Island Couple (Originally Written in the Summer of 2003)


There is much politically charged content in this story. Most of it takes an anti-authoritarian and anti-oppression viewpoint. Because I am writing content charged against mostly communism and a little bit of fascism, I don’t think many would be offended. However, I still realize the potential that someone out there someone would indeed be offended because of the diverse viewpoints both foreign and domestic. I know that The USA seems to be painted in a negative and ugly portrait. I am NOT attempting to subvert the modern USA or any USA of the past. However, I am, in a way, warning of what could become of the great USA if the wrong people get into power. I will NOT say exactly whom I believe the wrong people are. Instead, I want the reader to do extensive research if he or she wishes and draw his or her own conclusions. Let me reiterate again: I am NOT knocking the current USA in any way shape or form, but I am worried what could happen to the USA if the wrong people get into power. Be very wise and careful about whom you elect and therefore put into power.

Without any further ado, here is the story:

Gage Blackburn was a thirty-four-year-old American dissenter, turned defector. In actuality, he was about to face serious charges, as the Constitution was revoked. But fellow defectors and refugees had rescued him and they traveled to the formerly uncharted, but now sovereign state of Archangel Island. This was some five years ago. By trade, Gage was an online blogger and technology consultant. As the former American freedoms were fading, he wrote an essay that advocated for the people to spy on their government since the government spies on the people. This is the piece of online work which landed him in trouble. What kept him so elusive is that he was one of the few citizens who actually knew how to spy on his government’s less than ethical operations. His goal was to teach these techniques to others until he truly feared for his own life. Despite being a person who strived for ethics in government and other noble ideas, Gage had a love life of near zero. There was a reason behind this though and it was that he had been close friends with a girl during his childhood, but then lost all contact with her. This girl, now a thirty-five or thirty-six-year-old woman, was named Traci Wulf. Though Gage was extremely skilled with computer and surveillance technology, he had never been able to locate her. This was the only, but major aspect of leaving America that hurt him so terribly-he would never find her or at least until now…

After Gage made it out of America, he began to prosper on the newly created Archangel Island. After several of the Island’s defense personnel discovered his skills, they had him establish an intelligence service for the newly formed state and keep tabs on the shady activities of the new authoritarian America. This was much easier to do now because America’s political and military influence had dwindled down. The economy of America had failed long enough and with it went the security. The people and government decided to desperately trade liberty for security wound up with neither, just as one of the founding fathers had predicted would happen. In an ironic way Gage took advantage of this fact and in his free time, he would secretly hack into American databases and search for Traci. There was one evening when he found her. He learned that she was a formerly real estate agent working and living in northern Utah until the government seized all of the properties and assets and re-distributed them. Now she was working as a laborer at a munitions factory near the Port of Seattle. He was able to locate her phone number and also find out her off hours.

Upon the first opportunity, he placed a secure and encrypted call to her cell phone and contacted her,

“Hello?” She answered in a sleepy voice.

“May I please speak with Traci Wulf?”

“This is she.”

“Traci, it’s me, Gage Blackburn. I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for years, decades, actually. If only you knew how I’ve missed you.”

“Oh my God, Gage is that really you?”

“None other.”

“It’s wonderful to hear your voice again.”

“Traci, I have a confession to make: I’ve always wanted you. I know we were just young children the last time I saw you, but the feelings were still there. I’ve been waiting, searching and praying to find you again and, now I finally have.”

“You’re so sweet. You always were. I can’t believe you would have waited that long for me.”

“No one else was worth it. No one even came close.”

“I wish we could meet up again; where are you now?”

“I’m out of the country. I had to defect.”

“Why is that?”

“I can’t be specific about it because the government will be on to me. But know that it was for everyone’s good.”

“You always were desiring for things to be good.”

“So how do you feel about me finding you?”

“I’m very touched.”

“Do you have anyone in your life?”

“No, I am single. However, the factory bosses physically and sexually assault me every time I mess up on my job, which I’m no good at. I mean I previously sold real estate, now I help make bullets and bombs and I hate it.”

“I have a means to get you away from all of that, but would you even want me?”

“I definitely would, but how can I get out.”

“Believe me, I know people who can rescue you safely. And since you probably don’t trust men right now, I know some very decent women who bring you here.”

“That would be wonderful.”

“And if you stay with me, you could get any job you’re good at, but you really wouldn’t need any job at all since I make plenty enough working for the intelligence service.”

“You’re so sweet.”

“I blush when you tell me that.”

“Are you going to blush when I see you again and kiss you.”

“Yes, I’ll blush and then I’ll kiss you in return.”

“How soon can I leave.”

“I can dispatch a team of female stealth helicopter pilots to extract you in twelve hours, they’ll arrive at Seattle in another six hours. To verify that they are the correct crew and not an American hoax, ask to be patched through to me. I have the ability to talk with all Archangel Island defense and government personnel at the touch of a few screens.”

“So you want me to be ready in eighteen hours?”

“Yes. So say goodbye to your old miserable life and hello to a bright new life with me.”

“Thank you, Gage. I love you so much!”

“I love you too! Now please shut off your phone and just report to your job. Tell no one of what we talked about. When I know the crew has arrived I’ll hack the factory’s alarm system causing an evacuation. Please walk to the docks as soon as the factory begins evacuations.”

“I can’t wait to see you again.”

Traci shut off her phone and went back to sleep. Meanwhile, Gage went to a jewelry dealer on the island. He purchased an engagement ring, then hurried back to the intelligence building and began dispatching the all-female helicopter crew. He needed two stealth pilots, a rescue agent and an officer to direct them. They soon arrived and he briefed them.

“First of all, I want to greatly thank all of you wonderful ladies for assisting me on this delicate and personal mission. There is a woman stuck in America with whom I have been in love with for a very long time. I was close friends with her as a little boy and even had feelings for her back then. However I had unfortunately lost all contact with her, but then, at last, I found her, by hacking American government databases. She is living in Seattle and working at a munitions factory. The bosses at this factory physically and sexually abuse her. This is why I’ve chosen an all female crew, so I know that she could trust all of you. I’ve been in love with her all my life. Do you accept this mission?”

The four ladies nodded eagerly.

Gage then continued “I greatly appreciate it. Please keep in touch with me during the length of your trip. When your aircraft is close enough to the city I will hack the factory’s alarm system and cause it to be evacuated. She will be standing on the docks of the port after she exits the factory. I would like you ladies to pick her up and take her here to Archangel Island where I plan to propose to her. When you locate her, she will ask to be patched through to me, just set your headset to the right secure frequency and tell her to speak into it.”

The four young ladies on the crew had tears in their eyes as they were moved by Gage’s love for Traci. They prepared their equipment and secured a stealth helicopter. Soon afterward, they took off and were flying over the Pacific Ocean. Gage was keeping in touch with the crew throughout the whole flight. It was a truly tense six-hour flight as they encountered storms and other aircraft but still managed to get through unscathed and undetected.

Gage saw the Space Needle on his screen from the helicopter camera and then heard the pilot call in, “Got a visual on the city, ETA about five minutes.”

“Copy that. Please be careful ladies and remember your picking up precious cargo.”

“Roger that, Gage!”

Gage then hacked the alarm system causing mass evacuation of the plant.

The officer called up Gage “Plant is being evacuated.”

“Please try to get a visual on Traci Wulf.” He replied

She looked at the ID picture of Traci on the screen and used face recognition to locate her in the crowd. They scanned the docks, trying to get a match, then finally got a visual on her.

As soon as Traci was standing on the docks, the stealth helicopter hovered over her and the rescue agent came down in a harness.

She said, “Traci Wulf, please come with me. I’m with the Archangel Island Defense Forces.”

Traci replied, “Patch me through to Gage Blackburn.”

“Sure thing.” The rescue agent then handed her speaker/microphone to her.

“Traci, it’s me, Gage. Please follow the instructions of these wonderful ladies. Then when you get to Archangel Island, I have many surprises for you.”

“Okay, Gage. I trust you.”

The rescue agent then strapped her harnessing equipment around Traci and they were pulled up into the helicopter by the officer. As soon as they were in, they flew at top speed back to an aircraft carrier of the Archangel Island naval fleet. The helicopter was fueled and then the crew took Traci to Archangel Island.

When they arrived safely, Traci was escorted to Gage’s dwelling.

He beheld her and said “My God, Traci you are even more beautiful than your picture or I ever imagined.”

She hugged him and said, “And you’re just as cute as I remember you.”

They began to kiss and then Gage said “Why don’t we get some dinner then we can rest a while. You must be exhausted from your trip.”

Traci nodded in agreement.

After they had eaten and were laying on the bed, Gage’s smartphone went off.

It was a call from the Island Defense Commander.

Gage told Traci “Sorry I have to take this call.”

Traci said, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Hey, what’s up?” Gage answered.

“I need you to man communications on one of our naval crew relief boats.”

“Just say when.”

“Tomorrow evening.”

“Yes sir, just let me spend a little time with someone whom I love very much.”

“I understand Gage. You do plenty for us.”

He saw Traci was lightly sleeping in the bed just as moon-rise had begun. He knew now that it was time to propose to her.

Gently he woke her up and told her, “Come with me on the beach, I want to give you something.”

Traci rubbed her eyes with a sleepy smile then followed him out of the dwelling.

They walked on the white sands watching the tide come and go in the bright full moonlight.

Suddenly, Gage got on one knee pulled out the ring and said “I’ve spent most of my life searching for you after we lost contact as children and now, at last, I have found you. I don’t want to ever lose you again and I want us to have a life together. So please, Traci Wulf, marry me!”

Tears filled Traci’s eyes as she shook with giddiness. She nodded heavily and said “Yes, yes, of course, I will marry you. I had feelings for you when we were children and they multiplied. They became even stronger when you showed me how you wouldn’t give up on me and even had me rescued. I’m so happy to live a life with you!”

Gage and Traci embraced and fell onto the sands.

Traci said with passion, “I would make love to you now if I could.”

“I’d want to so badly but would rather us wait until we’re married.”

“You’re right. That’s the honorable thing to do.”

“But I will snuggle you all night long!”

“Then let’s go.”

As they were lying in bed, Gage remembered to himself that he would be gone for a few days and became filled with a slight distress.

Traci noticed and asked, “What’s the matter, Gage?”

“I just remembered that I have to help man a naval relief boat in twenty-four hours and I’ll be gone for a few days.”

He then got up and opened his bedside bureau and pulled out an unused smartphone, “Here, this is for you. You can keep in touch with me securely on this. I’ll call whenever I’m not on duty.”

Gage then activated the phone and handed it to her. After testing it out, they charged both of their phones went to sleep.

They spent the next day together, enjoying idle time with all the luxuries of the island resorts.

Then came late afternoon.

The captain approached Gage and said “Our sailor’s need a relief crew earlier than expected.”

“All right, but I wish I could spend more time with Traci.”

“I fully understand, but unfortunately this is the only way Archangel Island can maintain its sovereign status. Would you like the American government to come in and arrest both you and your girlfriend?”

“No sir.”

“Then get yourself ready post haste.”

Gage and Traci went to their dwelling and Gage began packing his supplies.

“I’ll miss you terribly,” Traci said with tears in her eyes.

“I’ll be constantly thinking of you,” Gage replied hugging and kissing her.

“I hate goodbyes.”

“As soon as I’m back, we will get married. Go buy yourself a dress!”

“Oh, I love you, Gage!”

“And I love you too Traci!”

Gage’s phone went off with a text from the captain, “Come on already!”

“I’ll keep in touch with you as much as I can. I’ll let you know when we’re heading back. Look for the boat from up in the lighthouse. It will be identified on the RADAR screen.”

“Will do Gage. Now you be careful!”

“I love you, Traci!”

“And I love you, Gage!”

They kissed once more…

Gage walked to the docks where the boat was waiting for him. He sat in his assigned seat in the intelligence room. He kept a listen for radio chatter from enemy ships and a watch for enemy RADAR. At the same time, Gage kept in contact with the support aircraft. He worked until 02:00 hours when his shift was relieved. Gage went out onto the deck of the boat and stared at the moonlight upon the water. He thought of how he proposed to Traci on the beach under the light of the moon the previous night.

He wanted her so badly and now that he was off, he decided to call her over the secure phone.

So she picked up the phone in a cute sleepy voice “Hello, Gage?”

“It’s me.”

“Where are you right now?”

“I cannot say, but I just saw the moonlight upon the ocean and thought of you because I proposed to you in the moonlight.”

“That’s sweet; I love you desperately, Gage!”

“And I love you, just as desperately, Traci!”

Both flirted sweetly and affectionately into the night until they mutually decided to get some sleep.

Gage went to his sleeping quarter and began to dream of Traci.

Likewise, Traci went back to sleep in the dwelling and dreamed many dreams of Gage.

That evening Gage went on duty and performed his duties, extra cautiously. At last, they reached the naval ship and dropped off the relief crew. Then they took the retiring crew back to Archangel Island. Gage kept watching over all his instruments until it was time to go off duty. He stood out on the deck of the ship and looked again for the moon. However, the night was cloudy. He tried calling Traci, but couldn’t get a signal. Gage wondered how ancient mariners were able to successfully navigate by stars on nights like these.

Meanwhile, Traci was up wondering why Gage hadn’t called. She began to worry about him. In order to take the anxious thoughts out of her mind, she began to read on the smartphone Gage gave her. She came across Gage’s blogs and manuals that taught the American people how to spy on the shady operations of their government. Continuously referring to Gage’s written manuscripts, Traci managed use Gage’s desktop computer and learned how the American government was angry at the female helicopter crew for helping her defect. They were planning attacks on the naval and air fleets of Archangel Island. She tried contacting Gage, but couldn’t reach him. She thought to go to the lighthouse where she knew there was more sophisticated equipment there. She listened to the chatter hoping to hear Gage but heard nothing.

That morning, Gage was still awake trying to contact Traci. They were sailing past some small islands and the sky was red. Further, into the day, it was getting dark and stormy. Gage looked in the direction of East where the boat would be heading and saw white egrets flying from the islands. He remembered the saying “When egrets take flight, foul weather in sight.” They began to encounter a storm. The crew tried to safely control the boat but couldn’t hold it together and soon they were marooned on the uncharted islands. The retiring naval crew kept guard over all the other personnel. Gage was able to salvage the communications equipment and brought it to the island. After the storm had passed he attempted to make contact, but soon fell asleep on the sands. He began to dream the dream entailed Gage listening to a shell and hearing Traci’s voice.

She spoke to him through the shell “The Americans are planning to attack the Archangel Island naval forces, but don’t worry about them; I will protect you.” He immediately woke up and went back in the boat to man the communications and RADAR jamming equipment, but saw that it was already activated remotely.

He tried activating the communications radio but learned that the female rescue crew and a fleet of aircraft were on their way. He realized that someone was able to use his computer and find out the location of the stranded boat. But who could have done such a thing? There was no one on Archangel Island who had his skills or clearance.

He called them in and the officer said: “We have your location and we’re coming to get you and the crew.”

Two hours passed, but then the stranded crew saw the helicopters coming. They began picking up the boat personnel and naval crew into baskets, then set all of the remaining stranded equipment to self-destruct.

As Gage sat in the copter, the female officer said, “There is someone who wants to patch through to you…”

Gage listened to the speaker and realized it was Traci’s voice “Gage. I found out that the Americans were trying to attack.”

“How were you able to do that?”

“Last night, I never received a call from you. I was terribly worried, so I decided to read to take my mind off of it. All I could find to read were your manuscripts and then logged onto your computer and then the computer in the lighthouse. I used the equipment to stop the Americans’ coordination efforts.”

“Oh, my God Traci, you have no idea how thankful I am. Because of you, we’re all safe. I owe my life to you.”

“Well, I’m just glad you wrote those manuals. I would love to see the looks on all those American faces now.”

“How could I repay you.”

“As soon as we are married, take me on an exquisite honeymoon and make love to me.”

The female officer looked at Gage, smiled and said, “You better do it!”

“I sure will, Traci! And I will give you much more than that!”

The helicopter fleet was almost back to Archangel Island. Gage could see Traci standing on the island awaiting their arrival.

After they landed, Traci ran up to Gage with open arms. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him.

The very next day they were wed in a beautiful ceremony. Gage was dressed in his Defense Intelligence uniform and Traci was wearing a white dress. The ceremony was carried out by Archangel Island’s Administrator General himself. After the wedding, they spent an entire month at the island resort being completely intimate and making such passionate love…Both were finally safe and happy and both got exactly what they wanted…

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