The Next Morning (Those Years)

It was now morning and Grady woke to the splashing of rain and the rumbling of thunder. He slowly got out of bed and then realized it was time to get ready for school. He then got dressed and made his way to the kitchen. His mom, Phyllis Arden had just got in from work. Grady began to eat a strawberry NutriGrain bar and drink a bottle of vanilla NesQuik.

He looked at his watch and was about to leave the house when his mom greeted him.

“Mr. Lester tells me you had a girl over here yesterday. Is that true?”

“Yes, mom, it’s true.”

“We cannot afford a grandchild right now, so I don’t want you alone with her or any other girl in this house.”

“But we didn’t do anything.”

“You would have done something if Mr. Lester hadn’t stopped you.”

“Maybe so, but she is the only one in the whole school who likes me. Therefore, I want to do all that I can to make her happy. I’ll also have you know that I am in love with her.”

“Who is this girl that has you head over heels for her?”

“Kylie LaCroix.”

Grady’s mother took a long breath. She then choked up but caught herself. The reason being is that she had run many tests of Kylie’s at the hospital, many of them indicating her terminal illness.

Phyllis finally spoke, “Do you really love her Grady?”

“With all of my being!”

“Then I suppose it’s all right for her to come over here, just keep your Crayon in the box.”

“I’ll try.”

“How about you will. Now you need to get to school.”

Grady nodded and went outside in the rain to catch the bus.

After he boarded the ride was long and sad. The thought about Kylie’s illness kept going on and on in his mind and it wouldn’t relent. Grady was soon fighting back tears. He pulled out his iPod touch and began to listen to music until the bus arrived at school.

When the bus pulled up to the unloading area, Grady looked through the window and saw Kylie standing there waiting for him. A smile returned to his face as he walked off the bus and they ran up to each other and hugged.

Happily, they walked over to the cafeteria, entered and sat together.

Grady asked, “You like to listen to music, right?”

“I sure do!” Kylie replied.

“Well, I have some songs on my iPod.” Grady continued, placing the earbuds, one in Kylie’s right ear and one in Grady’s left ear. They listened to the beautiful music until the morning bell rang…


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