At the Park (Those Years)

Grady and Kylie looked at each other happily as they approached the park entrance hand in hand.

Grady asked, “Would you like me to push you on the swing?”

“Sure. That would be very sweet of you.” Kylie replied.

“Say no more,” Grady told her as they walked to the swings.

Kylie perched herself on a swing and Grady began to push. She giggled with pleasure as Grady pushed her higher and higher.

Finally, she said, “I think I’m getting a little dizzy, but that was fun.”

Grady stopped the swing and sweetly kissed Kylie. In return, she held his face and played with his hair.

They went sit down in the grass as Grady held Kylie. She sat with her back to his stomach and he put his arms around her waist.

Kylie giggled and told him “I like it when you hold me like this.”

Grady kissed the back of her neck and buried his nose in her hair as he said, “I wish we were cuddling in my bed right now, but this is just as good.”

Kylie held his hands and replied “I’d go anywhere as long as we could be together. Soon they began to doze off in the afternoon sun.

After some time had passed and the mercury started to fall, they woke up.

Kylie had a very dry mouth and she told Grady, “I’m so thirsty.”

“Could I get you a drink from the vending machine,” Grady asked.

“I shouldn’t drink soft drinks or anything sugary, they make my condition worse.”

Grady became distressed once again. Tears started to fill his eyes.

Kylie hugged him and said, “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Grady kissed her and ran his fingers through her hair as he said “Don’t be sorry, I’m just torn to pieces over the terrible fact that you don’t have long to live. ”

But then Kylie said “At least you make me happy. I pray that you always will.”

“I’ll surely try.” Grady said, then continued, “Is there anything I could get you to drink.”

“I can have all the water I want. In fact, my doctors want me to drink as much water as possible.”

“Then I’ll buy you a bottle of water from the machine and I’ll drink one too. I don’t want to tempt you into drinking soft drinks if you’re not supposed to have them.”

“Thank you, Grady. I love you!”

“And I love you, Kylie.”

With that, they walked to the vending machines. Grady inserted his debit card and selected two twenty ounce bottles of water. Then, he and Kylie went sit at a picnic table and drank their water in happiness.

The sun was starting to set. Suddenly, they heard yelling and cursing. Both became nervous.

Kylie then said “I have to use the bathroom. The water went right through me. Could you guard the door, so no one attacks me?”

“Sure thing.”

“If you hear me peeing, I hope it doesn’t gross you out.”

“It won’t. It will just make me think more of when we will become intimately known to each other.” Grady blushed strongly after saying that.

Kylie kissed him, smiled brightly and said “Hopefully that will be very soon. Oh, I love you so much, Grady!”

“I love you too, Kylie.”

With that, she went to the restroom and Grady guarded the door.

Kylie then came out in extreme sadness and distress, saying, “You know when my illness gets into more advanced stages, I won’t be able to use the bathroom on my own. I’ll need you to help me. I hope you won’t leave me when that time comes.”

Grady hugged her and said “I won’t ever leave. In fact, helping you use the bathroom will just be another chance for me to see you naked.”

“But sometimes you might have to clean me up,” Kylie said with tears in her eyes.

“That doesn’t matter either. I promise that I’ll be gentle.”

“God, Grady I hope you truly mean that.”

“Of course I do. Anyway, I’ll be yours no matter what. No one else wanted me before but you want me. Not to mention you are so sweet to me and you accepted me for who I am. I’ll do everything in my power to keep you and to make you happy. I just wish I could have more time with you.”

Tears of happiness filled Kylie’s eyes as she spoke “I love you, Grady Arden. Even after me telling you all of this, you still want me. My dreams and desires of having someone to love me are all coming true!”

Grady threw his arms around her and kissed her, causing her glasses to fog up in the evening fall air.

Kylie giggled as she wiped the lenses with her uniform skirt.

Grady hugged her and kissed her forehead.

Moments later, Grady’s watch alarm went off. Sadly, they headed to the bus stop, knowing their date was over. All too soon the bus arrived and they boarded. Grady and Kylie sat together until the bus came to Kylie’s stop.

Sadly she kissed Grady and got off. Grady felt a sharp pain seeing her go but knew at least they would see each other the next day at school. The rest of the bus ride was slow and miserable for him. Finally, it came to his stop and he got off, then walked into his parents’ house. He quickly did his homework then showered and went to bed…

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