Two Lovers Outside in a Dry Thunderstorm (Originally Written on December 23 2013 [came to me in a dream I had in December 2006])

This came to me in a dream. I remember having several dreams of similar nature. I posted descriptions of several of them on Myspace. Before entering my first stable relationship; I would frequently have dreams where I was with a girl or woman but then something would kill her. She would usually die in my arms immediately after. I can only speculate what was the driving force behind those dreams. I wrote this story off the top of my head on December 23 2013, even though it had passed through my mind for a few years. I’ve updated and edited it recently, though. So, here it is, submitted for your approval:

We were all alone in my family’s house. It was a hot and miserable night. There was an unquenchable dryness in the air and the night sky a dark void. A thick, scratchy wind blew incessantly. Dust and leaves were flying everywhere. The lightning of a dry thunderstorm flashed fiercely and disrupted the line current. My family refused to install a generator, as they were very leery of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Having no circulated air made the inside of the house unbearably hot. I pulled my flashlight from the pocket of my slacks as I buttoned them. I then put a gray tee shirt on and we walked out of the dark house by the yellowish white beam of my flashlight. We decided to take the risk and stand outside on the carport, where it would be cooler than inside. There we stood clinging and lost in each others’ faces. I was admiring her with great passion. I stared deeply into her sweet brown eyes. I gently caressed her porcelain skin and petted her smooth, silky auburn hair. I adored her perky breasts and plump buttocks. I kissed her crimson lips.

I held her body close to mine and whispered in her right ear, “This is a bad idea. We could easily be struck.”

Her cream colored negligee danced in the wind as she reluctantly nodded and kissed me then replied “I know it’s dangerous out here, but I can’t stop holding you.” We squeezed each other tightly with much affection and she continued, “Don’t ever let go of me.”

I, most genuinely, replied “Perish the thought, I love you forever!”

She brushed her face against mine then placed her hands under my shirt, as she rubbed the hairs on my chest. She then spoke “And I love you forever. Yes, I most certainly do!”

I softly kissed her forehead and she moaned with immense happiness.

Suddenly, there came a bolt of lightning from the east and struck her side. Her beautiful, living body which was in my arms a fractional second before was reduced to vapor and ash. The winds scattered her ashes asunder.

With great anguish, I violently cursed the weather and boldly questioned God.

Suddenly, I woke up, alone and sad…

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