Rest in Peace Jeffery Nick Cionta

Jeffery Nick Cionta was born on July 11, 1960 and had passed away on August 7, 2017.

He was a true friend and mentor to me though we never actually met in person.

Mr. Cionta honorably served his country as an U.S. Army Ranger during the conflict in Grenada.

He was a train conductor for Norfolk Southern after his return to civilian life.

We would talk online, sometimes for hours on end about our mutual interests.

He taught me many things about railroading.

We would also talk about military gear and equipment, especially the military flashlights.

He would tell me war stories.

He was a close spiritual adviser to me, though I didn’t always take his advice.

He was an avid car racer in his spare time.

We also shared a fondness for plus sized women.

What I really appreciated about him is that he always encouraged my writing, every time he read one of my stories or articles, he always had something positive to tell me. I think he truly enjoyed what I wrote. Even when others tried to put water on my creative fire and discourage me, he would find a way to pour the gasoline of encouragement on it.

I found out today, August, 10, 2017, of his untimely and sudden passing and I am devastated by the news of it.  If there is anything comforting in this situation, it is that he is in a better place because of his faith in Jesus Christ.  He no longer feels the pains and miseries of this wretched world.

However, he will surely be missed on earth especially by me.

Rest in Peace Jeff, go race those hot rods on God’s Heavenly Drag Strip!  Or if you will, I’m sure you would make an A Number 1 conductor on God’s Glory Train!

One thought on “Rest in Peace Jeffery Nick Cionta

  1. Eric John Monier I would like to thank you personally for your moving tribute here to our friend Jeffrey Nick Cionta, who’s sudden passing last Monday August 7, 2017 I am just now reeling from, having heard in reading his post, someone on his behalf posted about him passing away! I am in shock to say the least, as me and Jeff shared a profound fun facebook friendship here talking about everything from the trains we both loved and my husband also operates for Union Pacific soon to be retiring from himself, to race cars, good books, art, and the music we both loved he always shared in his posts on his timeline in Music Lover’s Rejoice! Jeff will surely be missed by the both of us and by his friends and family he was adored by, too! In saying that, I lift up my Lord Jesus who holds Jeff safe and secure in his arms in heaven, he knew in his spirit he would be soon bound last we spoke on facebook not so long ago! May your spirit soar Jeff! I will never forget you my friend!

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