Character Guide (Those Years)

Characters in “Those Years”…

Grady Arden-16 year old sophomore to whom the series centers around.

Kylie LaCroix-19 year old terminally ill senior and Grady’s girlfriend.

Sgt. Vilmont-34 year old school resource officer.

Dolores Douglas-61 year old school bus driver.

Ishmael Brown-17 year old football player and bully.

Lester Ewing-68 year old busybody neighbor of the Ardens.

Coach Roland Kidde-65 year old head football coach, also Grady’s P.E. teacher.

Margaret Villerie LaCroix, DVM-49 year old veterinarian, Kylie’s mother.

Alan Lacroix, Pharm. D.-53 year old pharmacist, Kylie’s dad.

Ryan LaCroix-59 year old grocery store owner, Kylie’s uncle and Dylan’s dad. He owns the store which also houses Alan’s pharmacy.

Phyllis Guthrie Arden-48 year old hospital lab technician, Grady’s mother.

Donald Arden-51 year old freight train conductor/engineer, Grady’s dad.

Dylan LaCroix-27 year old grocery store stocker, Kylie’s cousin.

There may be more characters as the series progresses…

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