Confrontation and Confession (Those Years)

Grady and Kylie entered the house together alone. There was, at first, an awkward silence, until their hormones began to get the better of them.

“Finally, we’re all alone!” Kylie said with excitement as she teasingly lifted up her uniform skirt in front of Grady.

“I’m all yours; Your wish is my command!” Grady answered as his voice shook a little.

Kylie giggled then began to undo Grady’s belt and unzip his uniform pants.

They lovingly began to remove each others’ clothing until Kylie paused said in distress, “I do have very deep feelings for you and I only hope and pray that they are mutual. And, yes, I do want to make love to you, Grady Arden, but I must first tell you something important.”

Grady paused from unfastening the buttons on Kylie’s oxford uniform shirt, held her hands and said, gently “We don’t have to sleep together, but I definitely would if you indeed wanted me to. If something is bothering you, then please tell me; what is it?

“It’s about my health and it is serious. I only hope and pray that you will still want me.”

“I doubt there is anything that can change how I feel about you, especially any health condition.”

“Well, here goes:” Kylie said with a slight reluctance.

Suddenly there was a banging on the back door.

Both hurriedly fixed up their clothes.

“Grady, open this door now. I know you’re alone in there with a girl and if you don’t answer, I’ll call the cops on both of you.”

“Durn it, busybody Lester Ewing is here.”

“Who’s that?” Kylie asked.

“My jerk of a neighbor.”

“If he calls the cops, they’ll find out our age difference and I’ll get in so much trouble,” Kylie said with great anxiety.

“What should I do?”

“Stall him I guess.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Grady then walked to the door and said: “Don’t you have anything better to do Lester?”

“I do, but I don’t want my tax dollars supporting any children you produce.”

“But that is none of your business.”

“I’m making it my business and it will also be the cops’ business if you don’t send her home right now.”

“Please don’t call the cops; if you do I’ll never be able to see her again.”

“Not my problem, so I suggest you make her leave right now.”

“How do you expect me to do that? Neither of us drives a car.”

“Then you tell her to get on the phone and have someone pick her up.”

“This really isn’t fair.”

“I’ll tell you what isn’t fair, you getting her pregnant and having us taxpayers support the child.”

“Okay. I’ll go talk to her.”

“You better make it quick.”

Grady walked back to his room where Kylie was sitting on his bed. In distress, he asked her, “Is there anyone that could pick you up and take you home?”

Kylie sobbed, asking, “Why? I want to make love to you.”

“And I want to be intimate with you just as much, but busybody Lester will call the police if you don’t leave. I can’t risk you going to jail because then I’ll never see you again.”

Kylie hugged him and said “I can call my cousin Dylan to pick me up. I hope he accepts you because he’s very overprotective.”

“What other choice do we have?” Grady said.

Kylie nodded then pulled her cell phone out of her backpack.

Lester banged on the door again and shouted, “Both of you come wait outside on the patio, or else.”

They came out and Kylie called her cousin.

Soon he arrived at the house.

Lester saw Dylan and said “I hope you’ve come to collect the girl. I don’t want her making babies and society having to support them.”

“Get lost, you dumb old windbag,” Dylan shouted

“Or what?” Lester said with anger.

“Or I will beat the crap out of you then call the police because you’re trespassing.”

“I know the police chief. His officers won’t touch me.”

“Maybe not, but I will. So unless you’re willing to lose some teeth, get gone!”

Lester spit on the ground then went home.

Kylie then introduced Dylan to Grady.

Dylan said sternly, “I hope you’re not trying to use my baby cousin and then dump her because she already has plenty of pain in her life.”

Kylie interjected, “He isn’t trying to use me. Coming here was my idea. Anyway, I think he’s a virgin.”

Dylan looked at Grady in the eye and said: “I want to hear it from you.”

Grady replied “She’s right, I’m a virgin. And I truly mean her no harm. Yes, we were about to sleep together. But I want you to know I would have waited however long for her. I have deep feelings for her and I can only pray that she has the same feelings for me.”

Dylan looked at Grady and asked with great seriousness “Will you be committed to her and her only?”

Grady nodded and said “You have my word. I’ve known no other and want no other. I only want Kylie, period.”

“You seem to be telling the truth. I can tell when someone is lying and I’m almost sure you’re not.”

“I’m honest as a robin.”

“Then, I want you to know that there’s something you must know about her.”

“I’ll tell him. I was about to tell him anyway.” Kylie interjected.

She then held Grady’s hands, looked directly into his eyes and said with a heavy heart, “I am terminally ill. The doctors tell me that I have at best three or four years to live.”

Grady broke down and tears filled his eyes as he spoke “My God, Kylie, I’m so sorry and there are no words that can express it. It’s just not fair. It’s not fair to anyone. You are beautiful both body and soul and I was truly hoping we could have been together forever.”

“Do you still want me now that you know this?”

“Of course I still want you, nothing will ever change that. I just now want to pray for the ability to always make you happy and comfortable.”

“Oh, I love you, Grady! Do you love me too?”

“Yes, Kylie, I love you! And I am greatly honored that you have chosen me to live out your last years with.”

Dylan looked at his Timex Ironman watch and told Kylie “I have to get to work now, which means I have to take you home first.”

“Could you take us to the park. Isn’t it on the way to your job?”

“It is. But how will you get home?”

“I have a bus pass and can take the 6 o’clock bus home. There is a stop right outside the park.”

“What about you, Grady?”

“I have a bus pass as well. I definitely need one since I don’t have a license yet and both of my parents are always working.”

“Okay then, I’ll take both of you to the park. Keep a close eye on the time though, so you don’t miss the bus.”

“Will do,” Grady said, pointing to his G-Shock watch.

“Let’s get going then,” Dylan said.

“Could we ride in the bed of your truck?” Kylie asked.

“Sure. Why not?” Dylan replied.

So, with that, they walked out of the house and Grady locked the door behind him. Then they climbed into the bed of Dylan’s truck and were driven to the park.

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