers, that he works in the maritime supply industry and has connections.

Adriana smiles and then says, ‘Well I wish I could board the boat with you.’

Grant asks, ‘Do you really want to be with me that much?

Adriana nods.

Grant then says “I could possibly have them take you as well. But you will have to defect. The only problem is you are not yet 18.”

Adrianna replies, “But I will 18 be in a few days.”

Grant reluctantly agrees.

Immediately they leave. They walk to Grant’s workplace under the cover of darkness holding hands and shivering.

They made it to the warehouse and went hide in the secret room for the night, snuggling in each others’ arms.

Early that next morning they stepped out of the warehouse. The cargo ship bound for Archangel Island was about to leave.

Grant went to the captain, who was standing on the dock smoking, and spoke with urgency, “We need to get out of the country and I know you can help us?” ‘

The captain answered ‘I will get you out of the country if you agree to pay me.’

Grant handed him the cash he had on hand then said ‘I know where we are going that I can easily find work that pays well.’

The captain then lets them on board. Grant and Adriana went below the deck to hide. After getting comfortable Adriana held his hand and kissed him passionately deep below the deck of the ship.

Soon they heard the engines of the cargo boat kick on and they started to move. All through the night, they kept moving. By the next morning, the boat stopped. They climbed onto the deck of the ship and ran off.

They were interrogated by a security officer.

Grant explained the situation, ‘It’s a long story. We are on the run from the law. I am charged with second-degree murder, but I assure you it was all in self-defense. I assure you, I will not cause trouble on this island.’

The guard said ‘Self defense, huh? Tell me how it happened.’

Grant replied ‘Well I would love to…’ Grant then recounted the fight in great detail. He went on to say how the company he works for supplies Archangel Island with tactical gear and defense instruments.

Impressed the guard replied ‘I assure both of you, do not worry about anything. Our country will not allow extradition. You are safe here. We are constantly looking for security forces. I would be more than happy for you to work for me. You see we have much trouble with pirates, trying to invade.’

Grant smiled and said ‘My dad works for port security back in the States so I am that much more familiar with the trade.’

The guard continued ‘I promise you top pay and protection from any foreign entity if you agree.’

Grant nodded his head and looked at Adrianna, and she smiled at him. He then agreed to take the job. Adrianna also gets a job on the island as a nursery worker, entertaining them with some of the stories she writes.

Soon enough they are married and purchase a dwelling on the island.

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