Why Do I Write? (Written in Late 2009/Early 2010)

In my life there are constantly new inspirations.  AND  There is a constant desire to write them into creations.  It may be difficult at times, because as often as there are inspirations, there are writer’s blocks.  It is often difficult at times as I may cause my own self troubles because of the controversial and offensive content.  I may also repel friends and family at times. I am sometimes mocked as well, but I don’t care.  It is more than worth it. Not all of my work is controversial or offensive. When it is; I am using my skills to negatively portray a person or entity that has caused me grief.  I don’t write for personal gain (if one could call it personal gain.) Rather, I enjoy the pleasure I get seeing my work unfold and come together as I am writing. AND  I like to share my work with others that they may enjoy my work as much as I do.

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