Two Lovers Caught Outside During a Tornado (Originally Written Shortly After Hurricane Katrina [2005])

When I was a Senior in high school; I had to write a paragraph for English 4 and turn it in at the end of the period. I decided to create the shortest story that I have ever written. It was written in first person from the male’s perspective about two lovers who were caught outside during a tornado. They took cover and the boy shielded the girls body with his. Suddenly the boy is knocked unconscious by flying debris. He comes to in a make-shift field hospital and wanders around looking for his lover. He finds her body in the same hospital and becomes suicidal. Since writing about his suicide could have put myself in a world of trouble, I simply put that he walked away.  I turned it in at the end of the period and never saw it again. I had turned in other romance oriented pieces of literature that which the same teacher told me were “lovely” but “inappropriate.” She probably thought the same with this story.

Without further ado; here it is:

On this day we went to the park. In the long, green grass we lay with my head in her lap. Happy to be alone with each other; we were hoping to stay there for hours. Wanting to stay alone and undisturbed we knew we needed to be cut off from the rest of the world. Therefore, we left our phones and radio in the car. Suddenly; there came a change came in the weather. There was an abrupt flash of lightning followed by a disturbing roll of thunder. In terror, we headed for cover. Hail began pelting us and the sky became onminously black. A tornado was coming. Going to the car was known to be a poor choice, so we headed to the park building. The wretched door was locked. The giant black funnel touched down and tore everything asunder. Me on top of her: we lied against the brick wall. The winds bore down and all went black. I woke up in a makeshift hospital to the equivalent of a war zone. Frantically, I searched for my lover only to see a body bag with her name printed on it. In great pain I walked away never to return…

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