A Sorrowful February

This came to me in a dream on a Sunday morning during the Mardi Gras season of 2003.  That dream was probably one of the driving forces behind what made me decide to start writing.  There were other factors that influenced my writing, but this probably was the catalyst.  Although I didn’t actually begin writing until that April.  I also plan to write an in depth essay on all of the factors that caused my mind to be creative.  Hopefully I’ll do this in the not-so-distant future.  UPDATE: Here it is.

This is the other story that the said had dream inspired and I penned in in 2011 and 2012.  However, the post on this page is more like the actual dream

I’m afraid I haven’t been 100% true to the actual dream I had.

In the dream, I was indeed with a young lady, we were under a totalitarian government, we were indeed on the run and she does die in my arms.

However, we didn’t have sex in the dream, much less inside an abadonned warehouse, I added that.  One can assume that I wasn’t married to this girl in the dream, at least not during the sex part, therefore I would have been endorsing the sin of fornication.  The Good Lord had started to withold blessings from me because of what I make public in my writing, and so to make it right I am attempting to remove all endorsements of sin on my blog and any other public forum in order to make it right.  My walk with God is more important to me than what my readers think of me, believe it or not…Sorry not sorry.


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