Necessary Highway Numbering Changes in Louisiana

There are several Highway numbers in Louisiana that I personally believe need to be changed or corrected. This is mostly because the current numberings will confuse motorists from out of state or even those locals with a challenged sense of direction.

They are as follows:

I think U.S. 61 AKA Airline Highway between Scenic Highway in Baton Rouge and its junction with U.S. 90 in Downtown New Orleans should be renumbered U.S. 490. So in essence the “61” numbering should end where Scenic Highway meets Airline Highway. The number “490” I feel is more appropriate is because it is simply an axillary route between U.S. 90 and U.S. 190. Also “290” and “390” are already used in Texas. The other main reason is because this said stretch of highway goes in an “east-west” not a “north-south” direction. For those of you who didn’t know, odd numbered highways are supposed to go “north-south” and even numbered highways are supposed to go “east-west.” Hence 61 being an odd number is inappropriate and confusing designation.

Another change I would like to see is for LA 182 numbering only go to from Lafayette to Raceland, since most of it is an “east-west” highway there and 182 being an even number. From Lafayette to Opelousas, it should be renumbered something like “281” because it is going “north-south”, therefore needs an odd number. The change between the numbering should be with the junction with Interstate 10, whereas north of I-10 would be 281 and south of I-10 would be 182.

The third and final change and correction I would like to see will take place in the future. U.S. 90 from Lafayette to New Orleans via the West Bank Expressway should NOT be numbered I-49. The reason is very simple: When one is would be driving in places like Des Allemands and Paradis the highway would be signed 49 North, but in actuality one would be traveling southwest. This can and will cause confusion. What I suggest is naming the stretch of Highway “Interstate 6.” This is because 6 is an even number and the highway mostly takes an “east-west” direction. Also it is located by latitude between Interstate 4 in Florida and Interstate 8 in Arizona and California. I know the Interstate numbers typically increase from south to north and west to east. Anyway, when completed it would still create a seamless link between New Orleans and Kansas City, but with the numbering 49 between Kansas City and Lafayette and 6 between Lafayette and New Orleans.

All it takes is a little common sense and an open mind in high places to get this sensible change done.

Thank you for taking the time to read this…

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