Dreams and Visions of Unconventional Warfare Occurring on American Soil-WARNING Very Controversial…

Throughout my childhood, teens and even into my adult years, I have frequently had dreams about non conventional warfare tactics being used against American citizens on American soil.

In this piece I will attempt to recall the most prominent dreams that stand out in my memory.

They almost always deal with life going on in the immediate aftermath of the attack along with myself and my family attempting to survive the horrendous effects of war.

I am sometimes a technically minded person and understanding some of these dreams will require a decent amount of technical knowlege in electronics and mechanics.

The earliest dream pertaining to this subject that I had was back in 1995 when I was only 8 years old. I didn’t fully understand the meaning of this dream until years later and now it seems to make clear sense to me. It starts off with me being a child and standing in my parents’ front yard. I am standing in waist deep snow. Now in South Louisiana, it rarely snows and when it does snow, it doesn’t even cover the ground halfway. But the reason why it does make sense is because whoever our enemy was used an unconventional tactic of warefare on us. I didn’t understand it at age 8 because I knew nothing of weather modification. Fast forward a few years and I am now lightly acquainted with the said subject. Snowfall knee deep in South Louisiana would have exponentially dire consequences. The people aren’t used to it inasmuch as they don’t know how to handle vehicles in such conditions and they cannot comfortably cope with the frigid temperatures required to have waist deep snow. This would result in a plethora of traffic accidents and cut off links between civilians and first responders. The infrastructure can’t handle it, hence all wireline utilities would be severed and water pipes would burst. It would ruin all crops that are grown here, since we normally have a hot climate nearly year round. People would be sick and starving. Civil disorder and unrest would eventually set in and soon it would be every family for themselves. Now some governments have agreed to not engage in weather modification, but not all. I don’t know how much tactical or strategic ability is possible with weather modification as of now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some entities out there planning to use nature as a weapon. However in the dream, the people were resilient and were building vehicles that could navigate through the deep snow and be powered by natural gas (the one utility that was still available.) In the visions of this dream I saw pipes being connected to the central heating system in my parents house and hooked on the other end to these deep snow capable vehicles to fuel them. All of my family was there and we worked together, but I woke up before I could know whether things ever got back to normal…

The next dream I had was in the summer of 2002. I was standing in my parents’ back yard holding a multiband radio transceiver. Some sort of radioactive bomb had gone off miles away and while we weren’t hurt by the blast, our electronics had perished. Well all except for this radio I was using. It either had vacuum tubes or very robust transistors which protected it from the EMP. I didn’t understand the mapping of the radio spectrum at the time, but it’s amazing what frequencies this radio was capable of tuning in: 150 KHz, 15 MHz and 150 MHz. Each of these frequencies (and the ones adjacent to them) are critically important: 150 KHz is used in most of the world outside the US for trans and intercontinental broadcasting. It is a secondary AM broadcast band known as Long Wave. The exact frequencies range from 145 KHz to 285 KHz. Domestic AM broadcasting in the US (excluding World Band AKA Short Wave) takes place on the Medium Wave band from 525 KHz to 1710 KHz. For years in the United States there were several services on the Long Wave band used as a backup in the case of a nuclear raid. One service I recall is the US Air Force Ground Wave Emergency Network. There were also plans to use this as a medium for the government to keep in touch with its people when all other communications had failed. Long Wave frequencies are also used by various governments to keep in touch with submarine naval forces as they travel through water inteligibly. I didn’t know what Long Wave was until that following December when I had bought a multiband receiver. I also didn’t know anything about EMP blasts until my mid 20s. Moving on, 15 MHz is one of the frequencies for the time signal used by the U. S. Government. I don’t know exactly why I would have wanted to tune it in except to see if it was still running. 150 MHz and adjacent frequencies are very critical for entities in both the public and private sectors. However, I question the readiness of any modern radio on these frequencies after an EMP attack. In the dream though, this was the frequency I was attempting to contact others on. The transceiver had a long steel antenna and appeared to be a vintage, maybe 1950s-1970s crystal controlled model.

In the Spring of 2012 I had a brief vision. It was nighttime and I was outside on my paternal grandfather’s property. There had just been an EMP beamed at us shortly before. All of the electronics were rendered useless. This included all LED flashlights. However, in the dream or vision my grandfather is sowing crops at night by the light of his 1985 Garrity 2 D flashlight. For the record it was an incandescent model. He came up to me and said “Ay!” That’s how he greets people sometimes. He would have been 88 in 2012, but in this dream he appeared to be over 100. My grandfather remarked on how his old flashlight is the only one still working. This dream was truly a wake up call for me and should be to any flashlight user. LED flashlight are great, don’t get me wrong. They’re bright. They’re efficient. They last longer on batteries. And they’re even more rugged. However they lack an extremely important feature-most if not all of them will fail in an EMP blast. Because of the transistors and chips in their circuitry, they are can be damaged by high amounts of radiation. BUT the cheaper incandescent flashlights will still work provided all the mechanics, batteries and bulbs are still in working order. I do have LED flashlights that I carry, but rest assured I also carry incandescent models for this very reason. I would urge everyone to stock up on simple incandescent flashlights that use PR based bulbs while you still can. I also want to urge everyone to stock up on as many PR bulbs as possible. Bi pin bulbs are also a good idea provided you have a model of flashlight that requires them. They will provide critical light when needed and could also make a barter item for food, medication, fuel and weapons. Unfortunately I only see myself taking heed to this warning. If you decide to keep using LED flashlights, keep your stash in a well built faraday cage. A discarded but still in tact microwave oven might do the trick nicely. BUT I cannot guarantee it will always protect sensitive circuitry. Also there could be multiple blasts, so while your flashlights were safe in their cage during the initial blast, there might be following blasts that take place when your lights are in use. Incandescent is the way to go in my opinion. Why isn’t anyone in the prepper community advising this?

The final dream I am going to mention has been a recurring one in both 2015 and 2016. There is a global conflict going on and somehow a teenage couple manages to get a hold of some electronic warfare equipment. They implement it secretly cause all planes in the air to crash along with all sailing ships to become stranded. No one knows it was them who did it and they have huge smirks on their faces. Soon they begin to feel great remorse and they are eventually brought to justice just as I wake up. This current post millenial generation, I hate to say it, is a bunch of spoiled brats. They tend to be quite self serving, inconsiderate and vengeful. I also notice that they are always glued to some form of electronic device. If an EMP were to happen, they would all be in for a rude awakening. All of their entertainment and communications would be shot. They would all throw a huge tantrum and there would be murder, rape, drug use and theft like the world has never seen before. I could definitely see some young people who are angry at the adults for starting this global war that took away all their pleasures wanting to get revenge on an epic scale. I think that this final dream was a warning of how cruel this upcoming generation will be in a few short years and the catastrophic damage they will cause if God Himself doesn’t intervene on behalf of humanity. I know, however that some things must happen according to His plan…

By the way I still don’t believe myself to be a prophet. This is just an educated guess mixed with a powerful imagination…

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